Breathe the best air of your life

The best thing of this strange situation that everyone is living is the air.

Nature recovers so fast the space, without humans the earth is perfect.

First time that the world is stopped, even in my best dreams was not posible.

Isn’t a real situation, but we could think to change the world. The truth is that always the economy will decide this future. News now are focus in the virus, but maybe in a few months they focus in another thing.

Our minds are free, but they help to have an easy thinking.
Social distance, now Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… They are our society, sometimes with lot of fakes news that increase the feelings of a difficult future.

Could be casual or not, but is the main global thing after the second world war.

Climate Change generate lot of ideas, but most of the countries just wait until the last day to do something.

Now everything was so fast and the answer very similar everywhere.

I talk with friends around the world and is the first time that we are in the same situation.

April is amazing, hard to lose this landscape with a perfect temperature
I’m lucky to have a terrace with nice views
Maybe a good place to forget everything, alone hidden in the nature

Anxiety is out control now, I need keep my routine to keep the good way. Lot of months to have good feelings to live, but this situation put everything complicate.

It’s my time, I’m sorry but I need to stay in the good way, I’m doing not allowed things. Maybe people don’t understand like is usual, but it’s my time, I don’t want to come back to foggy days…

I was a teenager, now sometimes I have similar feelings trying to recover my way
Happy at Christmas with my Grandmother.
She is alone in a residence, negative in Covid, but without the possibility of any visit.
I did a videoconference, she was nervous but happy giving lot of kisses to the skin.
April 19 is the 98 anniversary and I can’t be celebrating.

Until 26 at home, the school we will see…

The most strange year, even my 2019 was also complicated.

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