I love cold days

2021 starts with cold, now I wait for the snow during the weekend. The forecast are very difficult with snow in the Mediterranean, because the cold is here but we need humid mass air, normally warmer.

I enjoy the cold of this days, even I’m outside lot of hours, my body feels better than with warm temperatures. Sometimes I do heavy work and now I just feel warmer, sweat is very difficult this week.

I would like to have this temperatures all the winter, but isn’t posible, now we are like 3-4 degrees below the average. I miss a colder winter, even ten years ago I moved to a colder village.

Snow is complicated in this region, outside the Pyrenees. In my latitude is colder in America an Asia. My town is in a similar latitude of Boston, at 500 meters above the sea.

The Atlantic face of Europe is mild, the cold is in the East, but the wind normally come from the West, like the lows. Is the Jet stream sometimes stronger, the earth with the important differences of temperature between the pole and Ecuador generate wind and the rotation of the earth make this complexe sistem of Highs and lows…

The energy of the sun is compensate with waves, the air is not lineal sistem.

One picture is better that one hundred words
I want snow, the star from the cold in the Mediterranean

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