All the things I want to do

I want to do of things, but less than a few years ago, maybe because I did very important one. Time isn’t unlimited, with the years is normal feel the fast that time goes.

Lot of places to go, but there isn’t time or money enough. Travel is nice, but you should come back. The routine of hard work and all the things that also do at home.

Things that you simply know that are to complicated to do. The legs are tired, the brain, too heavy body, knees hurt. You should choose well the adventures to come back with any injuries. I remember my energy with less weight and all the days in the gym or running. Now even I run, I feel that I am strong but with another speed, and the brain is better than the body.

I’m happy with closer adventures

I want to travel around Europe again, my dream is go to Scandinavia. The north cape could be a good destination, drive isn’t a problem, the money is the real limit.

I prefer colder places, summer is too long and I hate it. I’m sorry but don’t wait for me in tropical places, but probably with more time I would to try the experience one in my life. The same with the desert.

The severe draught, bring the desert near…

Adventure in the water I don’t like too much, the waves make feel bad my stomach. Better plane, and mountain and different cultures to discover.

I’m not very interest in learn new ways to move or new things to do, I’m happy to have time to enjoy all the things I like.

I work driving, but I enjoy, is my favorite way to move to discover well a place. I like trains, specially when are in amazing places. I like to walk in the nature, my favorite way to move inside the forest. The food is important, but the place even more, I’m happy just with pasta in my dishes. Try desserts where I go is other passion. I don’t drink alcohol, coffee, then bars aren’t not the main thing in my route. I can sleep in a comfortable tent, I don’t need luxe to sleep. In warmer weather I always use cold water. I like take a bath in cold rivers.

The adventures now are with Rex

Life goes fast but when you look back, is true that you did lot of small things than bring your big live. Days to look the past, also others to plan the future, and of course try to enjoy the moment, event sometimes are just a few minutes.

Enjoy how the next generation learn

Discover new places

The last weekend I was in Castello, a region that I didn’t visit, just the coast and by the highway. Very interesting place and a great discover for me.

Just enjoy the river from inside

Montanejos is a termal village. The temperature of the river is warmer than should be, it makes very comfortable to swim inside the river. I did more than 200 meters up to the river in the canyon.

During this weekend I also enjoy the largest green track of Spain. It was an old train from the port to the minery area, now a paradise to go with bike. Tunnels and trees around, remember the past of the track. The new track sometimes is very close and is posible to see the train.

The new from the old one
Tunnel with light and water inside

The landscape is nice with mountains and lot of trees.

The bridge cross a dry river, quite normal in this region of irregular rain

Mediterranean rivers are very dangerous, from nothing to a floats. The dry rivers are the most dangerous, because there aren’t trees to stop the water.

Olive oil, wine are the typical products of theses area, also good almond. Most dry cultive, even is water in the area, the temperatures are more extreme than in the coast. Orange, lemon prefer areas were freezing temperatures are inusual, not inland where every winter is below zero at nights.

Mediterranean landscape inland. Almond, olive and wine
Also jump in the river is posible

Summer adventures

I don’t like summer but I know how to enjoy it.
In the shadow with fresh water is a good plan for the warmest days.

This summer I’m discovering lot of places, the rivers this year with lot of water, the nature is full of life and less dry than other summer.

Look at the maps, research internet, also Instagram and go to have my own personal view. I’m proud of my region that is full of amazing places, some of them still not to crowded.

A medieval bridge is a good place to do a picnic
I need this cold water to relax my body.

Walk inside the river, looks a tropical place, in the shadow the temperature is perfect.

We discover the effects of the Gloria in January, the rainfall in this area was very important and there lot of trees in the water.
Also we discover something of the past, I don’t know about this strange structure but I take good pictures. There write the floods of 1961. Should be local, because isn’t very important flood in Barcelona.

22 of November 1961, there was important rain in Seville.
I didn’t find information about this. Looks that brings water to the countryside. I will come back to talk with local people to find out the history of this strange structure

When we finish the river way we arrived to relax place. People rent apartment just to relax and I believe that is a quiet place in the forest.

Isn’t a bad place to get out of the stress of the big cities
Easy to relax here with pure sound of the nature

I’m looking for the next adventure, the true is that always I have ideas, sometimes the problem is the time. The world is big enough to enjoy everyday is you look for details.

People get surprised with big cities that are small compared with forest, rivers, lakes…

Step by step you can walk a lot, and every single place is posible to be surprised.

I love look maps and try to discover places, the magic of this place start before going. Love in internet is like this, you look well, look for information but when you are there you see details that never can imagine.

The most important is look for places that bring motivation in the moment that you find, the magic of the place is to see in the perfect day for you…

La Garrotxa

Comarca volcánica de Catalunya, en Girona con multitud de motivos para visitar.

Desde la construcción del Túnel de Bracons la comunicación por carretera entre Osona y Garrotxa ha mejorado mucho, además de acortar mucho la distancia desde Barcelona. Sin peajes se puede llegar a un paraíso que te ofrece mucho.

Es una comarca muy verde, porque llueve mucho, pero con vegetación mediterránea, la máxima expresión del clima mediterráneo húmedo. Zona de media montaña muy agradable para caminar en bosques frondosos que esconden tesoros.

Pueblos medievales, pozas de agua espectaculares, un parque natural para disfrutar e infinidad de rutas cerca de volcanes. La Alta Garrotxa paraíso de escaladores, son los Pirineos Orientales con alturas más bajas pero no por ello menos interesantes.

Disfrute total en verano con ríos y rieras con agua abundante, gracias a que en verano se producen muchas tormentas
La vegetación frondosa siempre domina el paisaje
Santa Pau
Verdor intenso que desprende está comarca

Al llegar aquí da igual de dónde accedas porque te da la sensación de exhuberancia. La comarcas vecinas no son secas, pero no tienen ese verdor tan intenso, la tierra volcánica imagino que ayuda también a dar un contraste especial.

He corrido en alguna ocasión por aquí y fue una maravilla, la última previamente tormentosa
Disfrutando de las mejores piscinas naturales
Joyas en el interior de sus bosques

No tardaré en volver a la Garrotxa, solo hay que cruzar una serie de túneles para aparecer en un mundo diferente, donde te das cuenta que la tierra está viva. El poder de la tierra modela el paisaje y la humanidad se adaptado a ese mismo.


Today the province of Tarragona. The last day I talk about Ebro River forms a big Delta, maybe one the most interesting visit of Tarragona.

This picture from my best friend.

Delta is very windy area. Summer is warm and with the humidity feel warmer. Rice is the big product of the Delta. Now also they produce lot of sea fruits.

They produce in the sea, like farms
Totally flat area, the sea is going to make this area that enter 30 kilometers from the coast.

The capital is one of the most important cities in the peninsula, the old Roman city of Tarraco. Lot of historic things to visit, and also beach and important port.

Tarragona is very industrial area for the oil, is the only area of Spain with oil. There refineries. Also there are 2 Nuclear plants, Vandellos in the Coast and Asco in the Ebro river.

Summer is full of tourist
Also the are rocks in some beaches
Hospitalet de l’Infant the most windy area
The mountains close to the coast produce electricity

The highest mountains are in the ports, lot of rocks some trees that are the southern point that they live. The rainfall is bigger than all the areas arround.

The Estrets rivers in the north entrance to the natural Park
The rocks are huge
Very good area, quiet with lot of animals
Nice village, good wine big contrast with the coast.

There are more mountains in Tarragona. Montsant paradise to climb, Prades the red village with amazing forest. Just and example of the variety of this region.

Strong winds from the sea form clouds in the Prelitoral mountains
Places quiet to think about
Escalada Dei runes very interesting to discover the life in this important religious center
Church inside the stone
Clear sky in windy day in the Priorat with the best wines. Slow visit, lot of curvy roads. Rally uses this roads.
Siurana one of the most popular visit in Cornudella de Montsant
Lot of people come just to take this pictures of Siurana
Prades the red village for the buildings. The forest are important in Prades.

Stil in Tarragona we find a very nice village with walls Montblanc in the Conca de Barbera.

Medieval village, very interesting for the architecture

Just a small presentation of a region with more interesting places than you expect.

The Ribera is interesting to find historic places from the battle of Ebro in the civil war.

Miravet and the castle, with still a boat to cross the river. In this point is a very big river.

There is important the traditional Calçots, specially in Valls the capital of the Alt Camp.

Very complete region, the biggest river, important factories, beach, Delta, mountains, the country produce lot of Mediterranean products.

The valley of Ebro river

Today I talk about this natural region

The river Ebro is the most important Mediterranean river in the Peninsula. Is the longest totally in Spain.
I talk of the medium and the end of the river.

Ebro start in Cantabria and cross part of Burgos, but I will talk about this area another day. Today I talk about La Rioja, Navarra, Aragón and Catalunya.

The Valley is very windy in winter. Also fog is very important in winter, in some areas could be some weeks without sun.
The region isn’t very rainy, with some desert, not totally natural, because was the extensive use of the furniture and the sheep that help to disappear the trees. Climate isn’t desert, sometimes have heavy thunderstorms. Irregular rainfall like in most of Mediterranean region.

The Biggest cities of this region are Logroño, Zaragoza, Lleida.

Southeast of Spain is the real desert of Europe.
Calm river in Logroño.
Zaragoza in a windy day

The weather is hard in this region, winter with fog or wind, despite some ocasional showers. The feeling of cold, humid or to dry with the wind.

Spring big contrast in day and night temperatures. Thunderstorms are normal at this time of the year, the most rainy time.

Summer is warm, sometimes 40°. Nights aren’t very cold in big cities, a little bit better than Mediterranean cities but still warm nights.

Autumn in the east is posible have the Mediterranean famous situation of heavy rain in October. November start the fog days, first some hours, but In December could be even weeks.

Monegros landscape
Typical winter day in the big park of Mitjana in Lleida
Bardenas Reales in the south of Navarra
Rioja with lot of winery’s.
The water of the river and all the rivers of the Pyrenees make this region rich in agriculture
Big flat areas

I will continue until the end of the river and the amazing Delta another day.

The river has lot of big lakes to control, but sometimes in Spring with heavy rains the floods are important in this region.

In the lakes are the material that need the Delta to survive. Delta is like we now for they cut the trees for furniture to make ships to fight again England. It make that part of the floor went to the river and form one of the most important Delta in Mediterranean. Lot of species of birds, the rice are in serious danger. The last famous Gloria bring lot of problems to the region.

Dreams come true…

Sometimes reality could be even better…

I never seen the lights of the north.
I would like to see.

I like travel, in the last years less than I want. I like traveling by my self, now there are lot of possibilities. I like drive, for me the best way to travel, I feel free in a nice road.

Big road trip in USA is one of my dreams

Amazing places that I would like to visit. The nature, the northernmost places. Also visit the South Hemisphere…

Japan famous Mount Fuji.
Lot of hours of manga make it special
Patagonia, because I prefer cold places

Iceland, Norway, Sweeden, Faroe Islands, Finland destinations that I want to know in my life.

Faroe Islands

Western Canada

Autumn in New England

Any of this pictures is mine, but I would like to go and take similar pictures.

Discover like the wolf, walks lot of kilometers
New Zeeland

Today more pictures than words, but dreams are like this, nothing matters…

I’m patient, waiting big dreams with smaller objectives.

The world is big enough, then choose the things that makea a different in your mind.

I like the nature, more than the cities. Now with a global world, looks very similar.

I feel small and full of energy during a trip.

Travel is learn lot of things, total experience is you are open to see something different…

The Spanish landscape

The Pyrenees

The pictures show some examples of the spanish landscape. I want to show how in the same country is posible to discover most of the European landscape.

I prefer to talk about Spain with my special view, my focus the climate, mountain, river and all the natural things. Spain is more than sun and beach and big touristic cities.

This is too much information for just one post. Natural regions is how I will write about.

I hope could be interesting to people that want to visit Spain.

I decided to do it in English, because there are less information.

All the pictures will be not profesional, some of them mine, other from friends.

This is a project for 2020.

Follow the blog to learn lot of things about Spain, also if you have any question, maybe I can answer…