Not bad

I feel less stress the last week, I find the way to survive more relax.

All the problems in the world with truck drivers are normal. Hard work, the last step, sometimes the face of a company, but too many times treated not very well.

Driver with lot of task to do, normally with a high level of stress. More work that you can do it. Same salary of 20 years ago, small have problems to survive.

Old trucks, sometimes old tires but ready to eat the road.

Always lot of hours out of home, eat outside and all the time al the last minute.

Don’t think too much, out of the tunnel

I like driving, the window move around. The road give me time to be out of my fog…

See how the landscape change
Discover new places or just in a different point of view

I like be friendly with my customers, I feel like mine, sometimes is a problem, now isn’t my business. I can only work like this, I’m the same person, I need to talk with the people that I find. I work better when I feel that they see like a friend. I say the truth, they trust on me, that’s very important for me to get sense of this way of life.

There’s choices for me, I’m the same person…

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