Very intense days

We stay 2 nights in Alcala de Henares, 600 kilometers from home, short but very intense days.

Some pictures to show better this monumental city. Is the city of Cervantes and the culture is very important. Center of the town is nice with a big square call Cervantes and Mayor street with lot of shops and restaurants. This strange year is quiet, but normally is a very crowded city for tourists, some of them come from Madrid.

Also the nature is important, the river Henares is a good place to walk. The mountains are in the other side of the river, the famous Alcarria, not very high mountains but interesting to see the views of all the region of Madrid.

Following the maps I did a very nice running route there, but there was a problem with a bridge that was in a private area where isn’t allowed walk. Finally I went to the next bridge, the result more than 28 kilometers running.

City, river and mountain, vey complete route but for me too long to do everyday. I like do some long routes sometimes.

Nice views from the top.

After this long route, just a shower and we went to the river.

Rio Dulce is a natural park where you can follow the river in the canyon. When you are in the highway isn’t posible to imagine this canyon, is a plateau at 1100-1200 above the sea, but when you take the road down and discover how the water eat the rocks during years.

Dry air make the air more clean, this area close to Madrid but full of nature
Very cold water, the coldest river of this year. Is posible to walk up the river and discover nice places.

We spent a nice day in the river. The next day we come back home at the afternoon, very short but nice to discover places.

Guadalajara is a regional that I like a lot, isn’t too crowded, the population isn’t dense, just the capital that is in the Madrid urban influence.

Summer is different, more dry than Centelles, run 28 kilometers now in Centelles loss more water your body and I feel more tired. The days that we spent the temperature were normal after lot of very warm days.

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