Here comes the rain

Still very dry in Centelles, but today try to rain. I was working in a rainy day a few kilometers to the south.

Diesel is coming expensive, I’m sure this will bring lot of problems. After 2 years of Covid, now is past, people just want to live, but the 20’s are a nightmare. You are lucky to survive, after listen doctors, no we see the blood of the war.

Just breathe

I feel bad, tired, sometimes without energy. The fog come again in my brain. Strange feelings that now I can control better.

Automatic pilot works well after 9 months in the same job. Sometimes problems come alone, but my stress is about control.

I do a big effort to stay in the correct way, but I know that just in minutes this can change.

The future is black, the present is work to be in the way, the fight is inside.

Somebody who helps to be here

Here I feel comfortable to write about my thoughts, even sometimes are deep and not easy to explain how you really feel.

I like write, I feel better when I finished. I take out weight of the things that you can see.

Thanks to everybody that spend time reading this blog.

Cloudy skies

Inside the fog

Walk in the fog could be pleasant, relax for your brain after a few minutes outside. Things look different until you aren’t very close. Same way is more difficult to follow, everything is there but you just fight against a white landscape, your brain should be strong to win.

Newfoundland in Canada is the place with more fog in the world, some areas with more than 200 days of fog. But also you can feel the same in your mind living in the most sunny days…

Fog helps to make green desert areas in the tropical latitude with cold water around. Canary islands, Peru are examples.

Fog from your home could be peaceful to read or concentrate in a creative activity. Fog makes that you don’t see to far away.

Flat area, countryside without trees, normally amazing views…
Inside the forest looks less fog

Fog to have a short view and forget lot of things that you don’t want to see. Find out inside your brain is the hardest when you are alone, quiet but you can’t stop your thoughts easily.

Choose the correct option, be patience sun is up…

Fog is just water the basic element, but sometimes the basic things are the most complicated to change.

Enjoy the silence, fog will be out sometime…

The magic light of the sun after pass millions of particles of water. Saturated of humidity, special shadow, some strange light effects are posible when the sun try to enter in the fog wall.

Slow is the only option to control the next step and survive in the fog…

Don’t be afraid…

Time goes to fast, sometimes you feel that somebody eats your time. Fast everywhere to do more things, always think in the next step…

Never stop, don’t think too much, just do it!

You can change the world, but maybe you can be better in you own world, with your rules.

Look inside if you don’t like outside, rest in your comfortable cave in front of the fire. Maybe you need something but you think that isn’t the moment.

Sometimes we forget our feelings…

Autumn is good time to do a balance, less light give changes to your mind, better accept like any animal or plant.

I’m happy to live in 4 station area, you feel the changes, only you need to learn to enjoy it.

Find your refuge

The power of your mind

During this strange time, sometimes your mind is the best way to travel away from the reality.

Remember the past with the distance of the time. Enjoy and discover new places in your own village.

Look for new places

Summer is very near, time to enjoy slowly. We are in the time of the light, with lot of water and very green landscape.
Summer is hard for me, I don’t feel well with warm temperatures. Now is the time to train to survive to the summer. In the shadow or in the water summer is perfect, but if you like to run is a little bit hard. Some people love the heat, also they spend very bad in winter, even our winter isn’t cold, just a little for the Mediterranean standard.
The real winter is in the east of Europe or in the Usa. In our latitude we are the warmest area in winter. I’m a weather fan, I would to have a real winter.
We have the Mediterranean breeze that in our region is quite important, I live 45 kilometers from the sea and everyday is arriving in time, natural wind. The difference of temperature between the earth and the water of the Mediterranean blows following the river.

May the landscape is amazing

The Mediterranean Pyrenees are very stormy in summer time, normally they move to the south, some years arrive to my village and I enjoy a lot looking always to the north. 2014 was the most stormy summer since I live here, sunny mornings and afternoon storms helps to sleep better. After the storms normally the fog appears in the morning.

Summer skies that I enjoy

Today in english

Stone table sight view

First of all, sorry for my english. I use to speak almost every day, but write long time ago, when I was an english student.

I will try to do some post in english, although talk about how I feel in English is complicate for me. 2019 was a year that brings lot of changes in my life. Now I have 2 sons, this is a big change. But the most difficult change is my job, after 13 years working for my self, have a boss isn’t easy. I have problems of ansiety, now for first time of my life I take some medicine. The effects and the beginning you can feel worst, later your body needs like a drug.
The best thing that I find to improve was write during the worst day. I did a personal notebook with all the feelings day to day. After lot of pages I decided to do a blog, maybe I can help people that is a similar situation. Also I talk about meteorology, my favorite hobbie.

In this world there are lot of mental problems, the main cause is the stress, it doesn’t matter where are you leaving, in this global world you can feel everywhere, internet, tv, movies show you. The main problem is that a normal problem sometimes is not very easy find answers, people don’t talk too much about. People don’t one to understand, and the true is that everyone can have a bad time.

Medicine helps, but also brings lot of problems, you need to change. Come back to the way sometimes is difficult, when your brain is like in a foggy day…

Be patient, enjoy the things that you like, don’t think too much at the beginning, you need to be alone with yourself, but be all the time could be dangerous. Family and friends are important, but the most important is that they understand you. Talk about, open your heart, trust in your self, you still have the control… If you don’t believe that you have a problem, people don’t take like a serious thing, your problem stay with you and gets bigger. During the bad days you will discover the people that want to help and really love you. People just look about your money, and just say that you are well without listen all your feelings, maybe aren’t good for you. A friend for a party isn’t really a friend. When your mind gets black, everything is dark, life haven’t any sense, are you asking why you want to life, look for somebody that you can trust, cry and talk about the things that you are very worried. To be bad you don’t need to have a big problems, just lot of smalls things that you keep deep inside, for a long time, the appear one day…

Your mind gets dark