Mother day

First Sunday of May is the mother’s day in Spain. I visited yesterday, at the end everyday is important to be proud of your mother and give the best gift and lot of love.

My mum

I was a little bit ill yesterday, after days with cough, bronquitis like my son appears. I always use medicine for my asma, then I have experience. Today I was better, then I can do more activities.

Run before the rain

This afternoon was stormy, less than Monday but very happy to see how the nature recover the green.

This weekend I also play to Gt7 where I enjoy the scapes to take picture with my personal cars. Is amazing the real that images can be. I published in Instagram and people think about was real.


Amazing to share this pictures and cheaper than have this amazing cars. The virtual world is better everyday, of course always is better be there, but is a good option for people that always want to see places, change landscape. This things are the best that we can enjoy in this crazy world.

Tomorrow Monday, come back to the routine, nice landscape for tomorrow and lot of kilometers.

Nothing to celebrate

Today is the world day of meteorology, but in this bad March, warm and very dry is difficult to enjoy. The draught is very hard, April should rain a lot to avoid important problems of water and fire this summer.

I trust in my favorite month April, I hope bring changes, rain is the important now, I don’t care about people complaining in easter. We live in a real planet, isn’t a scenery, the caos bring the equilibrium of the life.

True world

Tomorrow I can enjoy a free day, after come back one day before my holiday, not bad at all.

Sun start to be strong, summer timetable come this weekend, the nightmare of a long summer come to my mind.

Green fields are the best of this time of the year
Better look at distance

Vuelta de reconocimiento

Esta mañana ya hemos dado una buena vuelta, un poco de aventura muy agradable. Terreno no demasiado difícil, pistas con muros de piedra seca con vacas y toros alrededor. Dehesa y praderas, paisaje bastante verde y atractivo en un día que intento llover.

Bastante verde

Un pueblo muy tranquilo, la verdad me sorprende al estar tan cerca de Madrid. No me he encontrado a nadie en toda la ruta. Agua en zonas de prados, toda una sorpresa con lo mal que vamos de agua.

Muchos muros de piedra
Bastante agua en algunas zonas

Intentaremos un poco de visita de pueblos esta tarde. Hemos comido barbacoa, con buena temperatura y algo de viento.

La vista desde la habitación

Unos minutos de relax, para continuar la aventura.


No estamos tan mal

Fin de semana de control de la presión sanguínea, un par de valores altos me hicieron alertarme. Falsa alarma el fin de semana en condiciones normales todo a la perfección.

Mentalizado para el final del invierno y los primeros calores a la vista. El sol ya se nota mucho más potente, pero esperemos que en unos días llueva y Abril se despierte espléndido y demuestre que el verano llega poco a poco. Es mi mes preferido Abril, el estallido de naturaleza, ahora estamos en plena transición, paisaje invernal con indicios de Primavera.

Paisajes del fin de semana

5 meses ya llevo en mi nuevo trabajo, pasa el tiempo, rutinas ya más controladas, aunque madrugar siempre requiere un poco de esfuerzo.

Amanecer que llega antes, menos ratos de conducción nocturna

Disfrutando de jornadas de natación, todo el cuerpo más relajado para descansar bien. Todos son rutinas que se solapan, si encajan bien mucho mejor.

Seguimos corriendo, me siento pesado pero a ritmo de tractorcito caen los kilómetros

Una entrada llena de esperanza, sin quedarse en el lado negro de la vida. Sin profundas reflexiones y conclusiones que acaban siendo conectadas y resumen un mundo controlado por el sistema.

Un domingo lleno de carreras de las buenas

Ready for the next week

Sunday, cold now but should be another warm day. Get up slow to think well where I can go.

Two jobs in the same week, big change with only Wednesday to be ready to learn a new job.

I don’t think too much, better to enjoy the new experience, open minded to new things. The farms probably use more laws than some factories. I’m happy to forget the traffic jams, but I know that drive with animals should be more precise driving.

A new job with less changes during the day, just prepare the route well and be patient with the rest of the day. Nobody will call to change my day, I feel is better for my mind.

Big area to work, to discover places that normally don’t care, out of the village. Nature factories, full of life.

Sometimes isn’t far away a paradise
Relax weekend

I’m hungry, my breakfast is waiting. I haven’t any plan for today, sometimes is better forget the free time.

Next weekend, I’m sure that I can write more interesting things, new experiences bring lot of ideas.

My friend

Weekend to live

Working from Monday to Friday, the weekend helps to feel that you have a life.

Autumn finally is near, too warm this month.

Today I did a little bit of nature adventure, so difficult to run, any clear way, even was clear in the map. Forest and the river, not clear but safe with my best friend. Rex know very well to find the way to come back to the car.

Lost in the jungle
No fear…

Strange place, a church closed to arrive walking, the main track imposible to find. The forest like a Netflix movie, maybe I can go to 1985…

It isn’t 1985, but looks a nice place, anybody there…

After the excursion I eat well and rest a little to recover.

Another excursion this afternoon with Rex.

Nice park to play with children

Easier way to walk…

Nice quiet Saturday, time with my family. Rex needs lot of activity, and nature is perfect to forget the stress of the week. I’m lucky to live in a place where the nature is quite interesting, green paradise.

Maps online helps to discover places, when you get up is easier to go where you want. Discover new places to walk or run.

Now is time to survive

I don’t like too much Christmas time, now even more strange. There is only one thing in this society, I feel like if everybody is talking at the same time.

Like the last year, with more things to separate people.

Should be happy at Christmas, but during lot of years the work and now a virus make not I would like.

I remember some nice Christmas, like in 2019 with nice conversation with my grandmother.
I know that best days normally aren’t prepared.

I’m not a man of big events, places with lot of people. I like control all the situation, see all the faces and be in all the conversation, forget the watch and enjoy this short magic days.

Wendy always bring peace to me
Is nice see old friends

The light is coming, the darkness loss again…

Tired, then change a number is a good reason to start the third season.

We are in the same boat with water inside, some people try this cold water in the lower floor, but also some people never believe that a big ship can’t loss against the sea.

No way home

Walking somewhere over the valley

Despite sometimes you aren’t in highest point the view is better than in the top, everything look small, but still is posible to see some details.

Very close, view of Drones

I walk to find places to remember, forget bad things and dream with the eyes open. The freedom of walk alone in the nature, looking in the map for a good navigation.

Places that need to enjoy slowly, the time stops and you see a clear easy future

New place, the best thing to feel alive.

The perfect light in a perfect track

Talk about hiking or just a little thinking around your mind.

Clear track in a cloudy rain before the rain
The views on the top of my last adventure. Always thing the next, never be without projects, future without any clear day, just someday.

I would like to do this adventure, could be easier or maybe to complexe, but sometimes dreams come true. Life is too short to be blocked without any idea to scape, always free. Run away and feel the adrenaline of get lost…

Discover new places

The last weekend I was in Castello, a region that I didn’t visit, just the coast and by the highway. Very interesting place and a great discover for me.

Just enjoy the river from inside

Montanejos is a termal village. The temperature of the river is warmer than should be, it makes very comfortable to swim inside the river. I did more than 200 meters up to the river in the canyon.

During this weekend I also enjoy the largest green track of Spain. It was an old train from the port to the minery area, now a paradise to go with bike. Tunnels and trees around, remember the past of the track. The new track sometimes is very close and is posible to see the train.

The new from the old one
Tunnel with light and water inside

The landscape is nice with mountains and lot of trees.

The bridge cross a dry river, quite normal in this region of irregular rain

Mediterranean rivers are very dangerous, from nothing to a floats. The dry rivers are the most dangerous, because there aren’t trees to stop the water.

Olive oil, wine are the typical products of theses area, also good almond. Most dry cultive, even is water in the area, the temperatures are more extreme than in the coast. Orange, lemon prefer areas were freezing temperatures are inusual, not inland where every winter is below zero at nights.

Mediterranean landscape inland. Almond, olive and wine
Also jump in the river is posible