Summer adventures

I don’t like summer but I know how to enjoy it.
In the shadow with fresh water is a good plan for the warmest days.

This summer I’m discovering lot of places, the rivers this year with lot of water, the nature is full of life and less dry than other summer.

Look at the maps, research internet, also Instagram and go to have my own personal view. I’m proud of my region that is full of amazing places, some of them still not to crowded.

A medieval bridge is a good place to do a picnic
I need this cold water to relax my body.

Walk inside the river, looks a tropical place, in the shadow the temperature is perfect.

We discover the effects of the Gloria in January, the rainfall in this area was very important and there lot of trees in the water.
Also we discover something of the past, I don’t know about this strange structure but I take good pictures. There write the floods of 1961. Should be local, because isn’t very important flood in Barcelona.

22 of November 1961, there was important rain in Seville.
I didn’t find information about this. Looks that brings water to the countryside. I will come back to talk with local people to find out the history of this strange structure

When we finish the river way we arrived to relax place. People rent apartment just to relax and I believe that is a quiet place in the forest.

Isn’t a bad place to get out of the stress of the big cities
Easy to relax here with pure sound of the nature

I’m looking for the next adventure, the true is that always I have ideas, sometimes the problem is the time. The world is big enough to enjoy everyday is you look for details.

People get surprised with big cities that are small compared with forest, rivers, lakes…

Step by step you can walk a lot, and every single place is posible to be surprised.

I love look maps and try to discover places, the magic of this place start before going. Love in internet is like this, you look well, look for information but when you are there you see details that never can imagine.

The most important is look for places that bring motivation in the moment that you find, the magic of the place is to see in the perfect day for you…

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