Spring stay here

After days with thunderstorms, I can enjoy the landscape, still with comfortable temperatures, last year was very warm at this moment. Severe draught that is still alive but with a big pause, summer arrive always.

Clouds that bring showers

I breathe better and life looks nicer, also happy because tomorrow is Thursday, weekend should be nice with the family in the coast.

I’m tired to wash almost everyday, one of the worst things of my job, but with the change of truck is like this, the only positive is the refrigerator. Lot of short trips, I prefer more road, but not bad to know new places.

Narrow bridge in my route

Summer is near, the light is long, for me the best of the beginning of the warmest period. Probably this summer should be very different from the last one, even I know can be with us until October.

Go to the first farm like this is a pleasure

In one month, 2 weeks of holiday for me, really I need it, because now I have some stability, but still don’t think too much in the future.

OMS again talking about another pandemic, of course more mortal, should be prepared in the laboratory. Then just enjoy today, tomorrow could be another movie this crazy world. In some years, we will be happy to eat insects, the nice stupid human that wants to be more until his end. The only real problem is that always the power of the money is behind.

I never seen like this in the end of May…

People that don’t believe the oficial movie should be patience with the fear that people have to the real human. They treat like crazy, every day more. More information, easier to make a controlled thoughts. The artificial intelligence will help to think less, perfect to have a weak society. Sometimes the truth isn’t in the books, tv, internet, radio, just you can see with your eyes if you open your mind and observe around you.

Time give lot of answers, is normal don’t trust in all the things that you listen. Sunday local elections, the future looks nice now, all the faces are nice, everybody want the power. In a village you can see how it works at the street. I know that are people with lot of interesting ideas, but the question is if they can change the movie. My uncle say that you can’t do and omelette if you don’t break eggs.

All the things I want to do

I want to do of things, but less than a few years ago, maybe because I did very important one. Time isn’t unlimited, with the years is normal feel the fast that time goes.

Lot of places to go, but there isn’t time or money enough. Travel is nice, but you should come back. The routine of hard work and all the things that also do at home.

Things that you simply know that are to complicated to do. The legs are tired, the brain, too heavy body, knees hurt. You should choose well the adventures to come back with any injuries. I remember my energy with less weight and all the days in the gym or running. Now even I run, I feel that I am strong but with another speed, and the brain is better than the body.

I’m happy with closer adventures

I want to travel around Europe again, my dream is go to Scandinavia. The north cape could be a good destination, drive isn’t a problem, the money is the real limit.

I prefer colder places, summer is too long and I hate it. I’m sorry but don’t wait for me in tropical places, but probably with more time I would to try the experience one in my life. The same with the desert.

The severe draught, bring the desert near…

Adventure in the water I don’t like too much, the waves make feel bad my stomach. Better plane, and mountain and different cultures to discover.

I’m not very interest in learn new ways to move or new things to do, I’m happy to have time to enjoy all the things I like.

I work driving, but I enjoy, is my favorite way to move to discover well a place. I like trains, specially when are in amazing places. I like to walk in the nature, my favorite way to move inside the forest. The food is important, but the place even more, I’m happy just with pasta in my dishes. Try desserts where I go is other passion. I don’t drink alcohol, coffee, then bars aren’t not the main thing in my route. I can sleep in a comfortable tent, I don’t need luxe to sleep. In warmer weather I always use cold water. I like take a bath in cold rivers.

The adventures now are with Rex

Life goes fast but when you look back, is true that you did lot of small things than bring your big live. Days to look the past, also others to plan the future, and of course try to enjoy the moment, event sometimes are just a few minutes.

Enjoy how the next generation learn

Nothing to celebrate

Today is the world day of meteorology, but in this bad March, warm and very dry is difficult to enjoy. The draught is very hard, April should rain a lot to avoid important problems of water and fire this summer.

I trust in my favorite month April, I hope bring changes, rain is the important now, I don’t care about people complaining in easter. We live in a real planet, isn’t a scenery, the caos bring the equilibrium of the life.

True world

Tomorrow I can enjoy a free day, after come back one day before my holiday, not bad at all.

Sun start to be strong, summer timetable come this weekend, the nightmare of a long summer come to my mind.

Green fields are the best of this time of the year
Better look at distance

Absurdo festivo en Domingo

Hoy es fiesta en Catalunya, un Domingo cualquiera de este agónico verano.

Mañana otra vez a trabajar, para ser cada vez más pobres. Crisis siempre para el trabajador que va para atrás hace años, encima ahora convertido en un problema global.

Emergencia climática y crisis energética, pero el sistema no puede parar, mucha etiqueta para seguir dependiendo del petróleo, ahora que el gas tiene su guerra estratégica.

Es difícil sobrevivir contento a todo esto, si lo consigues realmente es porque consigues aislarte bien, no escuchas el ruido, te haces ciego y sordo, francamente enhorabuena. Si estás muy arriba te salvas siempre y si ya estás en el suelo, te acostumbras y puedes ver cómo van cayendo mirando para arriba.

A pesar de todo hay muchas cosas buenas para disfrutar de este mundo, pero cada vez con más ruido y miedos que apagan las ganas de luchar por algo mejor de la sociedad.

No todo es agua limpia y paisaje idílico

Banderas para unir, aunque particularmente divide más que une. Un mundo que presume de no tener fronteras y ser libre, pero lleno de barreras y prejuicios que no dejan pasar pagina. La historia se repite, los mismos cafres de siempre, ahora con más información disponible, pero siempre leyendo entre líneas la historia para que encaje a su antojo.

Grandes horizontes que observar que no estamos tan lejos en línea recta.

Disfruta lo que puedas, no queda otra, pues los problemas y preocupaciones vienen solas. Miedo social, para un control cada vez más preciso. Una opinión social de que sólo hay un camino. Ese camino marcado, siempre es el mejor, no lo abandones porque nunca caminarás solo, aunque este te lleve al final…

La madre Tierra sigue su propio camino, nosotros cada vez nos separamos más de ella…

Numbers to be quiet

The magic of numbers and dates to look for a reason to understand the things happened in your life.

Dates are numbers, repeat every once year, if you think that everything isn’t casual, just think about. Probably you are happier with and answer to questions that there isn’t a clear answer.

Time never stop but is real, the planet move fast around the sun and we are inside quiet with any feeling of speed, we look that sun moves. The perspective of life could be similar to the planet, you can feel stop looking what is happening around, or maybe you move thinking that all around move with you.

The landscape change every day to show how the time never stop

Good luck or bad to explain why things happened, answers for questions that even you haven’t clear that are in your mind.

Connect all your life helps to feel that you have the control, you’re the boss of your life. You can stop and put the pause, but your control needs battery. You follow the movie of your life, your role can be very important or just a secondary actor, but the film never ends. Love, horror, porn, story, game, adventure… The movie is everything sometimes you’re the start and you have the power to decide your role with the director, but at the end there is lot of pressure from the producers. Always somebody control you, but the boss is the time.

Nice scenery

Today I’m very deep after a job interview, waiting for and answer for the next step. I feel the moment and I liked, I believe that is my moment, time to change to fight against the black role that I have been during a long time.

My producers thing about this new role


Last month of the year, time to start to think about all the things happened.
Human are strong and even in strange situation we survive with lot of questions to answer but a main sentence for life, forever carry on…

2020 when the future start, all the social projects of a new society are here. Lot of revolutions in the world, the economy needs a stop, to restart in a new way. This year we saw very clear, but always society needs evolution, changes aren’t after you see back and discover all the steps you did.

With lot of control but we are alive and we need to feel it…

Now I find a good balance after months lost in the jungle. Out from the fog and the trees the way is more clear. I know some steps will be harder, but always better if you can see the next clear enough to advance or come back safe.

Learning from each other, share and enjoy together…

Future is never clear, the good thing is that you can change your point of view. Maybe isn’t posible to change your destiny, but you can understand in a different way.

The way

Come back

Monday could my first day in a new job, after a few months.

I’ll try ti write, but it’s posible that I can’t do it everyday. I will miss the relax moments of writing.

New job, new places is good to have new ideas. Like always when you start in a new place you’re the debutant that anybody now, new role.
I like have a good start makes everything easier. I don’t want to think about, because this is my problem, I need to think in other things to forget, my obsessive mind is better think in different things. A few time to adaptation and enjoy the new life.

New routine that is necessary to control well to work quiet like a robot, is my way to enjoy the job and everything.

There isn’t a clear way but I follow the water

Next week in English I can explain more things, maybe the first day of the new job.

I’m ready to pass the exam to come back to the way, forget the past and build a new future.

A new start like every single day

Viviendo el presente

Ahora más que nunca intento vivir el día a día. El futuro es más incierto que nunca, tanto que asomarse a él asusta.

Buscar refugio para sentirse protegido y seguro.

Cada uno sabe donde puede encontrar ese refugio

Hay quien necesita el murmullo y la multitud, aunque ahora no es lo más popular, después de este aislamiento social, con el miedo a repetir de nuevo en Otoño.

A mi ya me está bien el aislamiento, no soy de grandes multitudes, puedo conversar con cualquier persona que crucé por mi camino. Lo que menos me gusta es que te limiten el movimiento, el sentirte observado y juzgado más de la cuenta. Esa sensación de estar enjaulado no la soporto, me gusta decidir cuándo necesito mi momento de encierro, pero no por imposición.

Medidas que se justifican, pero las excusas son diferentes con el paso de los días y siempre predominando un estado de tensión y miedo. Sus consecuencias estoy seguro que saldrán a flote en las próximas semanas, los traumas salen cuando ya han pasado. El instinto de supervivencia nos hace salir adelante, pero una vez sales y te paras a pensar todo lo vivido, miras hacia atrás y te asustas, ese miedo te bloquea y ya no puedes continuar.

No puedes remontar contracorriente, es muy fuerte y te arrastra

Felicidad al sentir un poco de libertad, porque valoras lo que has perdido durante un tiempo y el miedo a volver a perderla de nuevo.

Situaciones en que siempre te quieren hacer sentir como el protagonista para sentirse culpable, cuando simplemente tú no pudiste dar tu opinión jamás, el río te arrastro sin más, ahora te culpan del camino elegido.

Te encuentras atrapado entre la multitud

En fin reflexiones de un día cualquiera sin hablar de nada en concreto pero que puede servir para muchos momentos.

De dónde vienes y hacia dónde vas, cuando no tienes respuestas a esas preguntas, seguramente estas perdido, pero si encima no eres el único pues es fácil tener miedo.

Come back to the nature

After the look down of the cities, maybe lot of people want to leave it.

It’s a good opportunity to have a better of distribution of the population.

Until now people live in the city for the services. Now without shop, online shopping is getting more popular, without pubs, restaurants, theaters, cinemas… The parks closed, beach where is forbidden take a bath.

I’m living in a village 10 years ago. I leave the metropolitan are of Barcelona 12 years ago. 1 year without working in the city, only my parents are the connection with the city, for the rest I don’t need.

I love the mountain, my quality of life is walk, run in the forest.

My father lived in this house in Extremadura. Always talks with nostalgic of the birds there.
Now is just another field, with a destroyed house.
The grandfather of my father plant this trees 70 years ago. Eucalyptus was very popular in Spain, even isn’t the best tree.

My parents came to the city looking for a better life, now I think world is going to change. The only thing that you need is a good connection to internet. The services will come back with the people. Spain needs to conserve nice village, but they need people. The new countryside where isn’t necessary work the earth like a profesional.

The forest is increasing every year. The fields in the mountain are now forest, you can see walls in the middle of the forest to show how was the past.

We have better forest around the village than in the past. People work in different activities…
Just a few hours to have like this…
The forest is hidden some parts of the past.
Here one hundred years ago less trees and fields in stairs.