My generation

I was born in 1982. We are a generation that lived lot of important changes, of course all the generation had problems and changes, but I’m proud to lived my changes.

I paid with 2 coins in the same country, even I earn money also in 2 coins.
We listen lot of things of the 2000 during the 90’s, at the end the world continue without problems.

In Spain the solution of lot of bad students was find a job, in my generation was very easy, the builders earn lot of money. Open a phone shop was a good idea, with Nokia models like the dream of every teenager.

I still see ads of car talking just about speed and power, now isn’t posible. People drive really fast even with worst car than now. I started driving in 2001, the speed limit in highway was the same but at 120 kilometers per hour never use the left lane, you feel normal driver. Now at 120 sometimes you feel a Kamikaze in the same highway with a safe car.

I spent all the year in the streets with my friends without phone we find everybody, we know the house of everybody. We meet in the same point, we talk and eat drinks and food, but our area was clean, we feel as home. Sometimes we use old sofas to be more comfortable.

Sometimes I dream with the 90’s memories with my friends

I’m lucky that my generation use a lot apps to stay in contact with people that you don’t see lot of years ago. I’m happy to know that they are well.

I think too much, and I like to know about people that made me smile and enjoy good moments.

I’m proud to be the Dragon Ball generation, we saw from the first chapter, we discover manga and we love Japan. Goku, Doraemon and lot of mangas help to have a special relationship with Japan.

I walk in the mountains since 2001 when I started driving. I went to places on the weekends that now are colapse. I used maps and I never lost, reading lot of hiking books.

The mountain now is very popular

I did classes with the first spinning bikes, 20 years ago. I saw how a monitor started with pilates, now these activities are normal.

I discover Nespresso before was popular with a good friend that started with them at the begging, now I’m proud of all the things that he did.

I don’t see a clear future for my sons

Now face mask, social distance, global economy, climate change…

I see very complicated the world, maybe I’m just getting older, the famous medium age crisis.

Sometimes I still feel young, but happy to have lot of experiences.

The time never stops

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