Last month of the year, time to start to think about all the things happened.
Human are strong and even in strange situation we survive with lot of questions to answer but a main sentence for life, forever carry on…

2020 when the future start, all the social projects of a new society are here. Lot of revolutions in the world, the economy needs a stop, to restart in a new way. This year we saw very clear, but always society needs evolution, changes aren’t after you see back and discover all the steps you did.

With lot of control but we are alive and we need to feel it…

Now I find a good balance after months lost in the jungle. Out from the fog and the trees the way is more clear. I know some steps will be harder, but always better if you can see the next clear enough to advance or come back safe.

Learning from each other, share and enjoy together…

Future is never clear, the good thing is that you can change your point of view. Maybe isn’t posible to change your destiny, but you can understand in a different way.

The way

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