The future

In 2 weeks our family will be bigger, Rex will be the new member.

Yesterday we visited in family

I feel like in a film with 13 puppies and 2 adults.

We aren’t looking to have a new member, but sometimes give you some positive gift.

I think will be good for me, the last weeks I am a little sad. Now I see a future, somebody that will wait everyday for me, my best friend.

Big family
Rex sleeping with me… He choose. I feel relaxed and very happy

I’m happy to know that he will be my new future partner of adventures.

Mushrooms, very nice but not very good to eat. Life is like them sometimes shows the nice face, but there is a dark face down
Puppies enjoy playing with another human baby
My old son also was very happy with the puppies

Very happy to know all the family, in two weeks come to our home.