Tomorrow again

First day after holiday is hard. I’m tired to follow a crazy routine, but there isn’t any exit.

Stupid crazy world with the timetable everywhere, the magic blood of the money and the power.

Nice to be in a society to have enemies and feel alone where is people everywhere.

Life is short, maybe because we wait always something. Now I’m waiting the rain, is here and I feel better.

The train of your life…

Enjoy small things like sleep well. Dreams where everything is posible, and every night is different.

The end, when nothing cares is normal to be afraid, but enjoy your trip. Look at the window, talk, smile, there isn’t any stop.

The life with colors is better

Too fast, too many things to do, but lot of time to get your piece of meat and to pay the quiet life of the power.

Lot of years, but not free to choose, the luck to be in the good place.

Breathe deep, forget everything, sleep and tomorrow the trip continue, maybe is your last stop…

I need to be more like Rex

Spring is here

Cloudy the last 2 weeks, some rain but not enough. The nature wake up, green is coming.

I like early spring, April is my favorite month. Long days, still not too warm and variable weather.

Darkness is here, the energy is too expensive. Normal things look like luxe now, without blood the heart can’t work. People need to live, now we just survive. The economy is too complicated, just make big contrast in a world every day more global.

Cloudy every day, too much for a Mediterranean brain

Tired, they look very short, because most of the time aren’t free.
Not creative thinking, just automatic pilot to survive in this crazy times.

Look from the top

I hope to be more inspired another day, maybe I just need a little bit of sun, and holidays…

Spring is the first step to be here…

Here comes the rain

Still very dry in Centelles, but today try to rain. I was working in a rainy day a few kilometers to the south.

Diesel is coming expensive, I’m sure this will bring lot of problems. After 2 years of Covid, now is past, people just want to live, but the 20’s are a nightmare. You are lucky to survive, after listen doctors, no we see the blood of the war.

Just breathe

I feel bad, tired, sometimes without energy. The fog come again in my brain. Strange feelings that now I can control better.

Automatic pilot works well after 9 months in the same job. Sometimes problems come alone, but my stress is about control.

I do a big effort to stay in the correct way, but I know that just in minutes this can change.

The future is black, the present is work to be in the way, the fight is inside.

Somebody who helps to be here

Here I feel comfortable to write about my thoughts, even sometimes are deep and not easy to explain how you really feel.

I like write, I feel better when I finished. I take out weight of the things that you can see.

Thanks to everybody that spend time reading this blog.

Cloudy skies

Crazy stupid power

I like to be in the highest part of mountain, you can see all the valley, you feel bigger. The problem is when you believe that you can climb the mountain from a chair.

One day you walk, tomorrow you are resting in the sofa and you believe that you know more than who is still walking.

The power to be in the top, but there are highest mountains. Even you are in the highest, you should go down. The mountain will stay there, be sure that you will die before.

Your time before you die, because everybody die, be sure from that. We are just human, we need to live in society to forget how weak we are.

Friends to talk about our enemies. The power is full of haters. Nobody is more than other.

We can do amazing things

Don’t be afraid to say what you think. When you are sure that you are walking in the good way, look back and remember the mud where you can exit.

The danger of see that there is nothing, when you feel empty. After that, if you choose come back, nobody can’t stop you, they don’t know from the black hole you exit. Just from human to human, rules that help we don’t kill the other.
Rules that make a correct way to think. The real human and the Earth die with the society. We create a good screen, but behind is nothing, the silence of the universe.

Inside to create a home where is nothing

Quiet winter

Sunny January with cold nights, more light everyday, but still any problem warm nights.

Nice day in my parents house

I like this time of year, too dry this winter but freezing nights.

January is weak in most of the jobs, time to relax and do it with more quality.

Sleep nature, waiting for the spring. I hope a better February of 2021, was too warm and dry.

Ice in the shadow

Always time to think and remember old times, waiting a green future.
Irregular feelings, sometimes empty, other proud of my actions. Tired and weak when I should enjoy more, but is the way I feel.

Too deep to write in front of the winter sun in a comfortable place.

No bad at all

Old times

Today I look very old pictures and some family documents.

Christmas time, bring lot of remembers. Winter, even without cold, with short days make very special to think and order thoughts.

My mother and my uncle in summer 19

In the summer of love, my mother move to the house that is still in the family. I lived with my wife a few months, my birthday’s celebration were there. Lot of Sunday there. I still like sit where is the picture to see the plants and relax.

My mother 54 years later in the same place

I will repeat the picture again with my uncle.

My uncle a student in 1966

I like look all pictures, specially from places that I know, I can imagine how was the life.

A a picture from 1927. The boy was my grandfather that I never meet, because he did with 50
My mother in early 50’s with her grandfather

Now is time to survive

I don’t like too much Christmas time, now even more strange. There is only one thing in this society, I feel like if everybody is talking at the same time.

Like the last year, with more things to separate people.

Should be happy at Christmas, but during lot of years the work and now a virus make not I would like.

I remember some nice Christmas, like in 2019 with nice conversation with my grandmother.
I know that best days normally aren’t prepared.

I’m not a man of big events, places with lot of people. I like control all the situation, see all the faces and be in all the conversation, forget the watch and enjoy this short magic days.

Wendy always bring peace to me
Is nice see old friends

The light is coming, the darkness loss again…

Tired, then change a number is a good reason to start the third season.

We are in the same boat with water inside, some people try this cold water in the lower floor, but also some people never believe that a big ship can’t loss against the sea.

No way home

Don’t make me angry

Monday could be hard if people don’t think that for everyone is monday.

I don’t like people that just are waiting a fail to tell that you shouldn’t do it. The negative point of view that never see all the good things you did it.

Even is better don’t think too much, I can’t, I need to explote and put the person on my black list. I talk about, outside bad things, my balance is more important.

Peaceful landscape

Relax music and deep breathe to keep calm…

The last month of the year, time to think how fast is the time.

Happy moments

I find my way, I don’t want to go down again, nobody will stop me now.
I don’t care of most of problems that are just money, persons are more important, we should try to understand more the real people that we find every day in our routine, we share more than beers, the important moments are just now…

Listen who ask for help, maybe tomorrow is later.

The world could be a nice place when you are out of your darkness

Bridge to anywhere

December is the month with more holiday days. Today is a working day very strange.

Time to relax, enjoy it because is too fast the time.

Tired is good recover energy
True love

Tired at this part of the year, again christmas to put light in the darkness. The society is very dark now, worried by the same of lot of months.

Spend money, be happy, go out, meet people but be careful the monster is still outside, stronger with another evolution…

Save the planet using lot of things to survive.

Control to divide the society, new religion to survive the system. The earth don’t care is just another business.

A quiet place in my industrial route

Fight from inside, because now I’m doing the correct way. Of course I’m hard to control, I need my own space, feel that I’m special. The feeling of control part of your life is important.

Future still hurts in my mind, I don’t see clear. We will see important changes in this society. 2030 is the near future…

Quiet places to clear the mind

Winter is near, the circle is going to finish, again to the light…