Come back to the school

Life is coming more normal despite with mask I don’t see like that.
I don’t if we learn something in this months, most of people I feel that they want to continue in the same way, maybe is hard to know that the world never come back to be same. Our society is an evolution of wars, crisis, epidemics during centuries.
Before the virus be the center of the actually, we are worried about the earth, but I think than maybe now is not a priority. We talk just about vaccines and recover economy, come back to travel crazy around the world.
We don’t understand that is posible to stop, we did for the virus and the air improved in areas that never see blue sky.

We need to respect the nature, the population is to high…

Resources aren’t enough if everyone have a car, phone, air conditioning , pool… We can be a lot but with lot of poor people, when we leave in a rich country sometimes we forget. We are more than 7000 millions but the resources maybe are enough for less of the half if we live like rich.

China, India and lot of countries change the bike for cars. The jungle for factories and now the pollution is in very high level, the laws are weak because the still fight to eat everyday.

We lived in caves…

The nature is the only way to end with this society that every year want to win more, bigger house, bigger plane, travel more, there aren’t limits until the nature shows.

The earth can’t without us…

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    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

    ◇ ARE Our PsychoDynamics, InterActions with Others A Cumbersome Burden or A Welcome Relief; does it Matter, the Either/Or 🤔 ?…for Me, Personally, it’s ALL About Looking to My Experience and Being Equitable rather than Equality that means Tit-For-Tat; if I AM Resentful I AM OverCareTaking and if I AM Greedy I Get My Just Desserts…there ARE those things Others Do Better than I Do and vice versa; so, as a Divorced Boy, I Now Accept SHE!!! Expected Far Too Much of Me…ergo, I Dodged a Bullet in a Very Painful Way that is a Lot Less Pain, Death Even, than if I Had Capitulated to HER!!! Demands then Strayed But A Little; so now, I Wait and My Soul Spouse WILL!!! Announce HerSelf and We WILL!!! Enter in to an Equitable and Respectful, Romantic Relationship via Soulful Connection, Our Psychological Synchronisity especially when in DisAgreement and Sexual Compatibility

    nisi mortuus nec neque nolite vicit 🤭🤫🤐

    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇


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