Without time to be bad

I miss more time to run, some years ago without my exercise I was very angry. Now I’m more patience, older, I know that I lost the matches.

I do lot of things that I don’t want, I’m not free, like most of people of my age. Very easy to show a good gallery, just the good moments, but normal life is easier because most of the time the way is clear.

We are worried for where we go, and sometimes we don’t see the next step.

Why, tell me why, please tell me why is the answer to lot of questions.

Things are like should be, better don’t care, some changes are good for you, but if not, just carry on because is the only option. Is posible that never find a sense to live, but if you are here wait to see the next change.

I’m too fat now

Moments to give something special to the way

Stop to see all that really matters

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