Yesterday I did trail running with rain, sometimes is nice to see the nature with the magic sound of the rain.

A long way of 17 kilometers

I went to Sant Miquel del Fai, now is closed because they are doing some work to improve. Now is a public place, with falls, a church, caves. I arrived running and see from the cliffs after the rain, was amazing, sun, rainbow, fog…

Cingles de Berti now is very green in this rainy 2020.
A house in the middle of a very nice forest. The Cingles had a important fire in 1994, then parts of the mountain are recovering with Mediterranean trees, not in this picture that is like was all before the fire.
The waterfall of the Tenes river. Sant Miquel del Fai is going to open again after the reform, like a public familiar placer that used to be. I went sometimes with my parents.
The Brigde to enter in the park
The valley of the Tenes river
After the rain, appears the fog, but still is posible see the waterfall
The rainbow in the area where the fire was more important
A sunny evening. June give very long days, with this temperature is perfect to enjoy
This view is amazing, I always take pictures from there.

Virtual travel

Today I haven’t pictures to continue my project of the Spanish landscape.
After more than one month without leaving my own village starts to see like a dream travel anywhere.

The world will need time to move free to enjoy the different landscapes and culture.

We have internet to know lot of things and have a full virtual life at home. Webcam to have videoconferencing, but even the quality is good, you lost a natural conversation.
I like to talk people everywhere, any moment could be perfect. Look at the eyes, see the facial expression that says more than the rest of the conversation. I don’t feel the same in videoconferencing, maybe is good to talk with people that you know well, but to meet new people…

We are coming back to past, everybody moving around home. International travelers in 2020 is really a dream.
The good thing is the quality of the air and the sound of the birds in the city. This is just temporal, people is still here, at home but still alive.

The fog can make disappear the house…

I don’t want to talk about politicians, but I read strange things about this situation, not all could be wrong. There are lot of interests, we are just numbers playing in a game. It’s hard to say this, the easier is don’t think about and just live. The problem is that now is most of the countries persona are limited to do it.

Walk in streets like in a film, we don’t need Netflix, the end of the world is outside. People looking all your movement, Fear is in the streets. People is starting to have mental problems. In Spain isn’t allowed to walk in the nature and do it in the city is very strange.

Any hug, kisses, social distance in strange times. A virus with a strange history, is difficult don’t in conspiracy. The global world arrived, but know closed and looking strange everybody.

The future isn’t clear

2020 will be remember during lot of years, we are living our war against the system. Strong control is easier in a global world, at the end we are just human. Maybe the earth or the Universe show us that we aren’t the boss.

I hope enjoy the nature and survive to see the new system…

In the forest I feel that I’m alive

Today in english

Stone table sight view

First of all, sorry for my english. I use to speak almost every day, but write long time ago, when I was an english student.

I will try to do some post in english, although talk about how I feel in English is complicate for me. 2019 was a year that brings lot of changes in my life. Now I have 2 sons, this is a big change. But the most difficult change is my job, after 13 years working for my self, have a boss isn’t easy. I have problems of ansiety, now for first time of my life I take some medicine. The effects and the beginning you can feel worst, later your body needs like a drug.
The best thing that I find to improve was write during the worst day. I did a personal notebook with all the feelings day to day. After lot of pages I decided to do a blog, maybe I can help people that is a similar situation. Also I talk about meteorology, my favorite hobbie.

In this world there are lot of mental problems, the main cause is the stress, it doesn’t matter where are you leaving, in this global world you can feel everywhere, internet, tv, movies show you. The main problem is that a normal problem sometimes is not very easy find answers, people don’t talk too much about. People don’t one to understand, and the true is that everyone can have a bad time.

Medicine helps, but also brings lot of problems, you need to change. Come back to the way sometimes is difficult, when your brain is like in a foggy day…

Be patient, enjoy the things that you like, don’t think too much at the beginning, you need to be alone with yourself, but be all the time could be dangerous. Family and friends are important, but the most important is that they understand you. Talk about, open your heart, trust in your self, you still have the control… If you don’t believe that you have a problem, people don’t take like a serious thing, your problem stay with you and gets bigger. During the bad days you will discover the people that want to help and really love you. People just look about your money, and just say that you are well without listen all your feelings, maybe aren’t good for you. A friend for a party isn’t really a friend. When your mind gets black, everything is dark, life haven’t any sense, are you asking why you want to life, look for somebody that you can trust, cry and talk about the things that you are very worried. To be bad you don’t need to have a big problems, just lot of smalls things that you keep deep inside, for a long time, the appear one day…

Your mind gets dark