Survive the first day

Today is monday, first day of school. I don’t like the traffic jams of these day.

When I worked for me I prefer go with my son, but there isn’t option.

It was a complicated day, but I’m happy to be well.

The air suspension explote

Big explosion in my first stop, a few hours in the garage and I did all that I can do it.

My level of anxiety not bad, I’m happy after 3 months working hard.

This week I look a little bit to the future. Next weekend we rent a camper van, the objetive visit 2 valleys.

I remember when I worked driving a truck around Europe. Since then I never sleep in a vehicle.

I’m happy to do with a new California, I’m sure should be a nice experience for all the family.

New landscape for my gallery

Quiet places to discover not too popular places. Understand why still are like secret or simply they are surrounded by nicest places.

I like to show that we have lot of places to go, even more than days.

Warm days still, but happy to know that the warmest days passed, autumn comes, but still to dry, I’m waiting more rain.

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