La hora baja

Viernes ya cansado de madrugones, a estas horas la mente se vuelve confusa, la pereza me invade. Pueden salir ideas, en este estado de transición de estar plenamente activo a caer rendido al segundo de estirarse.

Dando vueltas al pasado, esforzándome en no olvidar detalles, pero ya no soy el mismo, perspectiva muy diferente. Cosas que te marcaron y sucedieron porque era tu destino, te han ayudado a ser cómo eres. No vale la pena recordar con la mentalidad de ahora, hay que recordar cómo pensaste, buscar es tu mismo que ha quedado envuelto en múltiples capas.

Paisajes que evocan reflexiones profundas

Porque no recuerdo quien fui y tampoco tengo claro quién soy. La vida te arrastra sin darte cuenta. No hay plan de rescate, puros sueños que acaban en realidad menos espectacular.

Mira y disfruta el entorno

On the road

I enjoy traveling by car, because you can enjoy if you open your mimd and forget that you go from point A to B.

The nicest villages of Spain have this…
Stop everywhere to take a picture and look at the most interesting points.
Discover amazing landscapes
Villages out of the main road
Places that the art made interesting

Lot of places to discover, the map have lot of treasures to see at detail.

All the time to enjoy, until the end.


The last weekend we cross a border after some strange months. Small country in the middle of the Pyrenees, one Atlantic valley, the rest of the water end in Ebro river in the Mediterranean sea.

I used to visit lot of times for friends there, but now traffic jams are important in the border. Normally the last years I prefer the french border because is more quiet, but still isn’t posible to enter in France. The Spanish border is the lowest point of the country. Just 2 places to enter, they try another tunnel in Ordino, but never finished.

My last weekend I spent in one of my favorite places in Andorra, Vall d’Incles.

Just in front of the apartments
Before the tourism was a hard place to live in a valley above 1800 meters. Cows and horses, some cereal to do the breath and the fish from the river.
Nice place to walk, some easy tracks, some lakes to discover…
The biggest lake of Andorra. Near 2300 above the sea, still ice and snow
High mountain
Rex enjoy the snow
Picture with my family…

2 nights looks more with activities, the truth is that always the first day of trip is the best. I would like to travel like a way of life. I need to discover new routes, I feel really happy and the only solution when I come back is think for the next adventure.

I try to enjoy until the last moment, stop to take pictures in the come back. This is Coll de Nargó, coming back home…

For lot of people Andorra is just shopping, the truth is the capital a stressful small city full of shops. The price was better a few years ago without taxes. But since lot of year I prefer enjoy the nature of Andorra, I try always to find my place.

Find your place like water…

Taxi driver

During 13 years was my job, but 2 years I choose a big decision to leave my best job.

I think too much and I was afraid of the big changes of 2020, I wasn’t crazy, now I see…

Society change, the conversation, the feelings of the people in a city that was on the top in tourism.

I don’t like drive in the city, but as taxi driver my motivation was more social, meet people from everywhere, talk with lot of kind of persons.

I really feel more happy in a funny day talking with interesting people than the money I can earn.
This thinking is not very usual as taxi driver.

I liked to observe the city from the window, you can learn lot of things if you like observation. Listen to the people and have answers, opinions from the people help to do a radiography of the society.

Since 2009 the economy changed the people, but even people survive, really never come back to the same level before.

More political conversation, from internal problems of taxi and also National problems, start to make more empty conversation.

I started to be tired, the future isn’t clear. The city prepared changes to take the cars out from the city, but just doing narrow streets. Now Barcelona is a really worst city with lot of traffic jams, still too many cars and lot of work to do it.

My Skoda Rapid, the only new car I bought
This was my view when I used to walk every morning when I worked in the airport

Always I need the nature to survive, and with the taxi sometimes wasn’t easy, but I enjoy every minute…

I liked when the trips are long to come back with calm and discover places
I can write a book, like lot of customers said

Now I’m happy out of the big Barcelona, but I miss the good conversation, I hope one day I will find again a quiet track to walk…

Discover new places

The last weekend I was in Castello, a region that I didn’t visit, just the coast and by the highway. Very interesting place and a great discover for me.

Just enjoy the river from inside

Montanejos is a termal village. The temperature of the river is warmer than should be, it makes very comfortable to swim inside the river. I did more than 200 meters up to the river in the canyon.

During this weekend I also enjoy the largest green track of Spain. It was an old train from the port to the minery area, now a paradise to go with bike. Tunnels and trees around, remember the past of the track. The new track sometimes is very close and is posible to see the train.

The new from the old one
Tunnel with light and water inside

The landscape is nice with mountains and lot of trees.

The bridge cross a dry river, quite normal in this region of irregular rain

Mediterranean rivers are very dangerous, from nothing to a floats. The dry rivers are the most dangerous, because there aren’t trees to stop the water.

Olive oil, wine are the typical products of theses area, also good almond. Most dry cultive, even is water in the area, the temperatures are more extreme than in the coast. Orange, lemon prefer areas were freezing temperatures are inusual, not inland where every winter is below zero at nights.

Mediterranean landscape inland. Almond, olive and wine
Also jump in the river is posible

Very intense days

We stay 2 nights in Alcala de Henares, 600 kilometers from home, short but very intense days.

Some pictures to show better this monumental city. Is the city of Cervantes and the culture is very important. Center of the town is nice with a big square call Cervantes and Mayor street with lot of shops and restaurants. This strange year is quiet, but normally is a very crowded city for tourists, some of them come from Madrid.

Also the nature is important, the river Henares is a good place to walk. The mountains are in the other side of the river, the famous Alcarria, not very high mountains but interesting to see the views of all the region of Madrid.

Following the maps I did a very nice running route there, but there was a problem with a bridge that was in a private area where isn’t allowed walk. Finally I went to the next bridge, the result more than 28 kilometers running.

City, river and mountain, vey complete route but for me too long to do everyday. I like do some long routes sometimes.

Nice views from the top.

After this long route, just a shower and we went to the river.

Rio Dulce is a natural park where you can follow the river in the canyon. When you are in the highway isn’t posible to imagine this canyon, is a plateau at 1100-1200 above the sea, but when you take the road down and discover how the water eat the rocks during years.

Dry air make the air more clean, this area close to Madrid but full of nature
Very cold water, the coldest river of this year. Is posible to walk up the river and discover nice places.

We spent a nice day in the river. The next day we come back home at the afternoon, very short but nice to discover places.

Guadalajara is a regional that I like a lot, isn’t too crowded, the population isn’t dense, just the capital that is in the Madrid urban influence.

Summer is different, more dry than Centelles, run 28 kilometers now in Centelles loss more water your body and I feel more tired. The days that we spent the temperature were normal after lot of very warm days.

Summer adventures

I don’t like summer but I know how to enjoy it.
In the shadow with fresh water is a good plan for the warmest days.

This summer I’m discovering lot of places, the rivers this year with lot of water, the nature is full of life and less dry than other summer.

Look at the maps, research internet, also Instagram and go to have my own personal view. I’m proud of my region that is full of amazing places, some of them still not to crowded.

A medieval bridge is a good place to do a picnic
I need this cold water to relax my body.

Walk inside the river, looks a tropical place, in the shadow the temperature is perfect.

We discover the effects of the Gloria in January, the rainfall in this area was very important and there lot of trees in the water.
Also we discover something of the past, I don’t know about this strange structure but I take good pictures. There write the floods of 1961. Should be local, because isn’t very important flood in Barcelona.

22 of November 1961, there was important rain in Seville.
I didn’t find information about this. Looks that brings water to the countryside. I will come back to talk with local people to find out the history of this strange structure

When we finish the river way we arrived to relax place. People rent apartment just to relax and I believe that is a quiet place in the forest.

Isn’t a bad place to get out of the stress of the big cities
Easy to relax here with pure sound of the nature

I’m looking for the next adventure, the true is that always I have ideas, sometimes the problem is the time. The world is big enough to enjoy everyday is you look for details.

People get surprised with big cities that are small compared with forest, rivers, lakes…

Step by step you can walk a lot, and every single place is posible to be surprised.

I love look maps and try to discover places, the magic of this place start before going. Love in internet is like this, you look well, look for information but when you are there you see details that never can imagine.

The most important is look for places that bring motivation in the moment that you find, the magic of the place is to see in the perfect day for you…

I feel good

August is warm, isn’t one of my favorites months, I lost my job but even I feel well.

I worked hard after months thinking about how to come back to work. After see the life empty without future, now I learn that the future isn’t posible without me.

I had good sensation in the job. I worked hard, for me is the most important. The rest of things of this crazy society isn’t my problem.

The world is changing so fast that better look day by day.
We will see lot of changes, specially the jobs will be very different than now. The virus is just a excuse to accelerate the change that should come. Lot of us we can be prepared to this change. The brain is blocked, we work with too much pressure the health is bad. Fear, insecurity, we are in danger.

Waves make impossible to continue…

This global world can bring virtual support from any part of the world. Know people from all the world and learn that the problems are quite similar.
Persons that make you happy even you only talk by chat, send some pictures an maybe some videoconference.
Maybe people that in another place you never know.

Jump together in this strange world

Future never was clear, but now is even more difficult to invest in something good for the next year. The most safe is just your health, necessary to do everything.

Enjoy the good moments, never come back

Every day could be important, life every

special moment.

Always thing to discover new things and places. The routine couldn’t be your life. I try to have new things to discover.

Warm nights

Nights that we call Tropical when the temperature at night is above 20°.

The Mediterranean is normal this temperature when the water is warm like now that is warmer than usual. But other problems are the cities that every year warmer. Lot of air conditioning at home, locals and vehicles, but all this warm goes outside with too much asphalt and high buildings. The temperature isn’t posible to down in short nights, because the asphalt and the buildings keep the warm of a sunny day.

The climate is getting warmer, and the cities more, it mean that warm nights now are also inland in big cities as Madrid. In the coast is more humid, but in the center of Peninsula during the day could be very warm, 35° and the minimum can’t go down to refresh a house without air conditioning.

This picture from Lleida. This picture isn’t mine, Albert take this sunset.
Warm nights during the year in Spain

In my village the warm nights aren’t usual, 1-2 is the normal in the last years. Warm nights in my village are when the clouds from the storms stay at night without rain, of course in very warm situation.

The Mediterranean breeze help to have lower maximum, but at night gets that is less colder that areas with less Mediterranean influence.

Castilla y Leon is the region with more contrast, could be very warm and dry, but when the sun comes down is cold. Even in areas close to the mountain could freeze in summer, microclimates of Spain with lot of mountain.

Medium of minimum temperatures in Spain
High temperatures normal in July
The landscape of July