Ready for the next week

Sunday, cold now but should be another warm day. Get up slow to think well where I can go.

Two jobs in the same week, big change with only Wednesday to be ready to learn a new job.

I don’t think too much, better to enjoy the new experience, open minded to new things. The farms probably use more laws than some factories. I’m happy to forget the traffic jams, but I know that drive with animals should be more precise driving.

A new job with less changes during the day, just prepare the route well and be patient with the rest of the day. Nobody will call to change my day, I feel is better for my mind.

Big area to work, to discover places that normally don’t care, out of the village. Nature factories, full of life.

Sometimes isn’t far away a paradise
Relax weekend

I’m hungry, my breakfast is waiting. I haven’t any plan for today, sometimes is better forget the free time.

Next weekend, I’m sure that I can write more interesting things, new experiences bring lot of ideas.

My friend

Weekend to live

Working from Monday to Friday, the weekend helps to feel that you have a life.

Autumn finally is near, too warm this month.

Today I did a little bit of nature adventure, so difficult to run, any clear way, even was clear in the map. Forest and the river, not clear but safe with my best friend. Rex know very well to find the way to come back to the car.

Lost in the jungle
No fear…

Strange place, a church closed to arrive walking, the main track imposible to find. The forest like a Netflix movie, maybe I can go to 1985…

It isn’t 1985, but looks a nice place, anybody there…

After the excursion I eat well and rest a little to recover.

Another excursion this afternoon with Rex.

Nice park to play with children

Easier way to walk…

Nice quiet Saturday, time with my family. Rex needs lot of activity, and nature is perfect to forget the stress of the week. I’m lucky to live in a place where the nature is quite interesting, green paradise.

Maps online helps to discover places, when you get up is easier to go where you want. Discover new places to walk or run.

Another way

The best week to work with relax. Less warm, some thunderstorms, without traffic, looks a pleasure.

Time to go in another speed, look around with another eyes.

Yesterday I walked in my route, discover places very quiet in the middle of a industrial jungle.

A few minutes there and you come back new

Thunderstorms shows that the end of the summer is close, the nightmare is finishing.

The Ter river looks better

Talk again with friends is nice to recover the contact, know how they succeed in this crazy world. The offer new way, but I started to be comfortable in my position.

Cross the river, who knows what are waiting for you in the other side.

Another day in paradise

Holidays in the Pyrenees is always a pleasure. Ten years ago we stay in the same area. Is crowded but isn’t the worst place in Huesca.

Tomorrow come back home but visiting the desert of Monegros.

The last valley with a lake of this afternoon

This morning I visited the black place of the valley. 1996 the water destroyed a camping, 87 person die here…

With all the family we enjoyed the routes every day.

Even the draught, here lot of water
Relax holidays

Foggy when we visited the north face in France

I have lot of pictures for this blog, time to remember days in paradise.

Time to play

The wind of Nortwest help to enjoy clean blue sky

The chronic stress of daily life

Friday tired, weekend to rest. Sleep to forget the week, keep away the anxiety one week more.

Hard to believe that I can be 27 years more like this. Work hard to be poor, listen that everything is perfect, or totally a disaster. Again talking about the virus, maybe luck that people is tired…

The answer is that is a global problem, then maybe the system is over. Just 8 years more to wake up in 2030. Without car, work, meat,winter, money…

Photo by Elu012bna Aru0101ja on

Warm and dry everywhere, hard time to move fast.

In 2 weeks I change the first number of my age, the four is coming. More years, but I see the life less clear when I was younger, I don’t understand lot of things, I arrived too fast, feeling that a strange is living inside me.
I can be free, just when I sleep, is the only way to rest the anxiety of can’t the things that I really want to do.

Maybe my best friend feel the same…

Come back home

After a few days of break, short but intense, again in the hard life.

Summer, crazy times, always fast, too bad speech. I think that I miss lot of things, the stress make that when I feel my mind clear is too late, just time to sleep.

Even who love you, sometimes give you more stress. Problems, question, things to do…

Everyday more noise in your head, thing about to explote. I forget to do the things I like. The good routine is out for all you must to do.

Happy at home

Breathe deep, tomorrow another day, maybe the last one…

Outside isn’t important when the war is inside, maybe tomorrow you win and you can smile everywhere since the next stupid person make you angry again.

Same sky but your eyes look more

Music relax, help to write, just to order your thoughts. Any future plan, headache to talk about, living just the moment.

I need to loss weight to run faster

Life isn’t perfect, better don’t expect too much from anybody, even yourself.

You could your worst enemy, a strong brake to loss the control and touch the floor.

You world could be a disaster

Tomorrow again

First day after holiday is hard. I’m tired to follow a crazy routine, but there isn’t any exit.

Stupid crazy world with the timetable everywhere, the magic blood of the money and the power.

Nice to be in a society to have enemies and feel alone where is people everywhere.

Life is short, maybe because we wait always something. Now I’m waiting the rain, is here and I feel better.

The train of your life…

Enjoy small things like sleep well. Dreams where everything is posible, and every night is different.

The end, when nothing cares is normal to be afraid, but enjoy your trip. Look at the window, talk, smile, there isn’t any stop.

The life with colors is better

Too fast, too many things to do, but lot of time to get your piece of meat and to pay the quiet life of the power.

Lot of years, but not free to choose, the luck to be in the good place.

Breathe deep, forget everything, sleep and tomorrow the trip continue, maybe is your last stop…

I need to be more like Rex

Spring is here

Cloudy the last 2 weeks, some rain but not enough. The nature wake up, green is coming.

I like early spring, April is my favorite month. Long days, still not too warm and variable weather.

Darkness is here, the energy is too expensive. Normal things look like luxe now, without blood the heart can’t work. People need to live, now we just survive. The economy is too complicated, just make big contrast in a world every day more global.

Cloudy every day, too much for a Mediterranean brain

Tired, they look very short, because most of the time aren’t free.
Not creative thinking, just automatic pilot to survive in this crazy times.

Look from the top

I hope to be more inspired another day, maybe I just need a little bit of sun, and holidays…

Spring is the first step to be here…

Here comes the rain

Still very dry in Centelles, but today try to rain. I was working in a rainy day a few kilometers to the south.

Diesel is coming expensive, I’m sure this will bring lot of problems. After 2 years of Covid, now is past, people just want to live, but the 20’s are a nightmare. You are lucky to survive, after listen doctors, no we see the blood of the war.

Just breathe

I feel bad, tired, sometimes without energy. The fog come again in my brain. Strange feelings that now I can control better.

Automatic pilot works well after 9 months in the same job. Sometimes problems come alone, but my stress is about control.

I do a big effort to stay in the correct way, but I know that just in minutes this can change.

The future is black, the present is work to be in the way, the fight is inside.

Somebody who helps to be here

Here I feel comfortable to write about my thoughts, even sometimes are deep and not easy to explain how you really feel.

I like write, I feel better when I finished. I take out weight of the things that you can see.

Thanks to everybody that spend time reading this blog.

Cloudy skies