More light

The afternoon is 22 minutes longer than the shorter ones. The sunrise also is earlier. Isn’t a hard winter, but still posibilites to taste a little bit.

Frozen fields this morning

I like the winter, specially from now that everyday is longer. Wait for the snow at home.

Tomorrow a hard day, 2 trips to Solsonès , always is a pleasure. Is tired but I enjoy driving long distance, see the landscape, the sky.

My new profile, after problems in my other account.
Out of the cave

I can live afraid, nothing bad can happen if you don’t think about. Trust in yourself, be your friend, enjoy alone, your silence talk a lot in your mind, listen…

This week with better organized routines, some time to write, my way to relax.

Not deep things today, just some words to finish the day well, before sleep, the alarm sounds early. I get up early everyday, is necessary sleep well to be concentrated driving.

Isn’t not mine, but js interesting to shareg

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