Inside the fog

Walk in the fog could be pleasant, relax for your brain after a few minutes outside. Things look different until you aren’t very close. Same way is more difficult to follow, everything is there but you just fight against a white landscape, your brain should be strong to win.

Newfoundland in Canada is the place with more fog in the world, some areas with more than 200 days of fog. But also you can feel the same in your mind living in the most sunny days…

Fog helps to make green desert areas in the tropical latitude with cold water around. Canary islands, Peru are examples.

Fog from your home could be peaceful to read or concentrate in a creative activity. Fog makes that you don’t see to far away.

Flat area, countryside without trees, normally amazing views…
Inside the forest looks less fog

Fog to have a short view and forget lot of things that you don’t want to see. Find out inside your brain is the hardest when you are alone, quiet but you can’t stop your thoughts easily.

Choose the correct option, be patience sun is up…

Fog is just water the basic element, but sometimes the basic things are the most complicated to change.

Enjoy the silence, fog will be out sometime…

The magic light of the sun after pass millions of particles of water. Saturated of humidity, special shadow, some strange light effects are posible when the sun try to enter in the fog wall.

Slow is the only option to control the next step and survive in the fog…

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