After the view, maybe you should come back…

Life sometimes is like walk in the mountain, after you enjoy the view after climbing, but you should go down. The end of the route is at home, life is full of peaks to climb.

My father in law

Some routes show longer when you go down. Isn’t automatic pilot to come back home, downhill needs be concentrated and lot of impact to your knees. The weight of your body bring down, but your muscles are the brake.

Come back to the metropolitan Barcelona

I went to a special farm, close to the airport, surrounded by a industrial and services area. Oasis in the desert, remember the glory days.

The time goes slowly in this island of peace

Who arrived first?

Places with big infrastructure are difficult to imagine before. Hard to believe that this oasis was the normal landscape of the past. Houses, fields, small lakes are the Mediterranean landscape. Less beaches, without big buildings in front of the water, trees, water and grass. High humidity, maybe to much insects to feed all the birds and keep the humans far away. The sea for the fish, the fields for vegetables, the trees in the middle to cook. Fresh water and salad water, sometimes mixed. Small rivers in a totally different landscape.

Now is natural park

The humans create a world easier to survive, but isn’t perfect.

Some deep thoughts, I try to say more than the words show. Relax to make more questions. Think about the human evolution helps to feel alive in this crazy stupid world.

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