Maybe I’m ok

Long nights, short days sometimes the worst to work hard. The best is forger warm temperatures until March, even now never know.

Always routine appears, but I’m happy to be in a job that I can move a lot, discover places.

The winter is here, always waiting for the cold and the snow at, but rarely is enough for me.

Blue eyes look at me, be patient to move a stronger animal than me, always try to use the friendly way.

The last day in this farm, now is empty until next year.

Sleep well is important when you get up early. Drive at early morning is hard until the light start.

Days pass fast, even years, walk to anywhere. Life is just now, sometimes looks perfect and quiet, others the fog make the way difficult.

Nice autumn light, fresh and clean air.

Take seconds of life to find the sense of be alive.

Remember some moments of the past with the view of the present.

Time passed for everybody, new ones show you a different way of life with a open mind of the first experience.

The fight of the past, doesn’t care now, you don’t think that you lost anything. Maybe is good to dream, but time shows that is too late, time is over.

A good memories to sleep well thinking all the best of every experience. You get older and specially with more knowledge about life.

Please come back…

Come back home

After a few days of break, short but intense, again in the hard life.

Summer, crazy times, always fast, too bad speech. I think that I miss lot of things, the stress make that when I feel my mind clear is too late, just time to sleep.

Even who love you, sometimes give you more stress. Problems, question, things to do…

Everyday more noise in your head, thing about to explote. I forget to do the things I like. The good routine is out for all you must to do.

Happy at home

Breathe deep, tomorrow another day, maybe the last one…

Outside isn’t important when the war is inside, maybe tomorrow you win and you can smile everywhere since the next stupid person make you angry again.

Same sky but your eyes look more

Music relax, help to write, just to order your thoughts. Any future plan, headache to talk about, living just the moment.

I need to loss weight to run faster

Life isn’t perfect, better don’t expect too much from anybody, even yourself.

You could your worst enemy, a strong brake to loss the control and touch the floor.

You world could be a disaster

Here comes the rain

Still very dry in Centelles, but today try to rain. I was working in a rainy day a few kilometers to the south.

Diesel is coming expensive, I’m sure this will bring lot of problems. After 2 years of Covid, now is past, people just want to live, but the 20’s are a nightmare. You are lucky to survive, after listen doctors, no we see the blood of the war.

Just breathe

I feel bad, tired, sometimes without energy. The fog come again in my brain. Strange feelings that now I can control better.

Automatic pilot works well after 9 months in the same job. Sometimes problems come alone, but my stress is about control.

I do a big effort to stay in the correct way, but I know that just in minutes this can change.

The future is black, the present is work to be in the way, the fight is inside.

Somebody who helps to be here

Here I feel comfortable to write about my thoughts, even sometimes are deep and not easy to explain how you really feel.

I like write, I feel better when I finished. I take out weight of the things that you can see.

Thanks to everybody that spend time reading this blog.

Cloudy skies

Crazy stupid rules

New month, just another more in the calendar, but everybody needs everything right now…

Summer is over even is warm outside, people just look at the calendar and try autumn activities.

Everything about weather is happening is climate change, in the past everything was perfect. I’m ironic with this global world that buy bonus too the poor countries for produce more pollution.

Ecologic just a green color to feel that you are doing something. The business of the Eco companies, with stupid certified staff to be nicest company.

Global world just to be as same stupid people. Robots of the system too lazy to wake up….

We are happy to have in our hands all the information to get more confused and follow a virtual way that looks new, but we don’t Know the trolls that are behind.

We like play to be experts in everything. We can be doctors, later talk about international business. Very easy to follow the main opinion, always is better be in the biggest group.

People happy to have more laws, more control. Is funny when they use a private perfile in Instagram. The new police works free for the system.

After a hard work day I like to think about all the stupid things I saw.

I can’t be out of the system, even now I look a perfect person without time to think. But still the thinking is free, then your life is only a big show. Is funny when people say that dream your favorite job, of course I don’t dream any work, maybe is a nightmare. In my free time I prefer feel that I still can be myself.

Without filters, free just a short time

Now I work alone, I have a way but I decide how I feel it. False sense of liberty to survive to the hard real world.

I try to just worry for the real problems, nobody died, then Tomorrow will be another day. Everybody fall to learn to walk.

Forget the stupid movie of the 2.0 world, we are the same weak animal that believe that we are alone in the universe.

Follow the way, don’t look around…

Never stop

Your brain works always, sometimes thinking too much, there isn’t the pause to relax.

I try to avoid some negative thoughts, is not sane think about problems that you can’t do nothing. I know but is easy to write, the reality could totally different.

Hard life when you fight against your thoughts, they make to be bad with yourself. Sometimes is better don’t worry too much, spend the day and become human. You can’t control everything, you know that your effort to do the things

Your brain is like the sky, isn’t always blue…

Lot of hours alone, always to fast to talk like you used to do. I miss people, long conversation, see new faces.

I’m alone lot of time, I like, sometimes I believe that I’m free…

I know sometimes the writing is my life, despite the main idea is help people like me.

I miss discover another point of view, too fast to deep conversation.

I like to look the sky every single day…

Life is just 4 days when you decide important things, sometimes even you don’t think there isn’t way to come back. Your history could be full of if I…

Your important decision is normally the correct for the moment, later your memories just remember the good things, sometimes avoid the bad.

Sometimes there isn’t a big change behind the mountain…

My nightmare call summer

I don’t like summer, I just survive. Long days now, but hard to move in the central hours.

Now I’m driving a truck without air conditioning, hard after lunch, looking for a shadow. My route is very industrial are, I don’t like the place that I work, but is just a job.

A quiet place with some truck drivers with the cemetery of neighbor…

This year isn’t raining a lot and the river where I enjoyed last year is dirty with less water.
The last weekend started the really summer temperatures, now we are like 5°Above the average of June.

June is hard, sun is very strong and the body still not adapted to the warm temperatures.
I always need a cold shower before sleep, stay a little bit outside to refresh the skin.

Rex also is more tired and needs more water

Summer is the perfect time to die, because is hard to fight against the warmest temperatures, the body is tired, the brain also… For me the cold give me peace, is easier to have a warmest place, but in summer less options to survive. Like the animals, less activity, isn’t the true working.

I like to look more fresh images…

I will wait for autumn to really enjoy again in the middle good moments to refresh mind and body…

Fast changes

Today I started a new job. Again on the road, learning to be another piece in the system.
First day could be bad, even the second worst, but the main thing is know that you try to do it. Now I’m prepared for disasters, I go step by step. I don’t care tomorrow in a job, future isn’t clear, the only important is just be there.

I need my freedom and I decide my way to do the things. Nobody can changes my way to see the life and enjoy day by day. I need to have positive feelings everyday.

Live without fear of do it bad, always there’s somebody worst

Following my own way

I will try to continue writing in this blog, because is also a way to feel my freedom to explain my thoughts without filters.

The blog is a way to relax and take positive things of everyday.

Rex just want to stay with me. Lot of ours without me is hard…

Sleep well is the most important and I learned to forget the day and be totally free in my dreams. This is very easy to say but lot of but nights to learn.
I learn that the beginning is never easy and sometimes bad. I can survive because isn’t the first time. Hard situation after lot of years doing the things like I wanted. I always need to feel that I control the times.

Water go down but I can stay there feeling the power of the river