Don’t stop

The volcano of Cumbre Vieja in the Palma Island, nobody can’t stop the process.

The Canarias Islands are made from volcanos, the evolution of the planet never stop, our life is short…

Should be hard look at your home and anything is posible to keep it.

Sometimes we create a global thinking of eternity, but isn’t like this in the nature. The climate change, the days aren’t 24 hours and we are alone in the universe. We believe that we are safe in our world, humans needs this feeling.

We are here to do something, but lot of times we forget just live.

Listen our body, look around and discover how weak and small we are.

We work too much, produce every day more, increase population. The system is arriving to the limits, we know. More stressful society, bad distribution of resources.

The earth will show that our history have the end.

We made a nice landscape with our agriculture, animals, nice buildings…

Enjoy today, tomorrow will be another day for everybody.

Look at the sky and all the life around…

Survive in this old system of power…

All the feelings that make you happy

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