Nice weekend

Weather forecast shows autumn weather this weekend, after warm days very humid is the best.

I’m a weather fan and is very important the temperature and atmospheric changes, I need to change my mind.

I like changes, without moving they arrive and change everything, different air, light…

When you get tired, the routine win the battle, nothing better than a weather change to show that the world should be very different.

Blue sky, vey warm water

All the bad things end like the good, sometimes we live to intensely.

I know that isn’t easy to see like this when you have the problems just with you, from outside always is posible to see more. Sometimes a voice can help to show that this isn’t your battle, keep away, stay safe…

People that can help just when they are near, they give you energy and see the things more clear with distance. This persons are special, look after them, help when they need.

Find your refugee

Deep feelings aren’t easy to share, sometimes the words don’t show all your universe

Look for signals that help to show your way