Autumn time to remember

Colors in the nature helps to survive the shorter days. Christmas lights helps to give light in the cities.

I like the cold better than warm days, I feel more happy, but I know that our winter isn’t cold. This morning just 1,6°, but the sun and the high pressure brings big contrast in the temperature.

This week I come back to talk with my partners of mechanic class. Nice to know about them after 21 years.

Nice to remember a group that love the cars, we studied in the last century. World changed a lot, the cars also, most of us prefer old cars.

17 years old

Today is my nephew birthday, 18 years old. My nephew is older than me in the last picture.

Lot of people in my life, they help to see all points of view. People that helps when you are nervous, they help to feel better.

Hours of conversations, sometimes just some words come with you all your life.

We are a small part of all the people in this personal live show.

Every day is new, but we know more about the film

I think too much always, but is my way of life. I need time to think, even is dangerous when this thoughts are like a road to anywhere.

The way is easier to follow when you walk

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