4 years old

Today was party at home. Gerard birthday, 4 years old, very happy with his present.

His new electric car

Gerard is a car lover, just like me when I was a child. I wold like to have a car like this.

Enjoy a long walk together
Family time

Birthday is very important when you are children, with the years is just another number, maybe in a crazy day.

I’m happy to see how my little son starts to be part of the adult that he should be.

I’m not the best father, I do the best I can. Life isn’t easy, sometimes is better just stay there, don’t think too much, find the balance to go in a comfortable way.

My parents still so important in my life

Tomorrow Monday, start the week early…

After the view, maybe you should come back…

Life sometimes is like walk in the mountain, after you enjoy the view after climbing, but you should go down. The end of the route is at home, life is full of peaks to climb.

My father in law

Some routes show longer when you go down. Isn’t automatic pilot to come back home, downhill needs be concentrated and lot of impact to your knees. The weight of your body bring down, but your muscles are the brake.

Come back to the metropolitan Barcelona

I went to a special farm, close to the airport, surrounded by a industrial and services area. Oasis in the desert, remember the glory days.

The time goes slowly in this island of peace

Who arrived first?

Places with big infrastructure are difficult to imagine before. Hard to believe that this oasis was the normal landscape of the past. Houses, fields, small lakes are the Mediterranean landscape. Less beaches, without big buildings in front of the water, trees, water and grass. High humidity, maybe to much insects to feed all the birds and keep the humans far away. The sea for the fish, the fields for vegetables, the trees in the middle to cook. Fresh water and salad water, sometimes mixed. Small rivers in a totally different landscape.

Now is natural park

The humans create a world easier to survive, but isn’t perfect.

Some deep thoughts, I try to say more than the words show. Relax to make more questions. Think about the human evolution helps to feel alive in this crazy stupid world.

Without words

Last days I don’t write nothing, the weather is horrible, better don’t say anything. My job now is good for me, after the always complicated start.

At home, last days the flu visited my wife, still recovering, but now it doesn’t matter, the virus are a thing of the past. We enjoy everyday like the last one, the future isn’t clear, enjoy the moment, maybe tomorrow you can’t get up…

Modern society with a dirty mind, I don’t see a real evolution. Lot of times in the screen, lot of options, but sometimes easier to choose don’t think too much.

The simply way

Something is bad around me, I hope that 2023 brings solutions, even maybe is just a question of time, pass the storm. I can talk clear because even I don’t know why, maybe is just the moment. Thoughts come in the mind, because now I’m not talking about me. I prefer to write about my thoughts, but also what I live around affects me. I learn to think first in my own, the only way to keep here. I don’t forget the bad moments, full of questions and empty of answers. I learnt to live more the moment, dream less about the future and enjoy what I see.

See how the day starts, brings a clear mind

New age music make me feel relax before sleep, very important rest well to get up early and drive still at night.

Feel everyday you go to the limit, but happier without stress. Move around the map, make me happy, this is my real way of life. Basic things, when you are moving all the time.

Everyday is different

Lot of words, too many ideas, but not deep writing. Also a secret to bring emotion to 2023.

I hope to write before the end of the year, but I can’t, happy 2023 to all my readers, happy to be in the fourth season of this blog…

Lights for darkness

Christmas time brings lot of lights in the streets to forger the darkness.

Visit a Christmas market was better than I think, even was lot of people, I survived.

A long weekend with a nice visit to France, half of week tomorrow, days pass fast…

I can walk to look at the view near a farm. I like take pictures where I am, just capture the moment. The farm of this morning I liked a lot the area that I never been, hidden spots of map.

Places where you can stop very easily and enjoy the pleasure of the visit. I like to enjoy this small things when is posible in my job.

Small church in the forest and very good views. Solsonès is one of my favorite comarca of Catalunya, not lot of people, mountains, fields, forest and lot of buildings. Is the comarca of 1000 masies, the typical rural house in the countryside.

The last weekend is still on my mind, normally when you enjoy a trip. I like travel all the time, drive and change landscape everyday. I hope one day someday I can do it a long time with calm…

My job is the cheapest way to see lot of places, now even discover new places, always rural routes.

Empty village in a nice landscape with amazing views.

Maybe I’m ok

Long nights, short days sometimes the worst to work hard. The best is forger warm temperatures until March, even now never know.

Always routine appears, but I’m happy to be in a job that I can move a lot, discover places.

The winter is here, always waiting for the cold and the snow at, but rarely is enough for me.

Blue eyes look at me, be patient to move a stronger animal than me, always try to use the friendly way.

The last day in this farm, now is empty until next year.

Sleep well is important when you get up early. Drive at early morning is hard until the light start.

Days pass fast, even years, walk to anywhere. Life is just now, sometimes looks perfect and quiet, others the fog make the way difficult.

Nice autumn light, fresh and clean air.

Take seconds of life to find the sense of be alive.

Remember some moments of the past with the view of the present.

Time passed for everybody, new ones show you a different way of life with a open mind of the first experience.

The fight of the past, doesn’t care now, you don’t think that you lost anything. Maybe is good to dream, but time shows that is too late, time is over.

A good memories to sleep well thinking all the best of every experience. You get older and specially with more knowledge about life.

Please come back…


Millions of person in this planet, this is a big problem. Is not easy play to be god, but the resources aren’t unlimited. We can be more, but not at the way that we would like to live.

Maybe is better, unreal though to be a equal planet. Any problems of food, living in places where we can survive without depending from outside.
I don’t like a world where some people just survive but in the other hand people that have food to the rubbish.

I know that is a very difficult write about. I haven’t all the answers, and my opinion isn’t the best. The only that I’m sure that we have a big problem, and people more dangerous than me think very bad about that.

The earth also talk about, we are just another specie to extinction.

I think about this a lot, long time ago, even before to be father. Life sometimes brings you to a way that you can plan. Years passed fast, now I’m 40 years old, in the middle of the life.

There is space to live, even the urban world won the match, people need services.

I’m tired but relaxed to work in places with less people, even I know they are real factories to feed the big cities.

Slow driving

My job requires drive by rural ways, sometimes mud, rocks, trees. At night is complicate, better be careful at all the points.

This is my point of view
Is easy to fall down the brigde. Narrow, you should try to put the truck in front of the pass, but needs patience.

This is one of the worst places to arrive at the farm. The pictures was the second time, the first was dark, a little bit more complicated.

A good machine helps a lot…

This was the typical configuration of heavy truck until late 80’s in Spain

The European laws reduced the maximum weight for this type of trucks, then trailer win.

The maximum length of this truck are 12 meter, this that I drive is more than 11 meters.

Empty have a weight of 14800 kilograms, the engine is powerful with 500hp. The maximum speed limited is 90 kilometers/ hour.

Automatic Gearbox of 12 speeds, but is posible to use manual. Different program of driving.

This configuration is used for hard works…

Tomorrow more highway and kilometers, this make me enjoy with this variety of routes.

I’m happy with this new work, another experience. Work with animals, needs to be patience in a world where everybody want everything fast. When I drive the truck I feel free. I love drive, after 17 years of profesional driver, I still enjoy.

More time to sleep

I get up early, the day gets too long and is better sleep a little in the middle if you can. I discover with the anxiety to sleep sometimes during the day, reduces the stress of think too much.

Autumn warm, I don’t like, but I can’t do nothing, not but for the body, less clothes at the morning, summer at midday.
Enjoy everyday, because could the last one. Today never come back, you can remember like a good day or add to the bad days of your life. Maybe if you just remember the bad, is posible to think that your life is a disaster, but don’t worry you just have one here…

Look for this, but think that is just a moment with a perfect light Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
Look positive and maybe you find yourself

I don’t see lot of faces now, I can’t know the feelings of the people, but the face normally say a lot. Walk and see people crying, something normal, but they know that most people don’t care. We look to the screen or just have enough with our problems.

I used too look a lot of people and I do my own idea of the general feeling, but maybe I’m happier without that. Maybe now I can think more about myself.

The rural way

Farms, roads and pigs are my routine now. I need to learn a lot, but I feel ready to do it…

The next week alone in the truck always, a piece of liberty in this system.