Never stop

Your brain works always, sometimes thinking too much, there isn’t the pause to relax.

I try to avoid some negative thoughts, is not sane think about problems that you can’t do nothing. I know but is easy to write, the reality could totally different.

Hard life when you fight against your thoughts, they make to be bad with yourself. Sometimes is better don’t worry too much, spend the day and become human. You can’t control everything, you know that your effort to do the things

Your brain is like the sky, isn’t always blue…

Lot of hours alone, always to fast to talk like you used to do. I miss people, long conversation, see new faces.

I’m alone lot of time, I like, sometimes I believe that I’m free…

I know sometimes the writing is my life, despite the main idea is help people like me.

I miss discover another point of view, too fast to deep conversation.

I like to look the sky every single day…

Life is just 4 days when you decide important things, sometimes even you don’t think there isn’t way to come back. Your history could be full of if I…

Your important decision is normally the correct for the moment, later your memories just remember the good things, sometimes avoid the bad.

Sometimes there isn’t a big change behind the mountain…

My nightmare call summer

I don’t like summer, I just survive. Long days now, but hard to move in the central hours.

Now I’m driving a truck without air conditioning, hard after lunch, looking for a shadow. My route is very industrial are, I don’t like the place that I work, but is just a job.

A quiet place with some truck drivers with the cemetery of neighbor…

This year isn’t raining a lot and the river where I enjoyed last year is dirty with less water.
The last weekend started the really summer temperatures, now we are like 5°Above the average of June.

June is hard, sun is very strong and the body still not adapted to the warm temperatures.
I always need a cold shower before sleep, stay a little bit outside to refresh the skin.

Rex also is more tired and needs more water

Summer is the perfect time to die, because is hard to fight against the warmest temperatures, the body is tired, the brain also… For me the cold give me peace, is easier to have a warmest place, but in summer less options to survive. Like the animals, less activity, isn’t the true working.

I like to look more fresh images…

I will wait for autumn to really enjoy again in the middle good moments to refresh mind and body…

Fast changes

Today I started a new job. Again on the road, learning to be another piece in the system.
First day could be bad, even the second worst, but the main thing is know that you try to do it. Now I’m prepared for disasters, I go step by step. I don’t care tomorrow in a job, future isn’t clear, the only important is just be there.

I need my freedom and I decide my way to do the things. Nobody can changes my way to see the life and enjoy day by day. I need to have positive feelings everyday.

Live without fear of do it bad, always there’s somebody worst

Following my own way

I will try to continue writing in this blog, because is also a way to feel my freedom to explain my thoughts without filters.

The blog is a way to relax and take positive things of everyday.

Rex just want to stay with me. Lot of ours without me is hard…

Sleep well is the most important and I learned to forget the day and be totally free in my dreams. This is very easy to say but lot of but nights to learn.
I learn that the beginning is never easy and sometimes bad. I can survive because isn’t the first time. Hard situation after lot of years doing the things like I wanted. I always need to feel that I control the times.

Water go down but I can stay there feeling the power of the river