Sweet home

Today we visit the veterinarian hospital in the university.
Rex problem probably only a few months until he will be adult.

Prepared for x ray season to see the head…

Finally also needs anesthesiologist for the position to take the radiography. They did blood analysis, he was in good hands, lot of people take care of my puppy.

The right bone is too big, makes a deformity that makes difficult open the mouth

Special diet during the next week, soft and medicine to help inflammation.

This afternoon also arrived at home the new house for Rex, too big for our doors. Tomorrow I’ll take some pictures, is handmade by local production with a good quality to get comfortable.

Tomorrow come back to walk with my partner, still preparing to start a new sport in the next months. We will do Canicross, a new experience run together and to be a real team in the mountains…

Trust in the other, makes a stronger team

Always looking at maps to take ideas for some excursions. Always there places to visit, discover natural things sometimes hidden.


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