Just a number

The end of the year is here. This year lot of people need a big change.

Everyday, every month, winter, spring, summer, autumn always the same, but never the same.

A day that you can see somebody after more than 20 years ago to think about all the things you did during this time. The person looks older than you remember in your mind. Time is the same for everybody, but your life in a world of no time.
Your dreams are full of people from all the time, long time ago can look as today.

Full moon make night clear to walk in the shadows…

Days to remember like if you can stop the time. Time for all, you see only your life.

Your place to stop to come back stronger

You only know one truth, there is only your version, sometimes is perfectly connected with other.

Yo can look from different point of view…


Last month of the year, time to start to think about all the things happened.
Human are strong and even in strange situation we survive with lot of questions to answer but a main sentence for life, forever carry on…

2020 when the future start, all the social projects of a new society are here. Lot of revolutions in the world, the economy needs a stop, to restart in a new way. This year we saw very clear, but always society needs evolution, changes aren’t after you see back and discover all the steps you did.

With lot of control but we are alive and we need to feel it…

Now I find a good balance after months lost in the jungle. Out from the fog and the trees the way is more clear. I know some steps will be harder, but always better if you can see the next clear enough to advance or come back safe.

Learning from each other, share and enjoy together…

Future is never clear, the good thing is that you can change your point of view. Maybe isn’t posible to change your destiny, but you can understand in a different way.

The way

Exit from the fog

My timetables are going to change, tomorrow I will start in a new job.

I need this change to travel everyday again, the road is my way to see the world. I like moving windows, look at the sky, talk with different people.

The world is changing, I’m sure that never come back the same, but isn’t healthy think about everyday.

Time to wait, patience for a new world is coming, I’m sure good things are, but the big number of questions that only the time can answer, make people feel bad.

From the same place start 2 ways totally different…

The weather isn’t interesting for a meteorological lover, I recognize that when the weather is calm an warmer that usual, my energy also is lower. But always is important look far away with news of snow the hurricane season. Time to look other years and understand the climate.

Sometimes hidden in the mountains you understand that everything isn’t perfect.

Real world is full of billions of different points of view. Even is this global world still the deep thinking is free. Sometimes isn’t posible to choose but you can dream.

Dream a better world for you

Some one you know well

Time never stop, the same for everyone. Sometimes when you talk with a friend after lot of years, you still thing in the past, everybody change not only physically, the experiences make you a new person.

Yo know well the past and part of the present of course is the answer to older question of the past. Sometimes the life just move you in the way.

Only a few days, sometimes just a feeling of seconds can change totally your point of view. Maybe even for yourself isn’t easy to understand. In seconds you start to hate something you loved. You are tired of a routine that you loved. You are afraid to talk about, isn’t good in the society, but you know your truth.

Eternal fight inside your mind, after months you don’t understand how you arrived there.

Somebody that used to know, now is a strange.

The way also looks different now…

Time make everything looks totally new, the evolution is for everyone, but the present always is the result of the past.

The light give the color to the nature

Everything is important in your life for the future, but remember that always the bes option is what you choose… Conditional think is very nice to dream, but don’t use to see all the wrong actions to believe in a perfect alternative. Every answer change your life and never come back to the same point. Maybe you forget the reasons, even now that you know some answers you see that you could do it better, but is because you know more. Remember that everyone want the best, you want to be better, but sometimes there is only a bad option.

Don’t look back if you see fog, look for the sun…

Thanks to all my readers, sometimes very deep writing for my English level, my heart is talking more than the brain…

Simple things

This strange world that we are now, you can discover that to enjoy your life isn’t necessary lot of things. Time to enjoy is the most important but time is money, sometimes you should choose…

More and more things we have, but just with food, fresh water a comfortable place to sleep could be enough. Lot of new things are just to spend a good time that probably you haven’t. Lot of things to do, but not enough time to do it.

Sometimes we look more strange with other humans

We feel less important, like looking a film and we can do nothing to change the movie.
Sometimes isn’t easy discover your good things, you can believe that you’re a disaster or feel like a hero, it depends on the day. Maybe today isn’t rival for you and life is a road going down the hill, but later your brakes aren’t working…

The nature never stop

Life is too short and complicated if you want to be the person that everyone expects. Be just a human, don’t forget the animal that you are, enjoy the food, sun,water, air… Look at the natural, learn and separate from the person. Enjoy your animal…

The nature is the best recovery for the society

We need to be free and a little bit wild to remember the real place in the Earth.

6 months

This blog was born 6 months ago, everyday I write something.

Until now the number of visits is 28564. People from lot of countries read this blog, comment and look to the pictures.

Today I want to talk about my last adventure. Yesterday I went to a place that I want to visit lot of years ago. Nice place, but was very difficult to arrive, but now is open a new track.

This is the Gorg Negre
100 years ago…

The waterfall is clean, and now in a rainy year lot of water, even normally is water always, despite is a small Mediterranean river.

The main difference is the lake, was deep an enough big to jump, fish and enjoy in summer time. Now is dirty, and voluntary are cleaning after lot of years of explosion ant hard work in the top of the fall. Is a quarry, now in process to close. Now is the time to recover this natural place, that shouldn’t be destroyed.

This place was very popular for the village of Centelles, but this land is another village call Seva. Seva village is far away, they don’t care to destroy this amazing waterfall. Now is time to make popular again, people should love it to recover with the help of the company that destroyed.
There are metal pieces, tires, plastic. The lake is full of sand after years of work. Rivers normally regenerate alone, but here maybe needs some help.

The ugly view that needs to recover
The nice view from the same point. Here also past the Roman way. The highway don’t destroy this part of the way because was in cliff.

I decided to do a circular way and come back for a difficult place. I can imagine how was this place in the past, less trees because I see the typical stairs of stones that use to plant in floors. I can climb the cliff following this stairs, the last following the way of the water.

Near the waterfall is difficult to exit. Very nice be surrounded by rocks and the noise of the water

I hope that people come back to this place and help to keep better that in the last years. The access is good, even you cross the highway, but is posible to cross without danger by a bridge for cars and people.

Happy to visit

Break the rules

Every week is necessary study a degree in Spain to understand the laws about the exit from this strange situation. Now I can move in a medical region to buy or visit friends. You can meet in groups of 10, but you only can walk in your village. Where I live, the limits aren’t very easy. Yesterday I was tired to see full tables in the streets, then I decided to break again the rules. I park my car in Centelles, but I went to another villages running. The mountain hasn’t clear limits, the cows don’t talk about you are outside of your village. I don’t find anybody, just a car lost in the forest.

There is a big paradise forest

In July the tourism will come to Spain, something normal is a big part of the economy. But still now I can’t visit my parents, there is only 40 kilometers. I have to wait more time, but when we can see, everything will be open. Too slow coming back to the new normal life, but in the calendar the first of July is the start of the race to come back the power of the tourism.

Look the world from a castle in this crazy times.

I want to be patience, because this only the beginning of a new society that will support lot of change in the next years. Sometimes is better if you don’t know anything and just live your life, but this global situation is very difficult to get totally out of it.

In the shadow of the forest, everything looks more logical.
Walls that have seen lot of changes, if they can speak I will learn a big lesson

I prefer take a distance to see with a different view the problems. The walls aren’t high when you look far away, break the rules and see from outside.

The castle looks diferent from outside, built in the top of the rock to control everything and be safe.

The power of your mind

During this strange time, sometimes your mind is the best way to travel away from the reality.

Remember the past with the distance of the time. Enjoy and discover new places in your own village.

Look for new places

Summer is very near, time to enjoy slowly. We are in the time of the light, with lot of water and very green landscape.
Summer is hard for me, I don’t feel well with warm temperatures. Now is the time to train to survive to the summer. In the shadow or in the water summer is perfect, but if you like to run is a little bit hard. Some people love the heat, also they spend very bad in winter, even our winter isn’t cold, just a little for the Mediterranean standard.
The real winter is in the east of Europe or in the Usa. In our latitude we are the warmest area in winter. I’m a weather fan, I would to have a real winter.
We have the Mediterranean breeze that in our region is quite important, I live 45 kilometers from the sea and everyday is arriving in time, natural wind. The difference of temperature between the earth and the water of the Mediterranean blows following the river.

May the landscape is amazing

The Mediterranean Pyrenees are very stormy in summer time, normally they move to the south, some years arrive to my village and I enjoy a lot looking always to the north. 2014 was the most stormy summer since I live here, sunny mornings and afternoon storms helps to sleep better. After the storms normally the fog appears in the morning.

Summer skies that I enjoy

Nothing compares to you

The time isn’t stopped, even sometimes you get loss after too many days and home.

The spring is amazing, this rainy April help to have this green landscape. Flowers, clean air, water the best way to spend time now.
Since Sunday children can be outside in this strange moments that we are living.

Happy day the first with children in the nature

The only thing I need is stay in the nature, breath and open my mind looking the nature with this perfect temperature.

I would like to move with my car and take pictures in more places, some hiking, but at the moment always at home and not too far away from home.

Is very difficult to keep clear the mind after all this long time. Very difficult to feel happy with this situation, very easy to feel stressed, worried and sad.

The truth is that I feel like this in last months, now I’m one more in this situation. Everybody have a reason to be worried, the future isn’t clear to anybody. The most positives persons also doesn’t feel safe at this moment.

We can’t do nothing, listen the news is like a joke, nobody believe what they said.

We wait that the time clear everything. The fog is with us, we don’t see our way.

The wall is just in front and we don’t know to climb it.

I hope the new order that everybody talk about, bring a return to the rural world.

Finish with the died villages, with more personal control but also with more facilities to work everywhere.

Maybe with this pandemic situation we learn that the urban world isn’t the best to keep the distances.

Learn to enjoy the moment, today could be the last day. Life in the earth is just casual.

When Matrix end, we will come back to the traffic jams, forgetting that our main problem is that we are too many people with a very bad distribution.
Places with a big past that now are empty, during centuries people survived, I can’t believe that now isn’t posible.

Come back to the new rural world, and understand than sometimes less is more. If you stay quiet is better than do it bad. Is time to think in the earth.

Use natural energy like the water…

I try to write my own thoughts in this situation, sometimes difficult to explain in English, but I hope that you understand some of them.