Tomorrow again

First day after holiday is hard. I’m tired to follow a crazy routine, but there isn’t any exit.

Stupid crazy world with the timetable everywhere, the magic blood of the money and the power.

Nice to be in a society to have enemies and feel alone where is people everywhere.

Life is short, maybe because we wait always something. Now I’m waiting the rain, is here and I feel better.

The train of your life…

Enjoy small things like sleep well. Dreams where everything is posible, and every night is different.

The end, when nothing cares is normal to be afraid, but enjoy your trip. Look at the window, talk, smile, there isn’t any stop.

The life with colors is better

Too fast, too many things to do, but lot of time to get your piece of meat and to pay the quiet life of the power.

Lot of years, but not free to choose, the luck to be in the good place.

Breathe deep, forget everything, sleep and tomorrow the trip continue, maybe is your last stop…

I need to be more like Rex

Fast changes

Today I started a new job. Again on the road, learning to be another piece in the system.
First day could be bad, even the second worst, but the main thing is know that you try to do it. Now I’m prepared for disasters, I go step by step. I don’t care tomorrow in a job, future isn’t clear, the only important is just be there.

I need my freedom and I decide my way to do the things. Nobody can changes my way to see the life and enjoy day by day. I need to have positive feelings everyday.

Live without fear of do it bad, always there’s somebody worst

Following my own way

I will try to continue writing in this blog, because is also a way to feel my freedom to explain my thoughts without filters.

The blog is a way to relax and take positive things of everyday.

Rex just want to stay with me. Lot of ours without me is hard…

Sleep well is the most important and I learned to forget the day and be totally free in my dreams. This is very easy to say but lot of but nights to learn.
I learn that the beginning is never easy and sometimes bad. I can survive because isn’t the first time. Hard situation after lot of years doing the things like I wanted. I always need to feel that I control the times.

Water go down but I can stay there feeling the power of the river