Don’t make me angry

Monday could be hard if people don’t think that for everyone is monday.

I don’t like people that just are waiting a fail to tell that you shouldn’t do it. The negative point of view that never see all the good things you did it.

Even is better don’t think too much, I can’t, I need to explote and put the person on my black list. I talk about, outside bad things, my balance is more important.

Peaceful landscape

Relax music and deep breathe to keep calm…

The last month of the year, time to think how fast is the time.

Happy moments

I find my way, I don’t want to go down again, nobody will stop me now.
I don’t care of most of problems that are just money, persons are more important, we should try to understand more the real people that we find every day in our routine, we share more than beers, the important moments are just now…

Listen who ask for help, maybe tomorrow is later.

The world could be a nice place when you are out of your darkness

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