Centelles is my hometown since 2010. Is a quiet village 44 kilometers North to Barcelona.
There is train to go to the city and highway with some dangerous curves going to Barcelona. 16 kilometers you have Vic the comarcal capital and one of the most industrial areas.

Centelles is surrounded by mountains, from my window I see everyday the Montseny, Matagalls Peak and all big area call pla de la Calma.

After snow in November

The population of Centelles is less than 8000, is oficially a village, because in Spain with more than 10000 is a city.

In the west there is closer the Mountain we call coast mountain, because long time ago Centelles was in the sea. In the top is easy find fossilized animals that show the past.

The coast mountains give less hours of sun shine in Centelles, in summer is good that the sun leave the village one hour before.

Cau de Bruixes one of the big party. Always the weekend before Carnival.
People dress for the party and the streets are decorated
People decorated the locals in the center of the village

Foggy day in the top of Coast mountains
Still lot of agriculture and traditional works. Here produce good goat and sheep cheese. Also is posible to visit how it works with water.
Horses and cows in the area of Mas Cerdà

The nature is good in Centelles, nice forest and easy to find animals and listen the birds.

Salamandra, easy to see after summer storms

Centelles have a Mediterranean climate, but very diferent from the coast. Summer the breeze of marinada stop the highest temperature, sometimes makes fog in the mountain, is humid even in summer.

The medium of temperature is 12,9°, the rainfall 675 liters.

January is the coldest month with 4,9° of medium. Ice nights are normal, winter fog is less than in Vic, sometimes stay all the day.

Summer thunderstorms that come from Pyrenees, normally don’t arrive, but sometimes locals storms are really strong.

Spring and autumn are the most rainy months. Winter sometimes is dry.
Despite most of the village is above 500 meters, snow isn’t usal, maybe 2-3 timed every year, but in the floor sometimes spend a few years.
Sauva negra the best forest but far from the villagers
Clouds sea is common in winter
Cingles of Centelles

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