Without words

Last days I don’t write nothing, the weather is horrible, better don’t say anything. My job now is good for me, after the always complicated start.

At home, last days the flu visited my wife, still recovering, but now it doesn’t matter, the virus are a thing of the past. We enjoy everyday like the last one, the future isn’t clear, enjoy the moment, maybe tomorrow you can’t get up…

Modern society with a dirty mind, I don’t see a real evolution. Lot of times in the screen, lot of options, but sometimes easier to choose don’t think too much.

The simply way

Something is bad around me, I hope that 2023 brings solutions, even maybe is just a question of time, pass the storm. I can talk clear because even I don’t know why, maybe is just the moment. Thoughts come in the mind, because now I’m not talking about me. I prefer to write about my thoughts, but also what I live around affects me. I learn to think first in my own, the only way to keep here. I don’t forget the bad moments, full of questions and empty of answers. I learnt to live more the moment, dream less about the future and enjoy what I see.

See how the day starts, brings a clear mind

New age music make me feel relax before sleep, very important rest well to get up early and drive still at night.

Feel everyday you go to the limit, but happier without stress. Move around the map, make me happy, this is my real way of life. Basic things, when you are moving all the time.

Everyday is different

Lot of words, too many ideas, but not deep writing. Also a secret to bring emotion to 2023.

I hope to write before the end of the year, but I can’t, happy 2023 to all my readers, happy to be in the fourth season of this blog…