Come back

Monday could my first day in a new job, after a few months.

I’ll try ti write, but it’s posible that I can’t do it everyday. I will miss the relax moments of writing.

New job, new places is good to have new ideas. Like always when you start in a new place you’re the debutant that anybody now, new role.
I like have a good start makes everything easier. I don’t want to think about, because this is my problem, I need to think in other things to forget, my obsessive mind is better think in different things. A few time to adaptation and enjoy the new life.

New routine that is necessary to control well to work quiet like a robot, is my way to enjoy the job and everything.

There isn’t a clear way but I follow the water

Next week in English I can explain more things, maybe the first day of the new job.

I’m ready to pass the exam to come back to the way, forget the past and build a new future.

A new start like every single day