Old times

Today I look very old pictures and some family documents.

Christmas time, bring lot of remembers. Winter, even without cold, with short days make very special to think and order thoughts.

My mother and my uncle in summer 19

In the summer of love, my mother move to the house that is still in the family. I lived with my wife a few months, my birthday’s celebration were there. Lot of Sunday there. I still like sit where is the picture to see the plants and relax.

My mother 54 years later in the same place

I will repeat the picture again with my uncle.

My uncle a student in 1966

I like look all pictures, specially from places that I know, I can imagine how was the life.

A a picture from 1927. The boy was my grandfather that I never meet, because he did with 50
My mother in early 50’s with her grandfather