Central Pyrenees

From Andorra to Navarra

Today I talk about de Central Pyrenees. In the last chapter I show the mediterranean. The Mediterranean is more stormy in summer. The routes are easier, is posible do lot of distance. In the Mediterranean Pyrenees, there are only lakes in the French area. The Central have lot of lakes, more snow in winter for the Atlantic lows, and just the North and Northwest winds sometimes produces precipitations in the north face, but in the south is warm and dry.

Summer in the Mediterranean Pyrenees
Bulloses in France, the area with more lakes in the Mediterranean Pyrenees

Andorra is the country of the Pyrenees, famous shopping area. 2 big sky resorts, lot of places to discover. The Pyrenees you can cross from the Mediterranean to the Cantabrian by 2 big routes, in the french area is call gr-10, spanish is gr-11. Also is posible do the High route of the Pyrenees, very similar but closer to the peaks. Is posible do from refuge to refuge. All way is hard, you need like 40 days, some areas the distance is not very long, but there are lot of rocks, a little bit technically the central area.

There another famous routes of less distance, like Carros de Foc in the National Park of Aiguestortes and Llac de Sant Maurici, this way is between nine refuges, some people do the skyrunner, just in 24 hours, but the most normal is spend 5-6 days.

Near Pas de la Casa in Andorra. The highest city of the Pyrenees, above 2000 meters. Lot of snow in winter, and fresh normally foggy in summer afternoons, for the Atlantic influence of this valley, the only valley of Andorra in the Atlantic face.
Vall d’Incles the most virgin valley in Andorra
Llesui in the Pallars, in the valley same rainfall that Barcelona. Sometimes with strong North wind the have the Foehn that they call snow eating.

There are 2 national parks in the Spanish side. The Aiguestortes and Sant Maurici lakes is the area with more lakes. In Aragon is the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park. Both parks are very interesting to visit, and the architecture of the valleys are very interesting, specially the Boi Valley

Taull in winter. The Boi valley is very interesting for the romanic architecture. Also is the main entrance to Aiguestortes national Park.
National Park Aiguestortes

There is only a Valley in the Atlantic side in Spain, there is the Vielha tunnel the most safe route in winter. Val d’Aran have an Atlantic climate, with regular rainfall, lot of snow and clouds in the afternoon summer.

Montgarri should be the most snowy village in Spain, but anybody is living in the all village. Too much snow.
Winter in Vall d’Aran

Neighbor to Vall d’aran and Vall the Boi, there is the highest mountain in the Pyrenees, Aneto (3404 meters above the sea).

Aragón is the area with the highest mountains, also is still posible to sea glaciers, but they are in problems to continue in the next years.

Pineta Valley in the National park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido
Ordesa, the main route of the park.
The famous Cola de Caballo. If you want to continue is a very technical way...
Even is the most popular route of the park, is 18 kilometers in the normal way, nice forest and lot of water.
Some of the waterfalls that you find in Ordesa.

If you continue the trip to the west, the Atlantic influence is high, the mountains are lower but the forest are amazing.

Canfranc is very interesting for the international station, now isn’t posible to go to France. Canfranc is full of interesting things like a laboratory inside a tunnel. If you like places with abandoned infrastructures, Canfranc is perfect.

The blue lakes route

Next day I will continue to the Atlantic Pyrenees, more green with regular rainfall, very foggy and some of the best forest.

Some pictures more of the Central Pyrenees.

Vall Fosca
The main road to Aiguestortes in the record winter of 2013. Taxi is the transport to arribe to the park. But isn’t posible in hard winter days.

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