Crazy stupid rules

New month, just another more in the calendar, but everybody needs everything right now…

Summer is over even is warm outside, people just look at the calendar and try autumn activities.

Everything about weather is happening is climate change, in the past everything was perfect. I’m ironic with this global world that buy bonus too the poor countries for produce more pollution.

Ecologic just a green color to feel that you are doing something. The business of the Eco companies, with stupid certified staff to be nicest company.

Global world just to be as same stupid people. Robots of the system too lazy to wake up….

We are happy to have in our hands all the information to get more confused and follow a virtual way that looks new, but we don’t Know the trolls that are behind.

We like play to be experts in everything. We can be doctors, later talk about international business. Very easy to follow the main opinion, always is better be in the biggest group.

People happy to have more laws, more control. Is funny when they use a private perfile in Instagram. The new police works free for the system.

After a hard work day I like to think about all the stupid things I saw.

I can’t be out of the system, even now I look a perfect person without time to think. But still the thinking is free, then your life is only a big show. Is funny when people say that dream your favorite job, of course I don’t dream any work, maybe is a nightmare. In my free time I prefer feel that I still can be myself.

Without filters, free just a short time

Now I work alone, I have a way but I decide how I feel it. False sense of liberty to survive to the hard real world.

I try to just worry for the real problems, nobody died, then Tomorrow will be another day. Everybody fall to learn to walk.

Forget the stupid movie of the 2.0 world, we are the same weak animal that believe that we are alone in the universe.

Follow the way, don’t look around…

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