Nice autumn

October is colder than the last years, snow in the Pyrenees and also in Montseny.

This year is different, the weather is like November. I know that this cold means hot in other areas, like Russia that is very warm now for the time of the year.

Atlantic low will be more important in the next week and the temperatures will go up suddenly.

Rainbow after the storm. Snow in the mountains of the picture above 1300. Isn’t usual in October, I have seen at the end, not in the 14th
The forest also is more colorful. This year in 2 weeks will be very nice.
Green paradise
I like run in this forest. The best local forest…

I like autumn and this year I can feel it, summer ends fast, even I know can try to come back next week.

Could be a good winter, the Niña brings cold winters in my area, also the low solar activity. Is 2020 and with all the social problems, I would like to remember a cold winter with snow.

I know that maybe I see like this for my passion, but is the best way to survive to this complexe world.

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