Perdidos bajo la lluvia

La realidad muy poca lluvia, con el mapa topográfico descubriendo que el camino está imposible de seguir por la maleza, se busca alternativa y se disfruta de la aventura.

Me gusta correr por zonas nuevas, descubrir lugares nuevos, tranquilos, fuera de aglomeraciones de rutas típicas.

Con Rex es un buen seguro para no salir del camino, excelente rastreador, ágil e incansable.

El siempre encuentra la manera de regresar al coche y nunca me abandona.
Al final siempre sale una buena ruta si es circular
Un prado fácil de cruzar en el mapa, en la realidad demasiado transitado…

Tener un mapa topográfico en la palma de tu mano que te permite modificar la ruta fácilmente en cualquier lugar es verdaderamente un sueño de mis inicios de excursionista con mapas y brújulas.

Un pequeño vídeo al inicio de la ruta

Últimamente han subido las visualizaciones, así que por ello me anime ha grabar un poco de esta aventura.

El tiempo pasa rápido, ya tenemos otro año aquí y avanza firme, por lo menos esa es mi percepción. Todo va rápido, a pesar de que intento no pensar demasiado en el futuro, vivo el presente e intento centrarme en el momento para no caer en el agobio, aunque esta sociedad te reclama hacer demasiadas tareas a la vez.

Miedo de volver a caer en la rutina, preparado para vivir cambios, a pesar de estar contento con establecer ciertas rutinas que te hacen sentir tranquilo.

Mañana es la vuelta al colegio y eso implica una vuelta completa a las rutinas, en mi trabajo personalmente no cambia nada, pero sigo mirando el calendario, quizás demasiado pegado a esos periodos vacacionales clásicos, que hacen que aunque los pases trabajando, puedes vivir mañana como un cierto día de regreso.

Las nubes invitan a la reflexión y recogimiento personal

Without words

Last days I don’t write nothing, the weather is horrible, better don’t say anything. My job now is good for me, after the always complicated start.

At home, last days the flu visited my wife, still recovering, but now it doesn’t matter, the virus are a thing of the past. We enjoy everyday like the last one, the future isn’t clear, enjoy the moment, maybe tomorrow you can’t get up…

Modern society with a dirty mind, I don’t see a real evolution. Lot of times in the screen, lot of options, but sometimes easier to choose don’t think too much.

The simply way

Something is bad around me, I hope that 2023 brings solutions, even maybe is just a question of time, pass the storm. I can talk clear because even I don’t know why, maybe is just the moment. Thoughts come in the mind, because now I’m not talking about me. I prefer to write about my thoughts, but also what I live around affects me. I learn to think first in my own, the only way to keep here. I don’t forget the bad moments, full of questions and empty of answers. I learnt to live more the moment, dream less about the future and enjoy what I see.

See how the day starts, brings a clear mind

New age music make me feel relax before sleep, very important rest well to get up early and drive still at night.

Feel everyday you go to the limit, but happier without stress. Move around the map, make me happy, this is my real way of life. Basic things, when you are moving all the time.

Everyday is different

Lot of words, too many ideas, but not deep writing. Also a secret to bring emotion to 2023.

I hope to write before the end of the year, but I can’t, happy 2023 to all my readers, happy to be in the fourth season of this blog…

Maybe I’m ok

Long nights, short days sometimes the worst to work hard. The best is forger warm temperatures until March, even now never know.

Always routine appears, but I’m happy to be in a job that I can move a lot, discover places.

The winter is here, always waiting for the cold and the snow at, but rarely is enough for me.

Blue eyes look at me, be patient to move a stronger animal than me, always try to use the friendly way.

The last day in this farm, now is empty until next year.

Sleep well is important when you get up early. Drive at early morning is hard until the light start.

Days pass fast, even years, walk to anywhere. Life is just now, sometimes looks perfect and quiet, others the fog make the way difficult.

Nice autumn light, fresh and clean air.

Take seconds of life to find the sense of be alive.

Remember some moments of the past with the view of the present.

Time passed for everybody, new ones show you a different way of life with a open mind of the first experience.

The fight of the past, doesn’t care now, you don’t think that you lost anything. Maybe is good to dream, but time shows that is too late, time is over.

A good memories to sleep well thinking all the best of every experience. You get older and specially with more knowledge about life.

Please come back…

Here comes the rain

Still very dry in Centelles, but today try to rain. I was working in a rainy day a few kilometers to the south.

Diesel is coming expensive, I’m sure this will bring lot of problems. After 2 years of Covid, now is past, people just want to live, but the 20’s are a nightmare. You are lucky to survive, after listen doctors, no we see the blood of the war.

Just breathe

I feel bad, tired, sometimes without energy. The fog come again in my brain. Strange feelings that now I can control better.

Automatic pilot works well after 9 months in the same job. Sometimes problems come alone, but my stress is about control.

I do a big effort to stay in the correct way, but I know that just in minutes this can change.

The future is black, the present is work to be in the way, the fight is inside.

Somebody who helps to be here

Here I feel comfortable to write about my thoughts, even sometimes are deep and not easy to explain how you really feel.

I like write, I feel better when I finished. I take out weight of the things that you can see.

Thanks to everybody that spend time reading this blog.

Cloudy skies

Crazy stupid rules

New month, just another more in the calendar, but everybody needs everything right now…

Summer is over even is warm outside, people just look at the calendar and try autumn activities.

Everything about weather is happening is climate change, in the past everything was perfect. I’m ironic with this global world that buy bonus too the poor countries for produce more pollution.

Ecologic just a green color to feel that you are doing something. The business of the Eco companies, with stupid certified staff to be nicest company.

Global world just to be as same stupid people. Robots of the system too lazy to wake up….

We are happy to have in our hands all the information to get more confused and follow a virtual way that looks new, but we don’t Know the trolls that are behind.

We like play to be experts in everything. We can be doctors, later talk about international business. Very easy to follow the main opinion, always is better be in the biggest group.

People happy to have more laws, more control. Is funny when they use a private perfile in Instagram. The new police works free for the system.

After a hard work day I like to think about all the stupid things I saw.

I can’t be out of the system, even now I look a perfect person without time to think. But still the thinking is free, then your life is only a big show. Is funny when people say that dream your favorite job, of course I don’t dream any work, maybe is a nightmare. In my free time I prefer feel that I still can be myself.

Without filters, free just a short time

Now I work alone, I have a way but I decide how I feel it. False sense of liberty to survive to the hard real world.

I try to just worry for the real problems, nobody died, then Tomorrow will be another day. Everybody fall to learn to walk.

Forget the stupid movie of the 2.0 world, we are the same weak animal that believe that we are alone in the universe.

Follow the way, don’t look around…

The last man

Sometimes I think about to be alone in the world.
Movies and tv series give and idea how could be.

The hunters in Siberia can spend lot of months alone in the forest.

You should be a survivor, but things could be bad when you are ill. At the beginning could be funny, probably you need few hours out of the world, but later you would like to talk and share your experience.

Out of all the things that maybe make you worried. Forget the watch, just the sun, start to do what you really want. With food at the beginning seems very easy. Discover the world alone, empty of humans, silence, just nature sounds.

Without people, cities start to lost the feeling of be safe and full of services. The mountain changes less without human.

Anybody give you problems, maybe now you can discover what really afraid you…

Now you work for, if you want to eat or anything you should look for it.

The nature win without humans
Look for fresh water

Free of rules and out of a coin that give you everything. Come back to be the animal, be patient and use the energy to have the basic things.

Forget the medicines, again find in the nature.

For me is a way to feel free my mind. Think in this dream, make your own movie in your mind…

The caves use to be the best place to make your home, because most of the walls are natural…

Numbers to be quiet

The magic of numbers and dates to look for a reason to understand the things happened in your life.

Dates are numbers, repeat every once year, if you think that everything isn’t casual, just think about. Probably you are happier with and answer to questions that there isn’t a clear answer.

Time never stop but is real, the planet move fast around the sun and we are inside quiet with any feeling of speed, we look that sun moves. The perspective of life could be similar to the planet, you can feel stop looking what is happening around, or maybe you move thinking that all around move with you.

The landscape change every day to show how the time never stop

Good luck or bad to explain why things happened, answers for questions that even you haven’t clear that are in your mind.

Connect all your life helps to feel that you have the control, you’re the boss of your life. You can stop and put the pause, but your control needs battery. You follow the movie of your life, your role can be very important or just a secondary actor, but the film never ends. Love, horror, porn, story, game, adventure… The movie is everything sometimes you’re the start and you have the power to decide your role with the director, but at the end there is lot of pressure from the producers. Always somebody control you, but the boss is the time.

Nice scenery

Today I’m very deep after a job interview, waiting for and answer for the next step. I feel the moment and I liked, I believe that is my moment, time to change to fight against the black role that I have been during a long time.

My producers thing about this new role

Better alone

I like walk in the nature alone, despite could be dangerous is the best way to understand better your thoughts.

The fear of be with you, listen your opinions, your dark side with any filter.

Listen the birds, the water of the rivers, the wind and the words that you can’t tell anybody.
The heart needs lot of air and your body starts to feel full of oxygen. The drug of the nature, the only that your animal needs.

I feel safe here

When you walk hours without see nobody, your brain starts to know the really important things.

Bring a bag with all the things you need, survival adventure is to discover another feelings inside. I prefer the comfort to think outside without danger.

Pictures to remember good feelings in the nature

I need my drug, but I also love have services and slow conversation. Meet people wherever you go, open your mind to listen people.

Finally they have a friendly game relationship…

The truth is that now I’m not alone in my adventures, Rex comes with me.

Rest in the grass looking at the landscape is a real pleasure

April is perfect to stay in the nature, the explosion of life helps to feel better.

Sun is here

After a week with dust, fog and clouds, Today was sunny some hours. The air is cleaner, even in my village without rain, clouds are important around with posible rain. Tomorrow is posible to be below 0° again.

Blue sky is nicer than the dust of Sahara
The flowers look nice with sun

The light makes the colors stronger.
Waiting for sun in the Mediterranean is strange, we have lot of number of clear days, but the last weeks without sun and rain.

The cold air of early spring bring cloudy afternoon

I feel better, happier than the last week. Last year was our last normal week, later the virus stop the world.

After near one year, It’s still more strange. We know lot of new things that in a few days are totally different. The social control is higher and looks that the only solution is the vaccine. The business of the year, there is only one health problem, any flu or similar.

Lot of people talk like a doctor, some also are police of the neighborhood to control what are you doing.

This is a nightmare that never ends. We are afraid to die, but I think more to live.

We want to save the planet but we are afraid to die.
Climate change is problem, but we still continue with the same economic solution. New cars that are Ecological, but maybe are just money. The best option that is possible is do nothing, is the best way to safe energy.

We believe it that always is better be more, but maybe we need to learn to be less, do just the necessary.
The impossible isn’t because is expensive, time will say the real price.

I think too much in the last year, sometimes I would like to stop. I know that I can change the society, too difficult to know even the real opinion of people.

Anybody is perfect, behind a model for the society, sometimes could be a real monster.
We feel like the gods of this planet, we think that we can control everything. The earth is still alive and someday can show what happens when you play to be the judge.

same place looks totally new