My natural landscape

The natural region for today

I believe in natural regions, better to talk that the administrative regions. In Catalunya the comarques are sometimes naturals, and will help for this work.

The Northeast of Catalunya is very touristic area. Costa Brava is one of the best coast of the Western Mediterranean. The mountain is close to the beach, lot of rocks in this coast. Even now is posible find quite wild places in the coast. The best option to know well the coast is with a boat. If you like walk, you can use camins de ronda, follows all the coast.

Cami de Ronda

The wind is very strong in winter, specially in the are of Alt Empordà the rainfall is lower, and the landscape shows more rocks that trees. Cap de Creus the Eastern point of Peninsula is empty of trees for the strong wind of Tramuntana.

Cadaques very special place for Dali

Baix Empordà is more rainy area and with less wind. The last comarca of Costa Brava is la Selva, the mountain is close here, more rainfall, and very touristic cities like Lloret de Mar with Casino. My favorite village is Tossa de Mar, old town in the coast, nice beaches.

If you continue by the coast, this are we call Maresme coast. Is a comarca famous for the end of the summer thunderstorms. The main problem is that the rivers are streets, people park, and sometimes the cars appears in the beach.

Maresme coast

Following the coast is the capital, Barcelona. Very interesting city, with natural park in the same city. Collserola is perfect for mountain bike and trail running, of course isn’t very quiet because is very easy to arrive from the city.


The Vallès Occidental, Vallès oriental and Baix Llobregat there are very insustrial areas, but always have the mountain close. The litoral mountains, the Prelitoral depresion and the Prelitoral mountains. Prelitoral mountains are higher, the highest point is in Montseny, Turo de l’home with 1712 meters above the sea. Montserrat is very popular for the monestir and the climbing ways.

Winter in Montseny

The area from Montseny to the north is very rainy area, with the Transversal mountains and the mediterranean Pyrenees. Summer is the time with more rainfall, lot of afternoon thunderstorms. Morning are the best time to go on the highest mountains.

Rainfall in Catalunya
The Pyrenees
Nuria Valley

One of the best place to walk is Nuria, there are lote of mountains, is very easy to walk, in winter the problem is the wind. Sometimes is the Torb, strong wind with fresh snow that is very difficult to walk.

Girona with the Onyar river

Pedraforca the most famous mountain in Catalunya

Pedraforca is in the prepyrinees, in this area very similar to the Pyrenees In the other site of the mountain is the comarca of the Cerdanya. Very sunny valley, very cold, and less rainy than the neighbors Ripollès and Garrotxa.

One of the best landscape of Cerdanya

I will continue in another post. I know very well all this area and I have lot of nice pictures…

Font de l’Adou