Mother day

First Sunday of May is the mother’s day in Spain. I visited yesterday, at the end everyday is important to be proud of your mother and give the best gift and lot of love.

My mum

I was a little bit ill yesterday, after days with cough, bronquitis like my son appears. I always use medicine for my asma, then I have experience. Today I was better, then I can do more activities.

Run before the rain

This afternoon was stormy, less than Monday but very happy to see how the nature recover the green.

This weekend I also play to Gt7 where I enjoy the scapes to take picture with my personal cars. Is amazing the real that images can be. I published in Instagram and people think about was real.


Amazing to share this pictures and cheaper than have this amazing cars. The virtual world is better everyday, of course always is better be there, but is a good option for people that always want to see places, change landscape. This things are the best that we can enjoy in this crazy world.

Tomorrow Monday, come back to the routine, nice landscape for tomorrow and lot of kilometers.

Long weekend

First day of May is holiday, a perfect weekend of three days. Finally we don’t go anywhere to sleep. Should be a rainy weekend in the afternoon, happy to see thunderstorms in this severe draught.

Bridges in my way

Tired in a hard week, now time to sleep more an be ready for the warm period. May summer days are more usual, although today was the first summer day with 26,3° in my station.

Sometimes very narrow bridges in my way

Now more variety of farms at my job. Old truck but the positive is that have refrigerator, should be very good for my summer.

We need lot of water, also in the wettest place of Osona

Anything important to say, busy life make that you think less, but brain is still here.

Special day

Today is Sant Jordi, important day in Catalunya but never holiday, just a special working day. Today is Sunday, streets crazy of people, I really don’t care, sometimes I hate this day. Roses and books, just another business, should be better if today was raining all day.

This spring is the worst that I remember, I feel depressed landscape. The warm period is coming, normally is hard for me.

New photography modes…

I came back to my routes during the spring of 2020, empty of people with a green nature, now isn’t the same.

The monkey rock isn’t a jungle now

The silence, hidden from people, survival in the crazy Covid time. I don’t think we are better now, the time give some answers.

Dolphin or turtle rock

A normal week and another long weekend to start May. My summer holiday are close by, just 2 months.

Rex playing in the new park in front of our home

This afternoon run again to take some pictures with the new phone, tomorrow again lot of kilometers like I prefer…

Everyday could be special if you want, forget the oficial calendar…

All the things I want to do

I want to do of things, but less than a few years ago, maybe because I did very important one. Time isn’t unlimited, with the years is normal feel the fast that time goes.

Lot of places to go, but there isn’t time or money enough. Travel is nice, but you should come back. The routine of hard work and all the things that also do at home.

Things that you simply know that are to complicated to do. The legs are tired, the brain, too heavy body, knees hurt. You should choose well the adventures to come back with any injuries. I remember my energy with less weight and all the days in the gym or running. Now even I run, I feel that I am strong but with another speed, and the brain is better than the body.

I’m happy with closer adventures

I want to travel around Europe again, my dream is go to Scandinavia. The north cape could be a good destination, drive isn’t a problem, the money is the real limit.

I prefer colder places, summer is too long and I hate it. I’m sorry but don’t wait for me in tropical places, but probably with more time I would to try the experience one in my life. The same with the desert.

The severe draught, bring the desert near…

Adventure in the water I don’t like too much, the waves make feel bad my stomach. Better plane, and mountain and different cultures to discover.

I’m not very interest in learn new ways to move or new things to do, I’m happy to have time to enjoy all the things I like.

I work driving, but I enjoy, is my favorite way to move to discover well a place. I like trains, specially when are in amazing places. I like to walk in the nature, my favorite way to move inside the forest. The food is important, but the place even more, I’m happy just with pasta in my dishes. Try desserts where I go is other passion. I don’t drink alcohol, coffee, then bars aren’t not the main thing in my route. I can sleep in a comfortable tent, I don’t need luxe to sleep. In warmer weather I always use cold water. I like take a bath in cold rivers.

The adventures now are with Rex

Life goes fast but when you look back, is true that you did lot of small things than bring your big live. Days to look the past, also others to plan the future, and of course try to enjoy the moment, event sometimes are just a few minutes.

Enjoy how the next generation learn

Madrid wait for me

Next week a few days in Madrid, in the mountain. We go to see my sister in law, pregnant.

I need this holidays to rest a little, change routine, specially get up later. Spring mornings are hard to get up, even the light start before, the time that I drive at night is hard.

I look places to discover, but less than usual, the last should be the moment or maybe just enjoy the adventure.

Now is very warm, the winter finished in one day, usually come back later, but spring is here. The place that we stay could be cold, similar to Centelles.

Work in rural ways where you can see more animals than people

In 2010 at this moment people enjoy the snow in Barcelona city. The first snow with smartphones, Facebook, we discovered the power of the pictures. Anything that happens somebody put a image to show.

The world full of pictures a cheapest way to travel. Easy to prepare any adventure in places that are totally new for you.

Landscape that I love

The end of winter

Yesterday I went to the swimming pool, today a little trekking with Rex. I’m happy with the physical activity, also a more quiet week at work. Tomorrow 2 long trips, then just work.

Not lot of rain, and maybe to cold for the weekend, last chance to snow. The draught is very severe, any water is very important to survive next summer.

Just with the rain of February the fields are green in the last mild days
I visited very different landscape

I feel more relaxed this week, days are longer, more light give more energy. Motivation to swim again, also holidays are close by.

Everyday fight against the watch every morning is too early. Step by step I do my job, not lot of stop, quiet to enjoy all I see around.

Some farms are very nice

Pigs and farms sometimes don’t bring too much things to explain.

Again I just listen music, any news, good way to be happy. The important things always you discover.

The dust make nice sunset

Good night is time to rest, one of the pleasures that help to focus.

Inside peace

Small things that help to forget all is around you, relax and see and exit to your problems.

Maybe I’ll come back to swim, I haven’t too much time, but if I can go somedays should be perfect to my back. I like swim, inside the water I can think and feel like in another world. When I run long distance also I feel it.

Nice to discover some street art

Music brings peace, I can listen some of them very strange, sounds that help to sleep and do meditation.

Winter is arriving to the end, the sun is stronger, the light win every day. I feel warm in the sun at midday, after a few weeks of cold, the body needs to adapt. Mornings still cold, this is usual until April.

The shorter month brings some remember from other years, but every year are more and is difficult to remember all details of all February. Some days of short sleeve, snow, carnival, birthdays, holidays, long running route… All was in this month, the end of the winter, the air start to smell spring. Green fields, some flowers in the trees, changes are so fast.

Open road with nice flat landscape…

Another lap in the world of 4 seasons. Every single day is different, like everyone.

Just today

The next day

Sometimes I focus in one day, one event but after that you feel empty. Always life needs some expectations for the future. Enjoy the moment is nice, but also is normal think about the next step.

I like winter, but when is mild, form me is boring after months waiting for it. The light remember that the spring is close by. Early spring maybe is my favorite time of the year, but I know that then the summer is coming. Sun and warm temperatures that I hate, every year is hard to get ready and is very long period.

Now I start to do the same work in my job, sometimes is comfortable, but also lost the surprises. After 4 months I feel ready for this hard routine.

Off road sometimes

I’m focusing my holiday on the next month. I need some days to recover, later easter and ready to work in summer time.

The animals are everyday different, they feel the weather and they start to do strange things.

Pigs are dirty for lot of, but after few days you don’t smell bad.

Big ones sometimes pea in your legs. You should be ready , stay quiet surrounded by them.

If you feel ok, the reaction are more neutral. They answer the human touch.

I feel tired, just ready to sleep….

4 years old

Today was party at home. Gerard birthday, 4 years old, very happy with his present.

His new electric car

Gerard is a car lover, just like me when I was a child. I wold like to have a car like this.

Enjoy a long walk together
Family time

Birthday is very important when you are children, with the years is just another number, maybe in a crazy day.

I’m happy to see how my little son starts to be part of the adult that he should be.

I’m not the best father, I do the best I can. Life isn’t easy, sometimes is better just stay there, don’t think too much, find the balance to go in a comfortable way.

My parents still so important in my life

Tomorrow Monday, start the week early…