The next day

Sometimes I focus in one day, one event but after that you feel empty. Always life needs some expectations for the future. Enjoy the moment is nice, but also is normal think about the next step.

I like winter, but when is mild, form me is boring after months waiting for it. The light remember that the spring is close by. Early spring maybe is my favorite time of the year, but I know that then the summer is coming. Sun and warm temperatures that I hate, every year is hard to get ready and is very long period.

Now I start to do the same work in my job, sometimes is comfortable, but also lost the surprises. After 4 months I feel ready for this hard routine.

Off road sometimes

I’m focusing my holiday on the next month. I need some days to recover, later easter and ready to work in summer time.

The animals are everyday different, they feel the weather and they start to do strange things.

Pigs are dirty for lot of, but after few days you don’t smell bad.

Big ones sometimes pea in your legs. You should be ready , stay quiet surrounded by them.

If you feel ok, the reaction are more neutral. They answer the human touch.

I feel tired, just ready to sleep….

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