Now is time to survive

I don’t like too much Christmas time, now even more strange. There is only one thing in this society, I feel like if everybody is talking at the same time.

Like the last year, with more things to separate people.

Should be happy at Christmas, but during lot of years the work and now a virus make not I would like.

I remember some nice Christmas, like in 2019 with nice conversation with my grandmother.
I know that best days normally aren’t prepared.

I’m not a man of big events, places with lot of people. I like control all the situation, see all the faces and be in all the conversation, forget the watch and enjoy this short magic days.

Wendy always bring peace to me
Is nice see old friends

The light is coming, the darkness loss again…

Tired, then change a number is a good reason to start the third season.

We are in the same boat with water inside, some people try this cold water in the lower floor, but also some people never believe that a big ship can’t loss against the sea.

No way home

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