Memories of Ireland

This picture isn’t digital, the quality is bad.
It was 18 years ago my last minutes in Ireland

During 2 weeks I stayed with a family with another student from Japan.

I was 19 years old and my first international trip alone. My first flight, new experience.

My bedroom during 2 weeks. With my weather station.

I was very thin because I like running like now. The family give me lot of food because they are a little bit worried.

I didn’t understand most of the words that the man of the house said to me, I was a little bit worried, but the wife tell me that he was from Northern Ireland and speak Gaelic.

First day in the school with other new students to learn English for foreigners. First of all dona test to know your level.

I did classes in the morning and in the afternoon, 26 hours for week. I used to eat something to lunch. In Spain is the main meal, but in Ireland the diner is early and main meal of the day. This timetable I like because is posible to have some free time after lunch.

I used to study, see the soccer, some films like Nothing Hill and of course go out to drink Guinness. Normally I don’t drink any alcohol, but in Ireland I used to drink a beer every day.

I visited the Guinness Museum with very good views of Dublin.

I went to the Temple bar a few evenings.

I was a young student in country that also change the coin one month ago. With euro coin was very easy to know the prices.
The way to the Dart station. The green of Dublin surprise me.

I was surprised with the weather program in the tv, how everything was so fast. Rain, wind, sun but less cold that I expected.

The coldest morning, below zero and the hills with snow

Lot of clouds but I remember 7 days without rain, not bad for Dublin in February and Early March. The last day, come back to the airport snowing.

My home was in Raheny, I bought a weekly pass, I can do it all the travels that was necessary.

Raheny from the North bull Island were I used to arrive running
During the weekend we took a bus to Wicklow.
I was surprised with the colors of some houses.
Traveling until the last station of Dart
Howth the last Dart station

After 2 weeks I learn lot of English, meet people from lot of countries.

It was a great experience and I did the same 5 years layer in Toronto.
I started to dream in English, the improvement was good specially the speaking. Since there I speak more fluently.