Ready for the next week

Sunday, cold now but should be another warm day. Get up slow to think well where I can go.

Two jobs in the same week, big change with only Wednesday to be ready to learn a new job.

I don’t think too much, better to enjoy the new experience, open minded to new things. The farms probably use more laws than some factories. I’m happy to forget the traffic jams, but I know that drive with animals should be more precise driving.

A new job with less changes during the day, just prepare the route well and be patient with the rest of the day. Nobody will call to change my day, I feel is better for my mind.

Big area to work, to discover places that normally don’t care, out of the village. Nature factories, full of life.

Sometimes isn’t far away a paradise
Relax weekend

I’m hungry, my breakfast is waiting. I haven’t any plan for today, sometimes is better forget the free time.

Next weekend, I’m sure that I can write more interesting things, new experiences bring lot of ideas.

My friend

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