Autumn time to remember

Colors in the nature helps to survive the shorter days. Christmas lights helps to give light in the cities.

I like the cold better than warm days, I feel more happy, but I know that our winter isn’t cold. This morning just 1,6°, but the sun and the high pressure brings big contrast in the temperature.

This week I come back to talk with my partners of mechanic class. Nice to know about them after 21 years.

Nice to remember a group that love the cars, we studied in the last century. World changed a lot, the cars also, most of us prefer old cars.

17 years old

Today is my nephew birthday, 18 years old. My nephew is older than me in the last picture.

Lot of people in my life, they help to see all points of view. People that helps when you are nervous, they help to feel better.

Hours of conversations, sometimes just some words come with you all your life.

We are a small part of all the people in this personal live show.

Every day is new, but we know more about the film

I think too much always, but is my way of life. I need time to think, even is dangerous when this thoughts are like a road to anywhere.

The way is easier to follow when you walk

Not bad

I feel less stress the last week, I find the way to survive more relax.

All the problems in the world with truck drivers are normal. Hard work, the last step, sometimes the face of a company, but too many times treated not very well.

Driver with lot of task to do, normally with a high level of stress. More work that you can do it. Same salary of 20 years ago, small have problems to survive.

Old trucks, sometimes old tires but ready to eat the road.

Always lot of hours out of home, eat outside and all the time al the last minute.

Don’t think too much, out of the tunnel

I like driving, the window move around. The road give me time to be out of my fog…

See how the landscape change
Discover new places or just in a different point of view

I like be friendly with my customers, I feel like mine, sometimes is a problem, now isn’t my business. I can only work like this, I’m the same person, I need to talk with the people that I find. I work better when I feel that they see like a friend. I say the truth, they trust on me, that’s very important for me to get sense of this way of life.

There’s choices for me, I’m the same person…

Don’t stop

The volcano of Cumbre Vieja in the Palma Island, nobody can’t stop the process.

The Canarias Islands are made from volcanos, the evolution of the planet never stop, our life is short…

Should be hard look at your home and anything is posible to keep it.

Sometimes we create a global thinking of eternity, but isn’t like this in the nature. The climate change, the days aren’t 24 hours and we are alone in the universe. We believe that we are safe in our world, humans needs this feeling.

We are here to do something, but lot of times we forget just live.

Listen our body, look around and discover how weak and small we are.

We work too much, produce every day more, increase population. The system is arriving to the limits, we know. More stressful society, bad distribution of resources.

The earth will show that our history have the end.

We made a nice landscape with our agriculture, animals, nice buildings…

Enjoy today, tomorrow will be another day for everybody.

Look at the sky and all the life around…

Survive in this old system of power…

All the feelings that make you happy

Survive the first day

Today is monday, first day of school. I don’t like the traffic jams of these day.

When I worked for me I prefer go with my son, but there isn’t option.

It was a complicated day, but I’m happy to be well.

The air suspension explote

Big explosion in my first stop, a few hours in the garage and I did all that I can do it.

My level of anxiety not bad, I’m happy after 3 months working hard.

This week I look a little bit to the future. Next weekend we rent a camper van, the objetive visit 2 valleys.

I remember when I worked driving a truck around Europe. Since then I never sleep in a vehicle.

I’m happy to do with a new California, I’m sure should be a nice experience for all the family.

New landscape for my gallery

Quiet places to discover not too popular places. Understand why still are like secret or simply they are surrounded by nicest places.

I like to show that we have lot of places to go, even more than days.

Warm days still, but happy to know that the warmest days passed, autumn comes, but still to dry, I’m waiting more rain.

Crazy stupid rules

New month, just another more in the calendar, but everybody needs everything right now…

Summer is over even is warm outside, people just look at the calendar and try autumn activities.

Everything about weather is happening is climate change, in the past everything was perfect. I’m ironic with this global world that buy bonus too the poor countries for produce more pollution.

Ecologic just a green color to feel that you are doing something. The business of the Eco companies, with stupid certified staff to be nicest company.

Global world just to be as same stupid people. Robots of the system too lazy to wake up….

We are happy to have in our hands all the information to get more confused and follow a virtual way that looks new, but we don’t Know the trolls that are behind.

We like play to be experts in everything. We can be doctors, later talk about international business. Very easy to follow the main opinion, always is better be in the biggest group.

People happy to have more laws, more control. Is funny when they use a private perfile in Instagram. The new police works free for the system.

After a hard work day I like to think about all the stupid things I saw.

I can’t be out of the system, even now I look a perfect person without time to think. But still the thinking is free, then your life is only a big show. Is funny when people say that dream your favorite job, of course I don’t dream any work, maybe is a nightmare. In my free time I prefer feel that I still can be myself.

Without filters, free just a short time

Now I work alone, I have a way but I decide how I feel it. False sense of liberty to survive to the hard real world.

I try to just worry for the real problems, nobody died, then Tomorrow will be another day. Everybody fall to learn to walk.

Forget the stupid movie of the 2.0 world, we are the same weak animal that believe that we are alone in the universe.

Follow the way, don’t look around…

Positive way

Finally the storm arrived yesterday, short but enough to enjoy it.

This morning the fog to remember that autumn is near.

Hard work give finally result to feel better. Stronger, ready to survive a hard day.

Feel the heat of the group around you, like a wolf…

Alone on the road, the routine is hard but your mind start to be more free.

The light out the thunderstorm

Still I miss to talk in English, after lot of years using this language. Everything isn’t easy to get, then I enjoy my part.

Enjoy everyday, life is all what is happening. Maybe you prefer to be in another place, but think that always could be worst.

Beautiful sky yesterday

Never stop

Your brain works always, sometimes thinking too much, there isn’t the pause to relax.

I try to avoid some negative thoughts, is not sane think about problems that you can’t do nothing. I know but is easy to write, the reality could totally different.

Hard life when you fight against your thoughts, they make to be bad with yourself. Sometimes is better don’t worry too much, spend the day and become human. You can’t control everything, you know that your effort to do the things

Your brain is like the sky, isn’t always blue…

Lot of hours alone, always to fast to talk like you used to do. I miss people, long conversation, see new faces.

I’m alone lot of time, I like, sometimes I believe that I’m free…

I know sometimes the writing is my life, despite the main idea is help people like me.

I miss discover another point of view, too fast to deep conversation.

I like to look the sky every single day…

Life is just 4 days when you decide important things, sometimes even you don’t think there isn’t way to come back. Your history could be full of if I…

Your important decision is normally the correct for the moment, later your memories just remember the good things, sometimes avoid the bad.

Sometimes there isn’t a big change behind the mountain…

Relaxing day

We celebrated the summer with fireworks.
Since now to Christmas the light goes down, very slow but the circle to the sun never stop.

Less warm this week, happy to spend the first month of summer, because June in meteorology is summer.

I don’t like warm days, I survive the summer. Now I work with a truck without air conditioning, not very comfortable in the warmest days, but drink water and sweat to keep the body fresh.

Family day. Lot of adventures I lived here…

I feel tired, but specially relaxed to enjoy this free day. Lot of months with lot of free time, now working hard, isn’t easier to survive the adventure of the hard work.

Nice summer sky today after the rain…

Tomorrow I hope to do the weather forecast. The timetables of the blog are harder now, but I enjoy writing in my free time.

Fast changes

Today I started a new job. Again on the road, learning to be another piece in the system.
First day could be bad, even the second worst, but the main thing is know that you try to do it. Now I’m prepared for disasters, I go step by step. I don’t care tomorrow in a job, future isn’t clear, the only important is just be there.

I need my freedom and I decide my way to do the things. Nobody can changes my way to see the life and enjoy day by day. I need to have positive feelings everyday.

Live without fear of do it bad, always there’s somebody worst

Following my own way

I will try to continue writing in this blog, because is also a way to feel my freedom to explain my thoughts without filters.

The blog is a way to relax and take positive things of everyday.

Rex just want to stay with me. Lot of ours without me is hard…

Sleep well is the most important and I learned to forget the day and be totally free in my dreams. This is very easy to say but lot of but nights to learn.
I learn that the beginning is never easy and sometimes bad. I can survive because isn’t the first time. Hard situation after lot of years doing the things like I wanted. I always need to feel that I control the times.

Water go down but I can stay there feeling the power of the river