Maybe I’m ok

Long nights, short days sometimes the worst to work hard. The best is forger warm temperatures until March, even now never know.

Always routine appears, but I’m happy to be in a job that I can move a lot, discover places.

The winter is here, always waiting for the cold and the snow at, but rarely is enough for me.

Blue eyes look at me, be patient to move a stronger animal than me, always try to use the friendly way.

The last day in this farm, now is empty until next year.

Sleep well is important when you get up early. Drive at early morning is hard until the light start.

Days pass fast, even years, walk to anywhere. Life is just now, sometimes looks perfect and quiet, others the fog make the way difficult.

Nice autumn light, fresh and clean air.

Take seconds of life to find the sense of be alive.

Remember some moments of the past with the view of the present.

Time passed for everybody, new ones show you a different way of life with a open mind of the first experience.

The fight of the past, doesn’t care now, you don’t think that you lost anything. Maybe is good to dream, but time shows that is too late, time is over.

A good memories to sleep well thinking all the best of every experience. You get older and specially with more knowledge about life.

Please come back…

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