Black hole

I feel ok, just is the name of my last adventure to find a cave.

Without a good map isn’t posible to know where is the cave. First part is easy, but in a few meters is narrow. 72 meters of cave without exit, I just walk a little bit inside.

Nice forest before we arrived to the cave
Pure love
Inside the cave
Funny video, without light

Look maps, see pictures from other people is a motivation to find more places and idea and feel that the earth is big if you like the details.

Come back to the way isn’t easy, spring vegetation is tall
Is nice to discover places between routes that I walk sometimes

Look for more adventure, the best way to feel ok. Sometimes you bring memories for all your life, but also are to say that you have been there…


The last weekend we cross a border after some strange months. Small country in the middle of the Pyrenees, one Atlantic valley, the rest of the water end in Ebro river in the Mediterranean sea.

I used to visit lot of times for friends there, but now traffic jams are important in the border. Normally the last years I prefer the french border because is more quiet, but still isn’t posible to enter in France. The Spanish border is the lowest point of the country. Just 2 places to enter, they try another tunnel in Ordino, but never finished.

My last weekend I spent in one of my favorite places in Andorra, Vall d’Incles.

Just in front of the apartments
Before the tourism was a hard place to live in a valley above 1800 meters. Cows and horses, some cereal to do the breath and the fish from the river.
Nice place to walk, some easy tracks, some lakes to discover…
The biggest lake of Andorra. Near 2300 above the sea, still ice and snow
High mountain
Rex enjoy the snow
Picture with my family…

2 nights looks more with activities, the truth is that always the first day of trip is the best. I would like to travel like a way of life. I need to discover new routes, I feel really happy and the only solution when I come back is think for the next adventure.

I try to enjoy until the last moment, stop to take pictures in the come back. This is Coll de Nargó, coming back home…

For lot of people Andorra is just shopping, the truth is the capital a stressful small city full of shops. The price was better a few years ago without taxes. But since lot of year I prefer enjoy the nature of Andorra, I try always to find my place.

Find your place like water…

Every day walk on the forest

The last week everyday I walk on the mountain. Now I’m learning to enjoy my time, I look for a job, but I’m not stressed about.

I will remember this time visiting lot of places, experiences that give motivation to continue discovering better the mountains around my village.

After months without exit is nice to get out and enjoy the places like children.

Avoid people, quiet places needs look well to the maps, but always discover more and more if you look well.

Amazing medieval bridge, long time thinking about, but now is my time
Take a bath in cold water, totally unexpected activity…
49 years ago still was a train here, but a big new lake changed everything

I like the mountain, but castles are also interesting, rivers, waterfalls… My curiosity about history, natural places make very easy to find a new interesting point.

New infrastructure of water makes to think in the big works of Roman
Pictures help to remember adventures and share better with people

I come back to the maps, looking for the next adventure. Lot of projects for the future. I need lot of time to finish…

Walking somewhere over the valley

Despite sometimes you aren’t in highest point the view is better than in the top, everything look small, but still is posible to see some details.

Very close, view of Drones

I walk to find places to remember, forget bad things and dream with the eyes open. The freedom of walk alone in the nature, looking in the map for a good navigation.

Places that need to enjoy slowly, the time stops and you see a clear easy future

New place, the best thing to feel alive.

The perfect light in a perfect track

Talk about hiking or just a little thinking around your mind.

Clear track in a cloudy rain before the rain
The views on the top of my last adventure. Always thing the next, never be without projects, future without any clear day, just someday.

I would like to do this adventure, could be easier or maybe to complexe, but sometimes dreams come true. Life is too short to be blocked without any idea to scape, always free. Run away and feel the adrenaline of get lost…

Lo Pallars

I’m in a natural Paradise and yesterday I forgot my blog.
I’m in the Pallars Jussà in the Pyrenees, where we call the Prepirineu. Here is a valley call conca, is surrounded by mountain, paradise for climbing. The sky at night is the best of Catalunya. Not very crowded area, air normally is dry because mediterranean sea is far away. Dry and clean is perfect, also without big cities looks that there are more stars.

We are lucky to find a new apartment in this area. We are the first customers of the apartment. Good location, nice views.

A quiet village where are living 60 persons

But we came here to see rivers, my village also is quiet.

To arrive here, the only way is follow the river 1 kilometer
Nice experience to swim here in the afternoon
This is the only way
I also run from the apartment, the mountains here are difficult to follow a track. Lucky of the Gps, because is complicated, more forest that I expected.
The way is clear in some points, but most in the forest.

Yesterday we visit Abella de la Conca, a place that I want to visit from a long time, only for the architecture in the rock. But I discover that isn’t only a paradise for climbing, also there is one of the best water routes.

Houses in the rock
Lo foradot, is a natural way in the river between very high mountains.
After pass the narrow area of the river, you find this area of small pools.
Natural Jacuzzi
The village from the way to the river