Lights for darkness

Christmas time brings lot of lights in the streets to forger the darkness.

Visit a Christmas market was better than I think, even was lot of people, I survived.

A long weekend with a nice visit to France, half of week tomorrow, days pass fast…

I can walk to look at the view near a farm. I like take pictures where I am, just capture the moment. The farm of this morning I liked a lot the area that I never been, hidden spots of map.

Places where you can stop very easily and enjoy the pleasure of the visit. I like to enjoy this small things when is posible in my job.

Small church in the forest and very good views. Solsonès is one of my favorite comarca of Catalunya, not lot of people, mountains, fields, forest and lot of buildings. Is the comarca of 1000 masies, the typical rural house in the countryside.

The last weekend is still on my mind, normally when you enjoy a trip. I like travel all the time, drive and change landscape everyday. I hope one day someday I can do it a long time with calm…

My job is the cheapest way to see lot of places, now even discover new places, always rural routes.

Empty village in a nice landscape with amazing views.

Slow driving

My job requires drive by rural ways, sometimes mud, rocks, trees. At night is complicate, better be careful at all the points.

This is my point of view
Is easy to fall down the brigde. Narrow, you should try to put the truck in front of the pass, but needs patience.

This is one of the worst places to arrive at the farm. The pictures was the second time, the first was dark, a little bit more complicated.

A good machine helps a lot…

This was the typical configuration of heavy truck until late 80’s in Spain

The European laws reduced the maximum weight for this type of trucks, then trailer win.

The maximum length of this truck are 12 meter, this that I drive is more than 11 meters.

Empty have a weight of 14800 kilograms, the engine is powerful with 500hp. The maximum speed limited is 90 kilometers/ hour.

Automatic Gearbox of 12 speeds, but is posible to use manual. Different program of driving.

This configuration is used for hard works…

Tomorrow more highway and kilometers, this make me enjoy with this variety of routes.

I’m happy with this new work, another experience. Work with animals, needs to be patience in a world where everybody want everything fast. When I drive the truck I feel free. I love drive, after 17 years of profesional driver, I still enjoy.