My nightmare call summer

I don’t like summer, I just survive. Long days now, but hard to move in the central hours.

Now I’m driving a truck without air conditioning, hard after lunch, looking for a shadow. My route is very industrial are, I don’t like the place that I work, but is just a job.

A quiet place with some truck drivers with the cemetery of neighbor…

This year isn’t raining a lot and the river where I enjoyed last year is dirty with less water.
The last weekend started the really summer temperatures, now we are like 5°Above the average of June.

June is hard, sun is very strong and the body still not adapted to the warm temperatures.
I always need a cold shower before sleep, stay a little bit outside to refresh the skin.

Rex also is more tired and needs more water

Summer is the perfect time to die, because is hard to fight against the warmest temperatures, the body is tired, the brain also… For me the cold give me peace, is easier to have a warmest place, but in summer less options to survive. Like the animals, less activity, isn’t the true working.

I like to look more fresh images…

I will wait for autumn to really enjoy again in the middle good moments to refresh mind and body…

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