Summer is here

June a month with long days and warm.

I don’t like warm temperatures. I feel tired and is harder to do anything. I look at the street and sometimes I prefer stay at home.
The beach or any place to take bath is a good option, but isn’t posible to stay all day.

Lot of hours of sun, but for me short time to be outside. I need time to be a little bit comfortable with warm temperatures. The sun bites my sky, and start sweeting a lot. I feel nervous and dirty all the day wet.

I think that summer is more to survive that to live. I understand that places that has a really cold winter, they expect summer very happy. But in the Mediterranean that cold isn’t enough to stop anything, sun is normal most of the year, summer is really nothing special. People like for holidays, but isn’t normal has 3 months of holiday.

My last years I didn’t work too much, and even like this I prefer the rest of the year to do things.

In winter I go to the street with my jacket and I like the cold air in my face, I really feel happy.

Winter landscape in spring

I like see people happy, summer make it to lot of people. Summers are longer now, nights are warmer, everyday more people is afraid from summer.

Some bodies really survive very well to summer, the can run with sun and more than 30°, for me is totally crazy, I did just a survival action…

Places to survive summer

Even all this problems, I like leave with 4 seasons weather. All the year the same should be very boring.

I find my place to spend the summer comfortable.

Fresh water and shadow

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