Never stop

Your brain works always, sometimes thinking too much, there isn’t the pause to relax.

I try to avoid some negative thoughts, is not sane think about problems that you can’t do nothing. I know but is easy to write, the reality could totally different.

Hard life when you fight against your thoughts, they make to be bad with yourself. Sometimes is better don’t worry too much, spend the day and become human. You can’t control everything, you know that your effort to do the things

Your brain is like the sky, isn’t always blue…

Lot of hours alone, always to fast to talk like you used to do. I miss people, long conversation, see new faces.

I’m alone lot of time, I like, sometimes I believe that I’m free…

I know sometimes the writing is my life, despite the main idea is help people like me.

I miss discover another point of view, too fast to deep conversation.

I like to look the sky every single day…

Life is just 4 days when you decide important things, sometimes even you don’t think there isn’t way to come back. Your history could be full of if I…

Your important decision is normally the correct for the moment, later your memories just remember the good things, sometimes avoid the bad.

Sometimes there isn’t a big change behind the mountain…

Relaxing day

We celebrated the summer with fireworks.
Since now to Christmas the light goes down, very slow but the circle to the sun never stop.

Less warm this week, happy to spend the first month of summer, because June in meteorology is summer.

I don’t like warm days, I survive the summer. Now I work with a truck without air conditioning, not very comfortable in the warmest days, but drink water and sweat to keep the body fresh.

Family day. Lot of adventures I lived here…

I feel tired, but specially relaxed to enjoy this free day. Lot of months with lot of free time, now working hard, isn’t easier to survive the adventure of the hard work.

Nice summer sky today after the rain…

Tomorrow I hope to do the weather forecast. The timetables of the blog are harder now, but I enjoy writing in my free time.

Fast changes

Today I started a new job. Again on the road, learning to be another piece in the system.
First day could be bad, even the second worst, but the main thing is know that you try to do it. Now I’m prepared for disasters, I go step by step. I don’t care tomorrow in a job, future isn’t clear, the only important is just be there.

I need my freedom and I decide my way to do the things. Nobody can changes my way to see the life and enjoy day by day. I need to have positive feelings everyday.

Live without fear of do it bad, always there’s somebody worst

Following my own way

I will try to continue writing in this blog, because is also a way to feel my freedom to explain my thoughts without filters.

The blog is a way to relax and take positive things of everyday.

Rex just want to stay with me. Lot of ours without me is hard…

Sleep well is the most important and I learned to forget the day and be totally free in my dreams. This is very easy to say but lot of but nights to learn.
I learn that the beginning is never easy and sometimes bad. I can survive because isn’t the first time. Hard situation after lot of years doing the things like I wanted. I always need to feel that I control the times.

Water go down but I can stay there feeling the power of the river

Black hole

I feel ok, just is the name of my last adventure to find a cave.

Without a good map isn’t posible to know where is the cave. First part is easy, but in a few meters is narrow. 72 meters of cave without exit, I just walk a little bit inside.

Nice forest before we arrived to the cave
Pure love
Inside the cave
Funny video, without light

Look maps, see pictures from other people is a motivation to find more places and idea and feel that the earth is big if you like the details.

Come back to the way isn’t easy, spring vegetation is tall
Is nice to discover places between routes that I walk sometimes

Look for more adventure, the best way to feel ok. Sometimes you bring memories for all your life, but also are to say that you have been there…


The last weekend we cross a border after some strange months. Small country in the middle of the Pyrenees, one Atlantic valley, the rest of the water end in Ebro river in the Mediterranean sea.

I used to visit lot of times for friends there, but now traffic jams are important in the border. Normally the last years I prefer the french border because is more quiet, but still isn’t posible to enter in France. The Spanish border is the lowest point of the country. Just 2 places to enter, they try another tunnel in Ordino, but never finished.

My last weekend I spent in one of my favorite places in Andorra, Vall d’Incles.

Just in front of the apartments
Before the tourism was a hard place to live in a valley above 1800 meters. Cows and horses, some cereal to do the breath and the fish from the river.
Nice place to walk, some easy tracks, some lakes to discover…
The biggest lake of Andorra. Near 2300 above the sea, still ice and snow
High mountain
Rex enjoy the snow
Picture with my family…

2 nights looks more with activities, the truth is that always the first day of trip is the best. I would like to travel like a way of life. I need to discover new routes, I feel really happy and the only solution when I come back is think for the next adventure.

I try to enjoy until the last moment, stop to take pictures in the come back. This is Coll de Nargó, coming back home…

For lot of people Andorra is just shopping, the truth is the capital a stressful small city full of shops. The price was better a few years ago without taxes. But since lot of year I prefer enjoy the nature of Andorra, I try always to find my place.

Find your place like water…

Taxi driver

During 13 years was my job, but 2 years I choose a big decision to leave my best job.

I think too much and I was afraid of the big changes of 2020, I wasn’t crazy, now I see…

Society change, the conversation, the feelings of the people in a city that was on the top in tourism.

I don’t like drive in the city, but as taxi driver my motivation was more social, meet people from everywhere, talk with lot of kind of persons.

I really feel more happy in a funny day talking with interesting people than the money I can earn.
This thinking is not very usual as taxi driver.

I liked to observe the city from the window, you can learn lot of things if you like observation. Listen to the people and have answers, opinions from the people help to do a radiography of the society.

Since 2009 the economy changed the people, but even people survive, really never come back to the same level before.

More political conversation, from internal problems of taxi and also National problems, start to make more empty conversation.

I started to be tired, the future isn’t clear. The city prepared changes to take the cars out from the city, but just doing narrow streets. Now Barcelona is a really worst city with lot of traffic jams, still too many cars and lot of work to do it.

My Skoda Rapid, the only new car I bought
This was my view when I used to walk every morning when I worked in the airport

Always I need the nature to survive, and with the taxi sometimes wasn’t easy, but I enjoy every minute…

I liked when the trips are long to come back with calm and discover places
I can write a book, like lot of customers said

Now I’m happy out of the big Barcelona, but I miss the good conversation, I hope one day I will find again a quiet track to walk…

The sky isn’t always blue

Clouds and dust again, rain yesterday and brown cars. Very extreme year, but dry in my village without highs long time. Mediterranean have the most variable climate year by year.
Climate change and the most clear is that every year is more extreme. The puzzle isn’t clear now, the waves produced in the atmosphere for the tropical air mass and the polar, now are bigger. Cold can arrive easier, but fast change to extreme heat in any months. In the same month we have new records in stations with even long history.

Clouds and some showers, still any sun this week

Without sun also the Mediterranean breeze doesn’t works. We call marinada and is the most important wind, even lot of people don’t think too much in this magic wind than big numbers of days blows 50 kilometers from the sea. Brings humidity, helps to have colder afternoon that just a few kilometers inside, and night also make more difficult to have lower temperatures. Most of the days in summer around 14:00/15:00 starts blowing and the temperature start to go down but humidity is higher, even sometimes the fog in the mountains.

This mountains is quite normal see fog in summer evenings

Sun is normal in Mediterranean standard, is normal that 3-4 days without sun are hard for a Mediterranean brain. We are connected even the way of life brings to don’t look the sky.

When blue sky come back after the rain…

Saturday starts May, the heat is very near. When the sun come back the nicer part of the spring is over, summer win the match always.
The meteorologic summer starts in June, better look for the shadow and bring fresh water…

Numbers to be quiet

The magic of numbers and dates to look for a reason to understand the things happened in your life.

Dates are numbers, repeat every once year, if you think that everything isn’t casual, just think about. Probably you are happier with and answer to questions that there isn’t a clear answer.

Time never stop but is real, the planet move fast around the sun and we are inside quiet with any feeling of speed, we look that sun moves. The perspective of life could be similar to the planet, you can feel stop looking what is happening around, or maybe you move thinking that all around move with you.

The landscape change every day to show how the time never stop

Good luck or bad to explain why things happened, answers for questions that even you haven’t clear that are in your mind.

Connect all your life helps to feel that you have the control, you’re the boss of your life. You can stop and put the pause, but your control needs battery. You follow the movie of your life, your role can be very important or just a secondary actor, but the film never ends. Love, horror, porn, story, game, adventure… The movie is everything sometimes you’re the start and you have the power to decide your role with the director, but at the end there is lot of pressure from the producers. Always somebody control you, but the boss is the time.

Nice scenery

Today I’m very deep after a job interview, waiting for and answer for the next step. I feel the moment and I liked, I believe that is my moment, time to change to fight against the black role that I have been during a long time.

My producers thing about this new role

Better alone

I like walk in the nature alone, despite could be dangerous is the best way to understand better your thoughts.

The fear of be with you, listen your opinions, your dark side with any filter.

Listen the birds, the water of the rivers, the wind and the words that you can’t tell anybody.
The heart needs lot of air and your body starts to feel full of oxygen. The drug of the nature, the only that your animal needs.

I feel safe here

When you walk hours without see nobody, your brain starts to know the really important things.

Bring a bag with all the things you need, survival adventure is to discover another feelings inside. I prefer the comfort to think outside without danger.

Pictures to remember good feelings in the nature

I need my drug, but I also love have services and slow conversation. Meet people wherever you go, open your mind to listen people.

Finally they have a friendly game relationship…

The truth is that now I’m not alone in my adventures, Rex comes with me.

Rest in the grass looking at the landscape is a real pleasure

April is perfect to stay in the nature, the explosion of life helps to feel better.