Today start the autumn, time of changes in the nature. Less light and lower temperatures, even in the Mediterranean still could be warm. Days of summer and also winter days.

The light of the autumn is very special in the forest, the shadows start to win in lot of valleys.
The truth is that we haven’t a real winter in most parts of Spain, just freezing nights. We lose the hard winter, our winter is late autumn of the cold areas.

Fog is quite normal after the rain in autumn

This weekend will be cold for September, waiting to do a record in my station, the lower temperature is 6,2°, maybe could a little bit lower. But I know that maybe in a few days again warm days with 25°. Very extreme time and the light, every shorter until December. First cold with the body still adapted to the summer.

Thunderstorms and green grass before the freezing nights
Waiting for this magic colors in the forest

Autumn is good time for pictures, the changes in the nature, first in the Pyrenees, the coast waiting until November… In the north of Europe of course is more extreme the light, but if you go to the tropics the changes are less important. The posible light is the same in all the points of the earth, the distribution is quite diferent.