Good things…

Sometimes the best things aren’t the best for your family, decide the correct option isn’t easy. The family is the most important, but sometimes you need feel alive and try new things.

Time never stop

The train of your life put a new station in the way, isn’t clear but maybe you can change of train.
Wind changed like could do your life, time will be always the same but is posible to enjoy with a new motivation.

Enjoy like children with new things

Discover new places, people, come back to be full of stories to explain.
Problems and responsibilities stay with you but maybe is posible to change the point of view and clear your mind.

Deeply the world is very simple, but there amazing options to see diferent.

Find your light

Maybe another day I will write more about and the reading will be easier…

Nice autumn

October is colder than the last years, snow in the Pyrenees and also in Montseny.

This year is different, the weather is like November. I know that this cold means hot in other areas, like Russia that is very warm now for the time of the year.

Atlantic low will be more important in the next week and the temperatures will go up suddenly.

Rainbow after the storm. Snow in the mountains of the picture above 1300. Isn’t usual in October, I have seen at the end, not in the 14th
The forest also is more colorful. This year in 2 weeks will be very nice.
Green paradise
I like run in this forest. The best local forest…

I like autumn and this year I can feel it, summer ends fast, even I know can try to come back next week.

Could be a good winter, the Niña brings cold winters in my area, also the low solar activity. Is 2020 and with all the social problems, I would like to remember a cold winter with snow.

I know that maybe I see like this for my passion, but is the best way to survive to this complexe world.

Simple things

This strange world that we are now, you can discover that to enjoy your life isn’t necessary lot of things. Time to enjoy is the most important but time is money, sometimes you should choose…

More and more things we have, but just with food, fresh water a comfortable place to sleep could be enough. Lot of new things are just to spend a good time that probably you haven’t. Lot of things to do, but not enough time to do it.

Sometimes we look more strange with other humans

We feel less important, like looking a film and we can do nothing to change the movie.
Sometimes isn’t easy discover your good things, you can believe that you’re a disaster or feel like a hero, it depends on the day. Maybe today isn’t rival for you and life is a road going down the hill, but later your brakes aren’t working…

The nature never stop

Life is too short and complicated if you want to be the person that everyone expects. Be just a human, don’t forget the animal that you are, enjoy the food, sun,water, air… Look at the natural, learn and separate from the person. Enjoy your animal…

The nature is the best recovery for the society

We need to be free and a little bit wild to remember the real place in the Earth.


Today start the autumn, time of changes in the nature. Less light and lower temperatures, even in the Mediterranean still could be warm. Days of summer and also winter days.

The light of the autumn is very special in the forest, the shadows start to win in lot of valleys.
The truth is that we haven’t a real winter in most parts of Spain, just freezing nights. We lose the hard winter, our winter is late autumn of the cold areas.

Fog is quite normal after the rain in autumn

This weekend will be cold for September, waiting to do a record in my station, the lower temperature is 6,2°, maybe could a little bit lower. But I know that maybe in a few days again warm days with 25°. Very extreme time and the light, every shorter until December. First cold with the body still adapted to the summer.

Thunderstorms and green grass before the freezing nights
Waiting for this magic colors in the forest

Autumn is good time for pictures, the changes in the nature, first in the Pyrenees, the coast waiting until November… In the north of Europe of course is more extreme the light, but if you go to the tropics the changes are less important. The posible light is the same in all the points of the earth, the distribution is quite diferent.

Come back to the school

Life is coming more normal despite with mask I don’t see like that.
I don’t if we learn something in this months, most of people I feel that they want to continue in the same way, maybe is hard to know that the world never come back to be same. Our society is an evolution of wars, crisis, epidemics during centuries.
Before the virus be the center of the actually, we are worried about the earth, but I think than maybe now is not a priority. We talk just about vaccines and recover economy, come back to travel crazy around the world.
We don’t understand that is posible to stop, we did for the virus and the air improved in areas that never see blue sky.

We need to respect the nature, the population is to high…

Resources aren’t enough if everyone have a car, phone, air conditioning , pool… We can be a lot but with lot of poor people, when we leave in a rich country sometimes we forget. We are more than 7000 millions but the resources maybe are enough for less of the half if we live like rich.

China, India and lot of countries change the bike for cars. The jungle for factories and now the pollution is in very high level, the laws are weak because the still fight to eat everyday.

We lived in caves…

The nature is the only way to end with this society that every year want to win more, bigger house, bigger plane, travel more, there aren’t limits until the nature shows.

The earth can’t without us…

Discover new places

The last weekend I was in Castello, a region that I didn’t visit, just the coast and by the highway. Very interesting place and a great discover for me.

Just enjoy the river from inside

Montanejos is a termal village. The temperature of the river is warmer than should be, it makes very comfortable to swim inside the river. I did more than 200 meters up to the river in the canyon.

During this weekend I also enjoy the largest green track of Spain. It was an old train from the port to the minery area, now a paradise to go with bike. Tunnels and trees around, remember the past of the track. The new track sometimes is very close and is posible to see the train.

The new from the old one
Tunnel with light and water inside

The landscape is nice with mountains and lot of trees.

The bridge cross a dry river, quite normal in this region of irregular rain

Mediterranean rivers are very dangerous, from nothing to a floats. The dry rivers are the most dangerous, because there aren’t trees to stop the water.

Olive oil, wine are the typical products of theses area, also good almond. Most dry cultive, even is water in the area, the temperatures are more extreme than in the coast. Orange, lemon prefer areas were freezing temperatures are inusual, not inland where every winter is below zero at nights.

Mediterranean landscape inland. Almond, olive and wine
Also jump in the river is posible

Try new things

Even sometimes the time isn’t enough to do all the things that you enjoy, could be good try new things.

The last week I’m playing a simulator of car that I like a lot, and now I’m doing gameplay for my YouTube Chanel. Now I have headphones and the sound is good. I did one Yesterday and I liked, is nice share your game.

The video is Spanish, but nice to see…

I’m happy to forget a little bit the real world, look the news make me angry…

The control to the person is higher every day, people looks happy and they don’t care. The world is changing very fast, in a few years lot of things will be different, the virus is just the fog to lost the way.

We are going to another way with any exit…

It’s hard to write and thing about, I can’t do nothing to change the global world. I’m inside of the society and I need to survive with the rules of the game. Maybe life is like play a good simulator with just one option and the rules aren’t posible to change.

From outside without trees is easier to look at the way. The rules start from this point of view.

Nice weekend

Weather forecast shows autumn weather this weekend, after warm days very humid is the best.

I’m a weather fan and is very important the temperature and atmospheric changes, I need to change my mind.

I like changes, without moving they arrive and change everything, different air, light…

When you get tired, the routine win the battle, nothing better than a weather change to show that the world should be very different.

Blue sky, vey warm water

All the bad things end like the good, sometimes we live to intensely.

I know that isn’t easy to see like this when you have the problems just with you, from outside always is posible to see more. Sometimes a voice can help to show that this isn’t your battle, keep away, stay safe…

People that can help just when they are near, they give you energy and see the things more clear with distance. This persons are special, look after them, help when they need.

Find your refugee

Deep feelings aren’t easy to share, sometimes the words don’t show all your universe

Look for signals that help to show your way

Very intense days

We stay 2 nights in Alcala de Henares, 600 kilometers from home, short but very intense days.

Some pictures to show better this monumental city. Is the city of Cervantes and the culture is very important. Center of the town is nice with a big square call Cervantes and Mayor street with lot of shops and restaurants. This strange year is quiet, but normally is a very crowded city for tourists, some of them come from Madrid.

Also the nature is important, the river Henares is a good place to walk. The mountains are in the other side of the river, the famous Alcarria, not very high mountains but interesting to see the views of all the region of Madrid.

Following the maps I did a very nice running route there, but there was a problem with a bridge that was in a private area where isn’t allowed walk. Finally I went to the next bridge, the result more than 28 kilometers running.

City, river and mountain, vey complete route but for me too long to do everyday. I like do some long routes sometimes.

Nice views from the top.

After this long route, just a shower and we went to the river.

Rio Dulce is a natural park where you can follow the river in the canyon. When you are in the highway isn’t posible to imagine this canyon, is a plateau at 1100-1200 above the sea, but when you take the road down and discover how the water eat the rocks during years.

Dry air make the air more clean, this area close to Madrid but full of nature
Very cold water, the coldest river of this year. Is posible to walk up the river and discover nice places.

We spent a nice day in the river. The next day we come back home at the afternoon, very short but nice to discover places.

Guadalajara is a regional that I like a lot, isn’t too crowded, the population isn’t dense, just the capital that is in the Madrid urban influence.

Summer is different, more dry than Centelles, run 28 kilometers now in Centelles loss more water your body and I feel more tired. The days that we spent the temperature were normal after lot of very warm days.