The Iberian mountain

The Iberian mountains, the river Ebro and the Mediterranean coast make the border.

This mountains separate the meseta from the valley of Ebro river and also the coast.

Despite the south part is near to the coast the climate is very different. In this area we find the triangle of the cold. Is the coldest area of Spain, but only at night. Also we find the area near the Mediterranean is the most stormy area of Peninsula.

The view from the last peak in Burgos. Interesting area is easy find fossilized animals in the rocks.
Sad Hill, appears in spaghetti western films where Clint Eastwood was the star.
The rivers form canyons in this area
All this natural region the population is very low, even in some areas the density is the lowest in Europe.

The main cities of this big natural region are Soria, Cuenca and Teruel.

There are some rest of the last glacial time.
Laguna Negra, and Neila are the example.

This mountains have some areas that are like big mesetas with big areas above 1000 meters. The example is the way from Madrid to Barcelona, crossing the area of Alcarria.

The geography is complicate in this mountains. Important rivers born here, as Tajo, Duero Atlantic side, but also mediterranean like the Jucar river.

Good trekking routes, good nature and very quiet area.
Alto Tajo is amazing
Perfect place in summer
The landscape of this mountains
Albarracin is a good place to discover. Nice architecture.

Teruel and Castellón are the last province of this mountains.
Storms are usual in summer, also here the density of population is lower but bigger than in Alto Tajo. The roads improved the last years with a highway of Zaragoza, other to Valencia. This helps to have more visitors in this area.
They have good jam, because is very dry area perfect to cure the jam. There aren’t black pork, but the quality is good.
Castellón area despite is close to the coast is quiet, the most popular place is Morella.

Another day I will talk more, because part of Iberian mountains touch with Catalunya in area call Matarranya where are good places to swim in summer.


My parents are from Extremadura, is very special for me.

Is a region inland very interesting and with big empty places where the landscape of Dehesa. Lot of years the human use this natural landscape, bulls and pigs live there.

The best jams are from this landscape.
Dehesa from the Natural park of Monfrague, perfect place to do bird watching.
Big rivers in Extremadura, Tajo in Caceres and Guadiana in Badajoz

Extremadura is more green than the south meseta, the Atlantic influence arrive to the west and highest mountains of the north above 2000 meters, make than la Vera is very rainy region.

The north of Extremadura is full of rivers. There are lot of swimming pools, perfect for summer time.
Garganta de los Infiernos in the Jerte Valley
Perfect place to swim
There are lot to choose in summer, cold water. Some of the have lot of equipment and shadow to spend a perfect day in the warmest days.

Summer is dry and warm, at night in mountain areas gets colder because is a continental region and the low humidity helps.

The warmest places are in Vegas del Guadiana the lower places of the region.

Talavera la Real the village of my father. The airport is there, was militar but now also passengers flights.
Coria the village of my mother. There is a roman bridge without river. There was a big earthquake in Lisboa than destroy the city, also change the Alagon River.
Caceres at night

There are lot of interesting cities to visit. Merida the capital, Trujillo, Hervás, Guadalupe, Badajoz are some of them.

Alcantara and the roman bridge
Las Hurdes in the North, very popular for a film in the 30’s was the most poor region in Spain.
Hurdes black villages architecture
Jerte cherry on flower. Cherry of Jerte are the best in Europe

Very complete region with lot of kilometers of coast in the big lakes. Low density, good food, kind people. Is still a paradise, you feel the nature, listen the birds.

Car is the best way to visit this region, now the roads are very good an without traffic.
My favorite road is the National that goes from Caceres to Badajoz without passing Merida. The landscape of Dehesa is spectacular. If you have time and you can enter in San Pedro Mountain, go to Aliseda. Places to see animals.

Enjoy this amazing region for me one of the most natural and not too touristic.

Asturias 2.0

Today more of Asturias with quiet beach, some perfect for surfing, other just to relax.

The temperature in the coast normally isn’t high, only with south wind, but in Asturias is less important than in other regions.

The water is colder than in the Mediterranean sea, but warmer than the Atlantic in Galicia and Portugal. The contrast between the air temperature and the water is perfect in a sunny day, even in some cloudy day. Summer winds are normally calm in the coast, and some of the beach are hidden with trees, grass and rocks then you feel better than in the nearby mountains.

Llanes coast the most crowded area of the coast. Very green and with the mountain very close. The most cloudy area in the summer of all Iberian Península.
Gulpiyuri is very popular small beach, inland. The sea is behind the rocks.
Lastres, nice village. This house appeared in a very popular tv series.
Cudillero very colorful village. In the west coast with important fishermen port.
Tipical port of the Asturian Occident
Some beach still virgin in the west, despite is near the main highway that follow the coast. The way to arrive is like a jungle with the river.
Summer rainbow
Fantastic beach close to Galicia
Waves are usual in the Asturias coast
I enjoyed a lot in this beach despite the danger of a surfing beach
The last light of Asturias
Minery now is posible to visit as a touist.
The forest of the mineral areas are the best, people work and forget the trees.

I did all this photo trip with my own photos. I can talk a lot about this amazing regions, but pictures help to have a good idea.

Is the green Spain, very different from the Spanish weather standards. Is similar to be in the south of England.

Restaurants are very good and cheap. For me is one of the best region to eat well for a low price.
Sidra is very popular in the region, people drink bottled talking in the bar.

There is a local language not very difficult is you talk Spanish, is the bable.

I don’t talk about the capital Oviedo, fantastic city. The main city of the coast is Gijón, big beach of San Lorenzo.

Asturias have 78 Concellos and is very mountain area, then don’t think that distances are fast. Asturias needs lot of time to know well.

Asturias natural paradise

My favorite region, green and cloudy for the Spanish standards but mild in the coast. In the mountain is cold, but there aren’t village in high altitude.
Today I will show the mountain, next week the coast. I liked both places, the food and the colors of the villages.

Orreo typical architecture of Asturias
Teitos is Somiedo, where wolves and Bears are in the forest.
I saw the Bear just a few meters from me, very successful, because lot of people wait hours just to see from mountain to mountain.
My mother lived in this village during 4 years in 50’s
Cares river track is the most popular way in the region, to crowded in Poncebos for park the car.
Cain the end of Cares way, 25 kilometers if you go and come back. There are lot of restaurants to do the come back easier.
The rivers are short but full of water
Glacial lake in Saliencia
Covadonga lakes are the most popular
Cows everywhere
Muniellos is the most protected area, just 20 persons can enter every day. The forest is very old because people work in the mine, then the money was down the earth and forest keep perfect in this areas.
Green paradise


Centelles is my hometown since 2010. Is a quiet village 44 kilometers North to Barcelona.
There is train to go to the city and highway with some dangerous curves going to Barcelona. 16 kilometers you have Vic the comarcal capital and one of the most industrial areas.

Centelles is surrounded by mountains, from my window I see everyday the Montseny, Matagalls Peak and all big area call pla de la Calma.

After snow in November

The population of Centelles is less than 8000, is oficially a village, because in Spain with more than 10000 is a city.

In the west there is closer the Mountain we call coast mountain, because long time ago Centelles was in the sea. In the top is easy find fossilized animals that show the past.

The coast mountains give less hours of sun shine in Centelles, in summer is good that the sun leave the village one hour before.

Cau de Bruixes one of the big party. Always the weekend before Carnival.
People dress for the party and the streets are decorated
People decorated the locals in the center of the village

Foggy day in the top of Coast mountains
Still lot of agriculture and traditional works. Here produce good goat and sheep cheese. Also is posible to visit how it works with water.
Horses and cows in the area of Mas Cerdà

The nature is good in Centelles, nice forest and easy to find animals and listen the birds.

Salamandra, easy to see after summer storms

Centelles have a Mediterranean climate, but very diferent from the coast. Summer the breeze of marinada stop the highest temperature, sometimes makes fog in the mountain, is humid even in summer.

The medium of temperature is 12,9°, the rainfall 675 liters.

January is the coldest month with 4,9° of medium. Ice nights are normal, winter fog is less than in Vic, sometimes stay all the day.

Summer thunderstorms that come from Pyrenees, normally don’t arrive, but sometimes locals storms are really strong.

Spring and autumn are the most rainy months. Winter sometimes is dry.
Despite most of the village is above 500 meters, snow isn’t usal, maybe 2-3 timed every year, but in the floor sometimes spend a few years.
Sauva negra the best forest but far from the villagers
Clouds sea is common in winter
Cingles of Centelles

About Centelles

Centelles is my village and I love. I moved 10 years ago.
In the project of these blog about the Spanish landscape is posible to focus a little bit more in Centelles.

Some of the best pictures to show the landscape of Centelles, all of these are taken by me.

Today I did my first video in English, just to give better information for my English speakers followers.

Follow my channel, meteorology and sometimes good landscape. I will do more videos in English.

I will prepare pictures for another post to show my village, because isn’t posible to choose where yo were born, but you can decide where you live.

The Atlantic Pyrenees

Most of the North face is Atlantic, in south face the Atlantic influence start in the last Aragón valleys, Ansó and Hecho.

Despite the mountains are lower, the forest is amazing. The regular rainfall of this region helps. Atlantic brings lot of clouds is this area, fog is very normal. The number of days of precipitation is high for the iberian standards, more than 150 days in the wettest areas. The highest rainfall of Peninsula are here in Azpilicueta. In Galicia there are also some points with similar rainfall but summer is more dry, even in the south of Spain the Grazalema mountains have very high rainfall but the rain is in 6 months, summer is really dry.

Navarra landscape
Otsagavia with the traditional architecture of the region. Salazar Valley has very good cheese.

The highest mountains of Navarra are in the west, were the main village is Isaba. Is the Belagua Valley the most rocky area of this area of the Pyrenees.

The best forest of the region and for me one of the best in the Pyrenees is the Irati forest. Is a huge forest area, that also cross the border. The used these furniture for made the “ Armada invencible”. Lot of ships to fight against England. Even you can visit some historic buildings inside the huge Irati forest.

One of the main tracks, there are lot of kilometers to walk in the shadow. Is very nice in autumn. Winter is very rainy and snow in the highest points. Summer afternoons fog and clouds with the Atlantic breeze.
Always green
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Kakueta looks a tropical paradise, I haven’t good pictures, I found this in Instagram.
Amazing river, the colour of the water…
Lekumberri there is and old train now a green track to walk or go with bike. This green way arrive to Donosti.

Roncesvalles is the village where the main Sant James way starts. Is a nice area very green.

Also in the north of the region there are rituals and legends about witches. There is a cave to visit in the Batzan valley, not very high mountains but very interesting visit..

Zugarramundi cave
Batzan Valley

Central Pyrenees

From Andorra to Navarra

Today I talk about de Central Pyrenees. In the last chapter I show the mediterranean. The Mediterranean is more stormy in summer. The routes are easier, is posible do lot of distance. In the Mediterranean Pyrenees, there are only lakes in the French area. The Central have lot of lakes, more snow in winter for the Atlantic lows, and just the North and Northwest winds sometimes produces precipitations in the north face, but in the south is warm and dry.

Summer in the Mediterranean Pyrenees
Bulloses in France, the area with more lakes in the Mediterranean Pyrenees

Andorra is the country of the Pyrenees, famous shopping area. 2 big sky resorts, lot of places to discover. The Pyrenees you can cross from the Mediterranean to the Cantabrian by 2 big routes, in the french area is call gr-10, spanish is gr-11. Also is posible do the High route of the Pyrenees, very similar but closer to the peaks. Is posible do from refuge to refuge. All way is hard, you need like 40 days, some areas the distance is not very long, but there are lot of rocks, a little bit technically the central area.

There another famous routes of less distance, like Carros de Foc in the National Park of Aiguestortes and Llac de Sant Maurici, this way is between nine refuges, some people do the skyrunner, just in 24 hours, but the most normal is spend 5-6 days.

Near Pas de la Casa in Andorra. The highest city of the Pyrenees, above 2000 meters. Lot of snow in winter, and fresh normally foggy in summer afternoons, for the Atlantic influence of this valley, the only valley of Andorra in the Atlantic face.
Vall d’Incles the most virgin valley in Andorra
Llesui in the Pallars, in the valley same rainfall that Barcelona. Sometimes with strong North wind the have the Foehn that they call snow eating.

There are 2 national parks in the Spanish side. The Aiguestortes and Sant Maurici lakes is the area with more lakes. In Aragon is the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park. Both parks are very interesting to visit, and the architecture of the valleys are very interesting, specially the Boi Valley

Taull in winter. The Boi valley is very interesting for the romanic architecture. Also is the main entrance to Aiguestortes national Park.
National Park Aiguestortes

There is only a Valley in the Atlantic side in Spain, there is the Vielha tunnel the most safe route in winter. Val d’Aran have an Atlantic climate, with regular rainfall, lot of snow and clouds in the afternoon summer.

Montgarri should be the most snowy village in Spain, but anybody is living in the all village. Too much snow.
Winter in Vall d’Aran

Neighbor to Vall d’aran and Vall the Boi, there is the highest mountain in the Pyrenees, Aneto (3404 meters above the sea).

Aragón is the area with the highest mountains, also is still posible to sea glaciers, but they are in problems to continue in the next years.

Pineta Valley in the National park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido
Ordesa, the main route of the park.
The famous Cola de Caballo. If you want to continue is a very technical way...
Even is the most popular route of the park, is 18 kilometers in the normal way, nice forest and lot of water.
Some of the waterfalls that you find in Ordesa.

If you continue the trip to the west, the Atlantic influence is high, the mountains are lower but the forest are amazing.

Canfranc is very interesting for the international station, now isn’t posible to go to France. Canfranc is full of interesting things like a laboratory inside a tunnel. If you like places with abandoned infrastructures, Canfranc is perfect.

The blue lakes route

Next day I will continue to the Atlantic Pyrenees, more green with regular rainfall, very foggy and some of the best forest.

Some pictures more of the Central Pyrenees.

Vall Fosca
The main road to Aiguestortes in the record winter of 2013. Taxi is the transport to arribe to the park. But isn’t posible in hard winter days.

My natural landscape

The natural region for today

I believe in natural regions, better to talk that the administrative regions. In Catalunya the comarques are sometimes naturals, and will help for this work.

The Northeast of Catalunya is very touristic area. Costa Brava is one of the best coast of the Western Mediterranean. The mountain is close to the beach, lot of rocks in this coast. Even now is posible find quite wild places in the coast. The best option to know well the coast is with a boat. If you like walk, you can use camins de ronda, follows all the coast.

Cami de Ronda

The wind is very strong in winter, specially in the are of Alt Empordà the rainfall is lower, and the landscape shows more rocks that trees. Cap de Creus the Eastern point of Peninsula is empty of trees for the strong wind of Tramuntana.

Cadaques very special place for Dali

Baix Empordà is more rainy area and with less wind. The last comarca of Costa Brava is la Selva, the mountain is close here, more rainfall, and very touristic cities like Lloret de Mar with Casino. My favorite village is Tossa de Mar, old town in the coast, nice beaches.

If you continue by the coast, this are we call Maresme coast. Is a comarca famous for the end of the summer thunderstorms. The main problem is that the rivers are streets, people park, and sometimes the cars appears in the beach.

Maresme coast

Following the coast is the capital, Barcelona. Very interesting city, with natural park in the same city. Collserola is perfect for mountain bike and trail running, of course isn’t very quiet because is very easy to arrive from the city.


The Vallès Occidental, Vallès oriental and Baix Llobregat there are very insustrial areas, but always have the mountain close. The litoral mountains, the Prelitoral depresion and the Prelitoral mountains. Prelitoral mountains are higher, the highest point is in Montseny, Turo de l’home with 1712 meters above the sea. Montserrat is very popular for the monestir and the climbing ways.

Winter in Montseny

The area from Montseny to the north is very rainy area, with the Transversal mountains and the mediterranean Pyrenees. Summer is the time with more rainfall, lot of afternoon thunderstorms. Morning are the best time to go on the highest mountains.

Rainfall in Catalunya
The Pyrenees
Nuria Valley

One of the best place to walk is Nuria, there are lote of mountains, is very easy to walk, in winter the problem is the wind. Sometimes is the Torb, strong wind with fresh snow that is very difficult to walk.

Girona with the Onyar river

Pedraforca the most famous mountain in Catalunya

Pedraforca is in the prepyrinees, in this area very similar to the Pyrenees In the other site of the mountain is the comarca of the Cerdanya. Very sunny valley, very cold, and less rainy than the neighbors Ripollès and Garrotxa.

One of the best landscape of Cerdanya

I will continue in another post. I know very well all this area and I have lot of nice pictures…

Font de l’Adou