The last man

Sometimes I think about to be alone in the world.
Movies and tv series give and idea how could be.

The hunters in Siberia can spend lot of months alone in the forest.

You should be a survivor, but things could be bad when you are ill. At the beginning could be funny, probably you need few hours out of the world, but later you would like to talk and share your experience.

Out of all the things that maybe make you worried. Forget the watch, just the sun, start to do what you really want. With food at the beginning seems very easy. Discover the world alone, empty of humans, silence, just nature sounds.

Without people, cities start to lost the feeling of be safe and full of services. The mountain changes less without human.

Anybody give you problems, maybe now you can discover what really afraid you…

Now you work for, if you want to eat or anything you should look for it.

The nature win without humans
Look for fresh water

Free of rules and out of a coin that give you everything. Come back to be the animal, be patient and use the energy to have the basic things.

Forget the medicines, again find in the nature.

For me is a way to feel free my mind. Think in this dream, make your own movie in your mind…

The caves use to be the best place to make your home, because most of the walls are natural…

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