Taxi driver

During 13 years was my job, but 2 years I choose a big decision to leave my best job.

I think too much and I was afraid of the big changes of 2020, I wasn’t crazy, now I see…

Society change, the conversation, the feelings of the people in a city that was on the top in tourism.

I don’t like drive in the city, but as taxi driver my motivation was more social, meet people from everywhere, talk with lot of kind of persons.

I really feel more happy in a funny day talking with interesting people than the money I can earn.
This thinking is not very usual as taxi driver.

I liked to observe the city from the window, you can learn lot of things if you like observation. Listen to the people and have answers, opinions from the people help to do a radiography of the society.

Since 2009 the economy changed the people, but even people survive, really never come back to the same level before.

More political conversation, from internal problems of taxi and also National problems, start to make more empty conversation.

I started to be tired, the future isn’t clear. The city prepared changes to take the cars out from the city, but just doing narrow streets. Now Barcelona is a really worst city with lot of traffic jams, still too many cars and lot of work to do it.

My Skoda Rapid, the only new car I bought
This was my view when I used to walk every morning when I worked in the airport

Always I need the nature to survive, and with the taxi sometimes wasn’t easy, but I enjoy every minute…

I liked when the trips are long to come back with calm and discover places
I can write a book, like lot of customers said

Now I’m happy out of the big Barcelona, but I miss the good conversation, I hope one day I will find again a quiet track to walk…